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10 things that annoy me about Men!


What annoys me about men

1- Seeing themselves as the superior sex ,Enough said!

2-The big Ego and the need for control is number one reason behind wars and every stupid political decision

3-suppressing their feelings ,men just ignore feelings and they deny and suppress how they feel lest they appear “feminine”!

4- NOT TALKING ABOUT “FEELINGS”!No man would talk about how he feels no matter how much you try to get them to be in touch with their feelings! And the result is so unconscious men!

5-Underestimating Women,seeing women as inferior or complicated or crazy as if women are the alien sex while they are the most reasonable and rational human beings!

6-Not differentiating between love and lust ,seeing both as one!

7-Bragging about being players as if they won some medal!

8-misunderstanding Masculinity ,seeing it as having power and control ,abusing women,acting tough and never showing feelings!

9-Being Control Freaks

10-Always claiming to be Right and having all the answers and Not admitting their mistakes!

10 things that annoy me about Women!


What annoys me about Women

As being a woman I noticed these things about our gender as females and it really annoys me that feminity now becomes so superifical idea of being hot ,sexy or whatever concept the society creates as the  definition or role of being a woman!

1-what annoys me most about Women is that we see our self worth in our bodies and in how we look ,that we invest too much time and money in caring about our bodies while forgetting and neglecting our minds and souls

2- that we are men pleasers ,we would do anything and everything to please a man ,sometimes even at the expense of our well being

3-Making marriage and finding a Husband our only purpose in Life to the extent that we see our selves as worthless if we are single ,like being in a relationship is the answer to our very existence in life!

4-that we are so self-hating gender ,we hate other women ,become so jealous ,envious and competitive with other women and gossip about other women behind their backs ,those other women could even be your sister or your best friend!!

5-the constant nagging and complaining about everything in life and never feeling like we have enough! 

I have to admit nagging is women’s speciality!

6-Too much sacrifice and self-denial ,seeing that as love while in fact it is not!

7-caring too much about fashion ,accessories ,diets ,recipes ,cooking ,etc.

By the way ,I care about those things too as any woman but Moderation is the key here

8- negative self-image and low self-esteem ,obsession with dieting as if we have to achieve bodily perfection to be worthy!

9- seeing ourselves as worthless ,useless,incomplete ,unlovable (you name it) without a man!

10-Believing You can only choose one thing :having a career or getting married!



It’s beautiful thing to see how just a thoughtful gift presented as an excuse can melt someone’s anger away

It’s the thought that counts

Gifts are great way of showing love and apprecation ,it is just saying without words “I’m thinking of you and you really matter to me”

I love gifts ,love to give and receive them but I love giving them more ,the joy and heartful moment when it touches someone’s heart is priceless to me 🙂

So give gifts to your loved ones ,show love ❤

Why parents suffer and make their children suffer too?!

Why parents suffer and make their children suffer too?!

Each parents who identifies with his role as a parent whether a mother or a father suffer Alot in this lifeIdentifying with the role means you think you are the controller of everything regarding that role

For example if you are a mother ,you might think that you “own” your children ,that you have to think for them ,take decisions on their behalf ,becoming overprotective,canceling your own private life and making it all revolves around taking care of your children to the extent of not longer you can have a sense of self without them ,as we say it “You live the role” 🙂

The same thing with fatherhood ,fathers can even become more dangerous becoz the ego of men is so much bigger than that of a woman

When you make motherhood or fatherhood your identity ,the Ego would do everything imaginable to protect that identity 

You would refuse to step out of that role even when your children grow up ,wanting to make their own choices ,wanting to enjoy their freedom and becoming independent .in other words,your children will become less and less dependent on you or even far away from you and it means one thing ,the loss of your own identity 

That is when the Ego releases so much fear inside you telling you “no you cant let that happen “becoz that would mean the destruction of the identity you built which in that case “being a mother”

You try to use control ,emotional manipulation and every other tactic in the book to make your children “yours” ,to still be the authoritative voice of a mother in their lives ,you think you know better ,you tell them what to do or not to do and not just that but even forcing them to abide to your rules 

That when hell breaks loose ,the adult son or daughter now wants to protect their freedom of choice while the parent still wants to control and be “the boss” ,the power struggle rises and it lead to clash of wills 

The parents do not know or understand that their children are free souls that have its own will and freedom to choose ,they choose to come through this channel which represents their current parents so they can help them achieve their mission in life not to hinder their progress

Now the parent can only do one thing which is to guide their offspring once they become adults but the need of control in any way is creating bad karma for the parents

As children,the parents need to feed,protect and take care of their own kids and love them unconditionally and also gave them the freedom to choose and not to suppress that instinct inside of them

 As adults,the job of the parents is only to guide and give their children advice and give the freedom to choose and make their own destiny 

That way both parents and children can lead a healthy life on every level

So parents have to get some facts straight 

(A) they don’t “Own” their children so they have no right to control their choices ,lives and future 

(B) their children are in essence free spirits who has chosen everything in their life including them ,once they hit adulthood they are responsible for their choices and its consequences

(C) according to astrology ,we were living in the astral world ,looking for a channel which is our parents to come here on Earth ,so every parent is the choice of the child to be his parent ,so your child chose you to help him or her accomplish their mission on Earth so please dont stand in their way by thinking you know better!

According to spirituality, All relationships are based on something called “soul contracts”, in which one soul helps another to reach its goal and achieve its mission on earth,so parent-child relationship is the same ,two souls are trying to help each other

(D) Every mistake your children make is the way their soul evolve and expand ,your job as a parent is not to stop your children from making mistakes but to help them learn from them

Once again,I have to emphasize this one more time “You don’t Own Your children”.

Souls’ mission II

Souls’ mission II

What I learned from being a control freak for too long,I learned Surrender ,acceptance and going with the flow It is said that what you resist persists and it is absolutely true .try to push against something and you will find yourself back to square 1

I learned that it is okay to say No only when you intuition and your heart tells you so ,in other words don’t go against your feelings( your internal guidance system),going against your feelings simply means resistance 

You cannot go wrong with your destiny ,it means you can never make a mistake even if it seems like a mistake becoz it is meant to happen anyways ,that’s the only way you learn and evolve as a soul by making so-called “Mistakes”!

If you understood that everything in this life is predestined and it was our choice before we even come here to Earth to choose a certain path in life,you would never grieve over anything again or at least you would embrace everything with acceptance 

You will go with the flow 

You will let go when something is over

Every loss,every struggle ,every mistake would have a meaning ,a step to lead you to the top of the mountain “Your evolution”

God created us and inspired our souls to be good or evil but it is our choice here on earth to choose goodness or evil ,it is like our souls has a potential to reach the highest good or the highest evil and we saw it every day in the news ,whenever there are wars in the world and destruction ,you would find in that same place people who are trying to rescue the injured and the starved ones 

Life is a test that brings the best and the worst out of us 

Life is a game that we are playing to reach our target goal 

Everyone has a role in this life to play ,do not get identified with that role 

If you are mother for instance ,think of your role as a mother but you are not the mother ,it means you are not the controller of the lives of your children ,think of it as a doing a service for someone and you are playing the role as best as you can but you are not the role 

You are the soul that is playing the role 

The circumstances does not matter

The place you live in does not matter

 Your every day to day life details does not matter 

All these things are a means to an End.The End is what you came here to experience as a soul .if you came here to experience freedom for instance then freedom is what matters the most ,to feel and experience it in every area in your life 

It is a means to reach your highest potential as a soul through the trials and challenges you face on daily basis 

As a soul you know the answer to everything but you can’t access that wealth of knowledge while you mind is full of mental chatter 

When you can silence the mind ,you can hear the voice of your intuition 

The soul wants to expand and evolve and reach its highest potential

And it can only do that through coming here in that physical dimension to learn certain lessons which serves its purpose

For instance ,the soul which wants to experience freedom ,might choose very restrictive home environment ,the total opposite of what it wants 

But through this contrast of restriction Vs freedom ,the desire rises in the soul to seek freedom and it could spend a lifetime just to experience this freedom 

To know you life path ,I find numerology very beneficial tool that can help you unravel that info 

You can google it and find out your life path number 

My life path number is 5 which is all about freedom 

Also in astrology ,they say that the sign in your north node is the lesson you come here to learn and experience 

While south node is what you already achieved and both north and south nodes are signs opposite each other like Leo and Aquarius ,Virgo and pisces ,etc