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To Be happy or Unhappy ,that’s the Question?


I decided Today to Be Happy,not just today but Every Day from now on I will make myself Happy!
Enough Drama ,Depression and useless Self-pity! I wanna all this to Stop ,Yeah I can be so much Happy on my own without the need of anyone to make me happy ,without any conditions i put on my happiness ,it’s my Life and I can make the most of it ,So from on I will Do my best to Be Happy!  the Road to Happiness is Right Here ,Right Now! Forget about past and Future ,i’m gonna just Live in The NOW 🙂
And if i failed ,at least The Honor of Trying is Enough for me ^^


Happy Birthday to ME :)


It’s My Birthday 2day ,Happy Birthday to Me ,it gonna be Awesome Day oh yeah it’s Obvious Becoz It’s my birthday ^^
Like this Day I was Born on 21st  November and since I came to Live Life with all it ups and Downs I grew and knew my self and others better Every day
Now I’m 23 OH just the Thought that I lived “23” years Survived in this world made me Proud of my self  🙂
through the last year ,I improved my talent as A Poet and Started to write more poetry and that made me happy ,it’s rly my passion and outlet for my Emotions ,I created that fan page on Facebook n I felt I did the right thing I should share my talent with the world to inspire ppl Everywhere with my words .if just one Person gets inspired by my words I feel I accomplished something Great
I’m still Discovering my other talents ,Digging deeper into myself ,I know I’m Capable of A lot and I shouldn’t be Limited by the circumstances or any obstacles!
Yeah Finally I can Say I become Mature With Capital M .I understand Life ,People and Most of all I understand Myself better More than Ever!!
I’m grateful for Everything that I went through ,I’m Grateful for the happy moments ,the painful ones ,the memories ,Friends ,Family ,Facebook Friends ,for my Nieces who bring me joy and Happiness Every single Day ,for my sister for just being in my life ,for all the Dreams that came true and the ones that still didn’t come yet ,for Experiences and Trials ,For tears ,smiles and Laughter^^
Most Importantly ,I’m Grateful to God For Literally Everything I Owe My Life and Everything to Allah ,Thanks Allah AlhamdulilAllah 🙂
I Welcome 23 with open Arms and I don’t know if I will make it to Live another day let alone Another year but as they say SO FAR ,SO GOOD 🙂



there is something about November that makes it Death-related ,u just feel the smell of Death in the air!! I Have nothing against this month ,actually my birthday is in November ,21st November to be Exact and yeah that makes me a Scorpio!
Actually I luv Nov but its Effect upon us bring “Heavy changes” it’s The vibrations of Pluto!
so in this month Every year,u would notice a special pattern like Power struggles ,Changes ,Death ,clashes .if u don’t believe that Watch the News of November Every year not just in ur country but worldwide and you will believe this is not joke ,actually it’s Deadly Serious!!



what’s wrong with people seriously? I’m not talking about all ppl in general but there r certain ppl who keep complaining n bitching about how their lives suck n it’s unfair blah blah blah they make me feel that either they r teenagers or hormonal .I’m not judging becoz I do that sometimes as well but it rly gets on my nerves when ppl keep complaining all the time!!
Why ppl r not grateful for what they got ,not satisfied with their lives or how they look?
I think day by day we r turning into self-centered selfish pathetic losers who indulge themselves in self-pity n don’t give a shit about anyone or anything!! That’s truth unfortunately!
Although if we focus on the good on our lives, we would find plenty of things to be grateful for
if u have a home and roof over ur head ,u should be grateful
if u got a job ,u should be grateful there r millions of ppl out there unemployed even if ur job makes u stressful at least it’s better than Nothing!
if u got family, friends n ppl around u who luv n care about u ,u should be grateful
if u live in a safe country ,u should be grateful .there r other countries who suffer from wars, poverty and terrorism
if u r healthy and fit ,u should be grateful
if u look good not necessarily pretty or georgous ,but just good u should be satisfied with how u look
if u got lots of money and possessions ,u should be Extremely grateful there r other ppl who just wanna something to eat and drink ,who their concern in Life is to survive to live another day while we got more than Enough but still we r not grateful!!
how Many times a day do u say “thank God” AlhamdulilAllah to express your gratitude ? just be honest with ur self ,do u rly should feel Grateful no matter what or still u just want to focus on what u lack and what’s wrong and never feel happy like there’s something missing while u have got enough already?? !!
why not enjoy ur life today and count ur blessings instead of counting ur troubles .it’s way better to focus on the good and the positive in Life ,believe me U r already Blessed 🙂