10 things that annoy me about Men!


What annoys me about men

1- Seeing themselves as the superior sex ,Enough said!

2-The big Ego and the need for control is number one reason behind wars and every stupid political decision

3-suppressing their feelings ,men just ignore feelings and they deny and suppress how they feel lest they appear “feminine”!

4- NOT TALKING ABOUT “FEELINGS”!No man would talk about how he feels no matter how much you try to get them to be in touch with their feelings! And the result is so unconscious men!

5-Underestimating Women,seeing women as inferior or complicated or crazy as if women are the alien sex while they are the most reasonable and rational human beings!

6-Not differentiating between love and lust ,seeing both as one!

7-Bragging about being players as if they won some medal!

8-misunderstanding Masculinity ,seeing it as having power and control ,abusing women,acting tough and never showing feelings!

9-Being Control Freaks

10-Always claiming to be Right and having all the answers and Not admitting their mistakes!

About Mai yolyz

hi,it's me,,.,My real name is Mai and My nickname is Mai yolyz. I luv writing and i dream to become a writer someday inshaAllah (God willing) .I remember when i was a kid i used to write be4 even i know how to write.i would just draw all kind of shapes as if it's letters .the pen and the paper fascinated me and when i grow up ,this passion grows inside of me . I began writing my thoughts and my feelings and then turned into writing English poetry and I find in writing whether poetry or prose an outlet for my emotions and thoughts.Writing becomes my friend that listens to me all the time . I started blogging and i find it interesting as ppl u don't know come to read what u write and get inspired by that that feedback from others encouraged me to keep writing and now i can't let that go ,writing becomes part of who i am and part of what i will become :) thanks 4 stopping by ,Hope u find my words inspiring :)

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  1. hhhh you made me laugh mai, well the four points you mentioned mai are in fact not from rhow they were raisedm it’s part of their being, it’s how they were created why they can’t communicate their feelings it’s becoz they are from the early beginning of mankind like that and they can’t change by time nor by different circumstances, patricia love and alexandra penny explained it well so it’s useless to expect that from them, and yes mai part of their being too is to be superior sex, BUT the understanding man always reach the pleasures of his wife, always asks her what she likes what she can suggest or add or even take the lead couple of times but not mostly
    i think when married mai you’ll figure it out quite well, and it’s gonna be clear for you to identify the natural thing from the faked one concerning the psychology of man


    • Amina I got what you mean by saying men has to be superior but actually it’s a myth becoz from spiritual perspective men and women are totally equal .Men and women ,inside both of them the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies and so you can’t say one is superior to the other but they complement each other
      The role of divine masculine is action ,leadership ,protection ,etc while the role of the divine feminine is nurturing,creating life through giving birth to children ,motherhood,vulnerability,etc
      It is like the yin and the yang ,they complete each other .like day and night ,we live in a world of polarities,there is also male and female and that doesn’t mean there is one who is superior than other!!
      There is no inferior or superior Amina ,that’s the illusion of this physical world and God never said that men are superior in any way!!
      You know why men think they are superior? Becoz of their Ego and of a culture that implemented that inside them for thousands of years
      And about feelings ,it is also a culture thing and wrong way of raising male children
      When I talk about expressing emotions , I dont mean they have to be so Emotional but to be in touch with their feelings ,acknowledging their feelings
      Becoz the worst thing you can do is to deny or suppress your feelings that what cause so much pain and misery in people’s lives especially men suffer more than women becoz they don’t release the feelings of sadness through crying ,the feelings of vulnerability ,etc
      As I said above we both have the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies inside of us and to deny a part of yourself is to be lost and fractured
      Understanding spirituality Amina makes you see beyond the illusion of this physical life


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