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I don’t Like to kill them!!


I’m not a serial killer but i can’t kill spiders Never ever it’s not that i have phobia or something of them but i just can’t ,may be i have a soft spot for spiders and they r really friendly esp that they kill flies butย  the scary part is that they jump everywhere ๐Ÿ˜€ and what i don’t like is their webs ,they can build them anywhere and it becomes their home and they settle down until u come one day to clean up and ruin their houses ,that’s cruel i know
i was about to kill one today by accident ,i was using the vacuum cleaner and the little poor thing was about to get sucked but he made it and ran and i was so glad that he did ,i was like u make it buddy ,u survived that was so close ,i told u i will never kill a spider โค
on the other hand ,i’m kinda bloody and sadistic with mosquitoes i can kill them brutally and make their blood all over the place becoz they r annoying and suckers ,little stingy vampires oh how much i hate them.
flies r disgusting as well and i can kill any of them but we kinda get used to them since they r literally live with us since long time ,they r annoying and sticky but we learned how to live with it ๐Ÿ˜›
i wanna write how i feel about cockroaches in another post becoz it’s long story and i hate them like hell but when it comes to kill one i just freak out ,u know they r so fast and some of them can fly oh My God ,it’s damn scary ,i can try and kill the normal one that walks by the old way get a slipper and hit him hard until that nasty white stuff comes out of him EWWWWWWWWW
finally,Ants well u know i have no hard feelings for Ants except when the summer comes they invade our house Literally ,they r everywhere but u can’t blame them they need to store food for winter and that’s when they come out and gather all the food they want and they r very organized ,u gotta respect them though ๐Ÿ™‚

well ,that’s all my feelings about all of them and i know I’m not a killer ,i just believe in Live and let live^^


Lost My Power


It isn’t easy giving up power admitting that we might need help from friends and neighbors, deciding that a loved one might know what’s best for us, giving up our better judgment for a slightly darker agenda, but for some the hardest kind of power to give up is the power to control their own desires.

Tips for Studying (Personal Experience)


ย  Tips for Studying (Personal Experience)

After four years of memorizing at the faculty of Arts,English Dept.I want to write down my experience with memorizing and help ppl who has difficulty with memorizing or don’t know how to!

First of all,u should know that ur brain always want to be in the “comfort zone”ย  i.e. it doesn’t want to study ,memorize or make any mental effort! So what happen when u try to move ur brain from his comfort zone in order to study?
your brain will give u all the reasons to make u give up! How is that?

first,he will try to disappoint u by telling u that the study is too much and u will never finish on time

second,he will give you “the illusion of sleeping” ,like u will always feel that u want to sleep but in fact it’s ur brain trying to escape (that always happened with me)

third,trying to convince u that studying is useless and u will find urself wondering “what’s the point ?” ,whatโ€™s the use ? why do I study ? u better find good answers then so u have to motivate ur brain and give him good reasons to study as he gave u ones not to ,it’s that simple and that the psychological part

Now I want to tell you about the Dos and Don’ts

1-Never ever memorize when u r tired or have a headache ,,,the hours that u waste trying to study one page ,u can go to sleep and then wake up refreshed and ready to finish all the study

2-Don’t memorize before you understand first (what if the subject is too complicated? And u don’t understand! I faced this difficulty many times ,I tried to memorize without understanding and I forgot half what I memorized in the exam!
I memorized the most complicated subject to me (philosophy) by understanding it first ,I searched online and gathered all the information I need ,then I pretended that I’m the teacher and tried to explain it to myself in the simplest way and that worked well ,memorizing becomes so easy!!

3-Try to be interested in what u study and if u can apply that in ur real life ,will be even better
5-visulaize ,that’s the best way to memorize so fast .all u have to do is to imagine what u read in ur mind like u r watching a movie
Believe it or not,I memorized a whole topic (almost 4 pages) in half an hour before exam by Visualization!!

6-Repetition (it takes a lot of time but it always work out at the end)
7-Asking questions when u read, stimulates ur brain
8-Try to write funny comments on everything u read (it makes memorizing so easy)

Note: memorizing word for word is the stupidest thing ever if u don’t know the main points or the ideas of the subject u r studying .these tips are written by me based on my personal experience ,hope they help .Best of luck ๐Ÿ˜‰