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All the signs


it’s all the signs explained in 140 characters. Enjoy!

So, what if I like to start things but bore too easily that I often lack the patience to finish them. If you’re gonna hang w/me, keep up!
I may be slow to move at times but it’s only because I gots to be sure. Once I get goin’, best get out the way, especially if I’m mall bound
I love, love, love learning. It’s probably why I get a bit chatty & jump from topic to topic. I need to dabble in a bit of everything.
Just like a crab, direct is not always how I get to where I’m headed or how I express what I want. I’m soft beneath the shell tho. Be gentle
The path to my heart is a LOT of attention. Praise me. Adore me. Let me shine. In return, I’ll shower you w/generosity & lotsa fun times.
I’m not picky. I just know what I want, when I want it & how I want it. & I may overanalyze…go around in circles in my mind. What of it?!
Expert people-pleaser & proud of it. Balance & harmony are my thing. Social charm is my superpower. Indecisiveness, my Achilles’ heel.
Human lie detector. Don’t even think about putting one over me. Master manipulator. Downside, trust issues. Deeply feeling & forever feeling
Open mouth, insert both feet. Life is about the journey, not simply the destination. Good, bad, embarrassing…experiences result in growth.
Where is that whip? Somebody’s gotta make sure things are running as planned. Success is my goal. Working hard=rewards. It’s how I roll.
Don’t tell me to get off my soapbox. I think outside the box so, my ideas may not always be welcomed. Out w/the old, in w/the new, I say!
I can’t help but be a rug. I have bleeding heart syndrome. Champion to the underdog. Yep, that’s me. I believe in making a difference.

I voted :)


For the first time in my Life,I voted and i feel for the first time ,that’s our country is free and that’s my voice is rly important n will make a difference.everything  happening Now gave me the feeling that we will be ”democratic” country ,i voted ”No” on the Constitution amendments becoz i believed in the Revolutions’ demands although the majority  said “‘Yes” ,i’m rly satisfied with the result :)))))))

We rly need a new constitution but i believe in ppl of Egypt and the ppl who said ”Yes” rly wanna the best 4 this country let’s admit that becoz the amendments ,all in all,r very good, no not just good but AWESOME 🙂

it was a step that we wished n hoped for many years ago,,,,so let’s wait n hope that the best will come ISA 🙂

Proud Egyptian^^



sometimes i like to read between the lines

sometimes i know how to hide my true feelings

sometimes i don’t give a damn and act like who cares? so what?

sometimes i lose myself in the hell of negavite thoughts

and i keep listening till i get tired or forget

then i begin to think again of something else

or just dream or be delusional  or just say why not?

then i become hopeful again and start dreaming of a new day,possible future full of possibilities 🙂

We r all children :)

أحيانا تراودني الرغبة في البكاء مثل طفل صغير يتيم تاهت عنه أمه في الزحام
و أشعر في تلك اللحظات أننا جميعا أطفال …
لا فرق كبير يذكر بيننا و بين أطفالنا في علمنا و معارفنا و أخلاقنا
…يخيل إلينا أننا اخترقنا السماوات بعلومنا …
و لو فكرنا قليلا
لوجدنا أننا مازلنا في حروف أ . ب . ت . ث ..
و أننا كأولادنا على … عتبة واحدة من الحيرة و التساؤل و الجهل 

د/ مصطفى محمود



From the beginning of the events in Libya,i wanted to write a poem about what’s happening as a support and a show of gratitude as well for this country because i lived there for 3 years when i was a kid and i got beautiful memories that i won’t forget but i don’t know why i can’t find the words or the inspiration to write anything! i was just so busy following the news of the brutal killing of the armless people who happened to be ruled by the dumbest dictator ever!!

i rly can’t find words to describe this so-called ”Qaddafi”!! he made his people suffer and by the way ,the Libyans are very kind people and on their nature as we say in Egypt ”3la naythom”,,,,he made his people suffer by neglecting them,the country actually is not as any oil country,the education is very bad and i’m speaking from experience (ironically Egypt’s governmental education is soooo much better),the health care is almost non-existing,there is no sense of modern life even in the capital of the city ”Tropili” ,the media (OMG!!) that’s all i can say about it,,,it’s only one stupid channel that lives on another planet!!!

So,i don’t blame the people for having such a degraded life becoz their leader and his sons steal everything and enjoy the country’s wealth while keeping the people disconnected from the world,and i thought after Egypt’s Revolution,why not Libya??? why don’t they make a Revolution ?and it rly surprised me how it started!!

i become so happy 4 them and i think every Arab country should be a real democratic and we should be united as a one nation,,,because we have so much in common and we have one dream which is “Freedom” 🙂

back to my memories about Libya,I remember my friends at that school which was far from friends were “hala&sawsan (twins),salsabil”,these girlz whom i remember the most and i rly wonder what happened to them Now,i wish that they will be safe now and i wish their country  to be freeeeeeeeeeeee ISA 🙂