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Things I would want to do before I die


Currently I’m reading this brilliant book “untethered Soul” ,I don’t want it to End .I had Alot of “Aha moments” reading it ,I love this kind of spirituality that change and transform you and resonate with you 

Everything in life comes to an End ,have you Ever thought about the end of your life ,what if you have only one week to live .As the author mentioned ,Death is the greatest teacher in life but when Death comes ,Nothing matters at all

Here’s a brilliant quote from the book 

“Let’s say you’re living life without the thought of death, and the Angel of Death comes to you and says, “Come, it’s time to go.” You say, “But no. You’re supposed to give me a warning so I can decide what I want to do with my last week. I’m supposed to get one more week.” Do you know what Death will say to you? He’ll say, “My God! I gave you fifty-two weeks this past year alone. And look at all the other weeks I’ve given you. Why would you need one more? What did you do with all those?” If asked that, what are you going to say? How will you answer? “I wasn’t paying attention… I didn’t think it mattered.” That’s a pretty amazing thing to say about your life.”

You know Death is the greatest teacher of all ,it tells you Every day that you gonna leave Everything one day and you could lose it all in a blink and Nothing really matters,we make a big deal out of life

We never live in the moment or enjoy what we already have but always thinking of what’s next ,always trying to protect ourselves from life and therefore resisting living it 

I had this inspiring thought while reading the book “untethered soul”, what if I had only one week to live,what would I do? 

If I have only one week to live ,I would do my best to give and receive love as much as I can 

I would give people the benefit of doubt

I would try to be more nice to everyone 

I will let go of my attachments to everything ,nothing will longer matter 

List of things I want to do If I had only one week to live in no particular order

1- spreading Love ,be love ,try to be a loving person ,to be open to give and receive love 

2- I would dance to my favorite songs till I drop exhausted

3-I would call all my friends and tell them how much I love ,appreciate and miss them 

4-I would tell mom how much I love her and ask her to forgive me for Everything 

5- I would pray to God ,talk to God one last time about my whole journey and ask him to forgive me and tell Him how much I miss going home 

6-I would give all my money (if I had any left) and clothes away to my sister,friends and those in need

7- I would Wear a color I hate like orange just to tell life ,heck I’m finally comfortable being uncomfortable 😛

9-Dye my hair something outrageous like yellow or red

10- Ask all people in my life to forgive me

11- get rid of all the stuff I don’t want anyone to read 

12-Laugh at stupid things ,at my mistakes ,at myself and life becoz Nothing matters anymore

13-Cry that I gonna miss many thing but then laugh so hard becoz I had little time for sadness anyways

14- write my will 

15-As I’m going to die ,I would just let myself eat anything I crave even if it’s just junk

16-If it is raining ,I would go out ,run in the street and enjoy the rain on my face ,my last shower 🙂

17-I would run more ,jump and act like a child 

18- I would go through all the pictures I have taken and remember the sweet memories

19-I would look at a mirror ,Look myself in the eye and tell myself “I love you So much”

20-I would leave everyone in my life a sweet little note about what I love about them

21-I would read Qu’ran and feel the meaning behind every word like Savoring it 

22-I would forgive myself for Everything 

23-I would forgive everyone who had ever hurt me intentionally or not

24-I would Scream and Shout just for the heck of it

25- I would try to do something I couldn’t stand doing for long like Meditation 

26- I would write a poem about this journey

27-I would spend a day with my best friend 

28-I would enjoy air more ,taking deep breaths ,feeling grateful for everything

29-I would listen more as I’m hearing the last words being spoke to me

30-I would help more without being Asked

31-I would read something spiritual 

32-I would watch something funny 

33-I would try to stay connected to everyone and everything ,being in the moment

34-I would embrace the end 

35-I would focus on Love and see the love in every gesture 

36-I would choose to be happy 

You may would wonder why not doing these things Now instead of waiting for Death,Exactly My Point!

Start Living life Now ,Leave No Last wishes 🙂

Foods that make me feel Guilty 


As I’ve just finished eating something very sweet ,in case you are wondering it’s “konfa”, I started to feel guilty and it made me ponder about all the other foods and drinks that made me feel guilty eating or drinking them 

On the top of my list is : Sugar

1-Sugar,anything that has too much sugar on it make me feel so guilty ,it’s only becoz i know how much bad sugar is to the body 

So sweets ,cakes ,candy and anything so sugary dont only rise my blood sugar but my guilt hit the roof too!

For exception of course for chocolate and ice cream ,those I can eat to my heart’s content and feel so innocent 🙂

2-chips and anything deeply fried ,it takes only imaging how much oil used to fry those chips that make me goes Ohhh what the hell am i doing? It’s so crunchy and I can’t stop eating them ,someone stops me Now!

3-flour ,can you imagine how wheat goes into everything we eat? And put baked stuff with sugar and you got a deadly combination ,i tried to consume as little wheat as possible but still that’s impossible to achieve and I love pasta and here’s my dilemma 🙂

You can’t cut off wheat completely even if you tried!

4-rice ,I can’t get rice really ,it’s supposedly something that comes from earth and it’s supposed to make you healthy but also does potatoes and both are fattening and I hate how rice get into so much recepies like ma7shy and whatnot so rice is nosey ingredient that I try to minizie my consumption of it 

5-frizzy drinks like pepsi and coke ,etc (too much sugar,zero nutritional value,what’s the point!)

6-All the junk but So yummy food 

7- all prcoessed food (just look at the inegretients at the back of any processed food item and you would Find out what junk you are putting into your body ,something so simple like biscuists for example had sugar,hydrogenated oil,artifical colors and flavors ,high fructose syrup ,etc and of course flour ,see i told you)

8-greasy food that when you just try to hold to eat it ,you find it dripping butter or oil,it tastes yummy but come on!!

My mom calls me “a health freak” but i can’t help but be worried about my health when i know how much damage we do to our bodies by what we eat and drink and as they say “you are what you eat”! 

And i enjoy my guilty pleasures every now and then and I think of it as a treat for me for trying to stay healthy most of the time ,I even thought of becoming a vegetarrian once but I knew I can’t cut off all meat ,I love seafood and chicken ,other meats I can give up So I can’t be serious vegatarrian 

I’m not dieting but I just try to eat healthy while consuming some not so healthy stuff every now and then to keep the balance and I find that’s the best way to do it after being a junk eater for too long ,I just love and enjoy eating healthy although some people just don’t get it! 

People and their vibe


Sometimes i find it hard to like some people no matter what they do or say ,no matter how much they act friendly with me ,there is something just about them that make Me feel uneasy and off and I really feel guilty about disliking them for no particular reason ,it’s just a gut feeling.

I know myself well I could be jealous or insecure sometimes and i don’t claim to be perfect but when these feeling rise in me out of nowhere ,it makes me wonder why?

I wonder why I dont like certain people and it takes just one look at them and although most other people would thought they are extremely nice and friendly ,it just not enough for me to make me like someone ,people call it a “vibe” , maybe i hate their vibe or could sense that there is something wrong with them on an energy level

I remember this girl who was so friendly ,funny and “appearently” nice ,I kept asking myself why don’t i like her at all? I just feel uneasy in her presence like i cant stand being in her presence for too long  

Then i tried to dismiss that thought as if it’s nothing until one day i saw a status written by this girl on facebook ,cursing a certain group of people with words that so offensive and shocking that I couldn’t imagine the amount of hatred and racism inside her heart and only then I knew why I never liked this “seemingly friendly” girl!

I can say that my gut is always spot on especially when it comes to people ,i can sense their energy that’s why their words and actions don’t matter much if i can tap into that sense of their vibe!

Manifesting Generator 


Recently I found out that I’m the manifesting generator type that means I am always trying to manifest what I want and can’t wait to make things happen but at the same time I’m a generator making me wanting to wait so patiently for what I want until my gut feeling kicks in and tells me “yeah Go for it ,girl”!This gap time between the waiting and the manifestation is called “the moment of truth”

That’s why I am always torn between two options and my eternal dilemma is indecisiveness! 

I can’t make up my mind about many things until I get that solid gut feeling that yeah this is it! 

I would always drive people crazy this way ,I would choose something then feels bad about it then change my mind back and forth many times until I become dead sure that there is no way in hell I can do something after agreeing at first to do that same thing !

It’s so frustrating but also a blessing ,I’ve avoided making many mistakes in my life by listening and honoring my intuition but also made many stupid mistakes by ignoring it!

So the process of making decisions for the manifesting generators type of personalities is as following 

First ,check out your gut feeling whether it’s yes or No , your gut feeling is a spontaneous first reaction you get when not thinking

Second ,taste the waters ,take a small baby step forward 

Third,wait for your moment of truth ,when it becomes so clear for you and you really feel good about what you are about to do

Fourth,and finally ,proceed and manifest:)

Great job ,congratulations you’ve done it and that’s the cure for all indecisive people out there like me who can’t make up their mind at a moment’s notice .take all your time ,there is no rush and good luck 🙂

For more about other personalities types ,read the book “human design” , a brilliant book that will totally change your life and you will get to know yourself like you are meeting someone for the first time .Truly eye-opening 🙂

Your life plan


It hit me ,finaallyyyy I got it ,there is a divine plan and a human choice ,all the human choices lead to the divine plan ,it means God give you the freedom to choose whatever you want but at the same time all your choices manifest Allah’s plan for your life and the grand plan of the universe Think of yourself as a piece of jigsaw puzzle ,you fit into a place in the puzzle and you cant be put in the wrong place no matter what you do with your life so your whole life serves a purpose ,may be you can’t see it now but if you become aware ,followed the signs that God send you on daily basis ,you would manifest your life plan effortlessly and easily without going through loopholes and that would eventually will lead you to your life plan anyways

One of the most important things to figure out your life plan is synchronicity which is meaningful coincidences 

When you find life pushes you in a certain direction ,put you in some tough situations and sending you repetitive messages through people or any other means ,you have got to stop and ask yourself : why is this happening to me? Not in a self-pity kind of tone but more like what’s the deeper meaning behind all this!

There Must be something more you cant see or comprehend at the moment but everything is happening for a reason 

Your job is to go with the flow or even if you don’t ,either way you are following your life plan and when you understand this, there are no mistakes ,no blame and of course No Regret becoz there is only freedom and you are free to choose which way to go .there is only the easy way and the hard way and it’s up to you to choose which way to choose to get what you want out of life and to achieve your life purpose but in all cases,you are going to get there and how long it takes and how easy the journey will be ,it only depends on you and how aware you are 

But what you must know for sure that You are here for a greater purpose,greater than you can ever imagine.Never underestimate yourself or your abilities 

You are always love and taken care of by God .stay blessed 🙂