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My niece Noureen


My niece Noureen,I like to call her Miss Noureena becoz she always seem more mature than her actual age and she is just 6 years old in her first grade .Noureena is the icon of fashion to me becoz she always dress so elegantly , yes her mom help her but when shopping she must choose her own clothes and oh she is so picky ,the colors should match and everything should be perfect.she is so proud of her wardrobe and always showing me her new clothes with a big grin on her face 🙂

I luv her caring and tender side and how much she cares about all of us and she is generous to a fault like she makes a list of things she want to buy for everyone like gifts and candy and that stuff ,this girl got a Santa Claus spirit 😀

the other funny thing is her imaginary friends and her imaginary home : she keeps all her toys in one place and she makes like a home for them and she cooks for them and do all the housework like a good mother .i once asked her what do u cook for them? She said “balloons” oh that makes sense 😛

Sometimes she gets fed up with everything and she says I’m traveling and she packs all her kids (we call them toys) but they are her lovely kids and the home and take everything in one large bag and she sits on the chair arm and pretending that she is on a bus or plane taking her somewhere 😀

she loves playing role play all the time and sometimes I luv to sneak around and listen to what she says and I laugh and admire her vivid  imagination ^^

God bless you noureena , u were our first joy in the family and you will always be inshaAllah 🙂

My niece Nadine


My niece Nadine or how I’d like to call her noda recently me and her really have a great bond ,I luv her since she was born but now I’m crazy about her,she is just adorable and bundle of joy.she’s just 2 years and a half,I luv her innocence ,her curiosity and aliveness .i know most of children are like that but something about her is so special May be it’s the little mercury  birrd who is full of life.i’m in luv with how she talks,walks and her reactions to all little children still struggling with talking ,she got that cute habit of replacing “f” with “s” like mama seen? Is her cute version of mama fen? Where’s mama?

I noticed how she can get so stubborn and wanting to get her way all the time  and our conversation goes something like that:

for example I would ask her to do something and she refuses

Noda: Na2a (no)

Me:Na2a leh? (Why not?)

Noda:teda (it’s just like that)

Me:teda leh?

Noda:teda, teda,tedaaaaaaaaaaa *feeling frustrated and annoyed by my insistence to know*

And the question she asks me every day what’s this? Eh dah? And everything is fascinating to her little mind : the fan that hang from the ceiling eh dah? , the buttons and the drawing on my pjs,the cars in the street,etc etc.

She never get tired of asking and trying to get know everything around her and I tried to trick her someday and used her same technique and I asked her about things she already knew and to my surprise,she answered all my questions MashaAllah 🙂

God bless her, I just luv and adore her like crazy and she always make my day when she is here .i wish to have a cute girl like her someday inshaAllah

there’s my other niece Noureen who I also luv so much but that will be another post inshaAllah