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Meeting The groom


In arranged marriages ,meeting someone or a stranger for the first time could be so stressful or  disappointing experience or it could be easy ,flowing and even fun and interesting experience and it all depends on you and your attitude .I’ve met many grooms-to be (3arsen) over the years so I guess as they say practice makes perfect and I think I become almost perfect at meeting strangers  Although I didn’t meet or find my soulmate yet but I’m sure I gonna find him someday inshaAllah .wish me luck .so here’s my tips for you girls and if you are a guy ,the same rules apply just change the pronoun from she to he .

First ,He is as nervous as you are if not more .So Relax .He is seeing you and you are seeing him and you both are judging and evaluating each other based on appearance ,personality and many other things .
1-Appearance :Whether you like it or not, people judge you by how you look and says A lot about you and your personality So put on your best clothes that make you feel awesome

2-Second comes personality ,the way you talk and interact with people ,your pros and cons ,your merits and flaws .The best Quality you can acquire and to show to others is your confidence The more confident you are ,the more attractive you are .it’s all about confidence baby.if you have to act confident,do it.if you have to fake it until you make it ,by all means Go for it .

Second,Don’t be too excited or too bored .in other words ,Don’t be extreme or over.Just be yourself and act don’t have to try hard to impress someone or faking who you are .Who you are is impressive enough.Like a Mantra ,Keep telling yourself ,I’m enough,I’m Enough,I’m Enough .Here you go girl 🙂


Third, The talking part ,if you are normally introvert and don’t talk much ,show that part of your personality becoz it’s about being who you are .Don’t be someone else for the sake of impressing anyone .you want someone to like you for who you are .if you are a chatterbox then don’t stop talking.there are some people who love that and would find you enjoyable and fun to be around .

Bottom line :Be you ,you are Enough.


Fourth,Be a Detective : Ask lots of questions ,try to read between the lines.notice the tone of voice ,the facial expressions and the body language .What’s unsaid as much important as what’s said

Fifth,See how you feel in general about the person and the whole thing ,Your emotions are so important it’s your indicator that Everything is going well or not .pay attention to how you feel afterwards and during the meeting .what made you happy and excited,what pissed you off .what you can overlook and if there are any red flags that showed up .

Finally,it’s just a meeting don’t a make big deal of it but it’s a life decision so don’t underestimate it either .At the end ,what’s meant to be will be no matter what .Fate pushes you toward a choice that will change your life completely so be wise .Be picky ,You can afford it to be picky .choose with your mind not your heart .Be yourself and be confident and Make it your motto : Take me or leave me baby 🙂
Good luck to all brides and grooms to be ,I wish you all the best ^_^



Sometimes you need to get away ,step back and look at your life from outside and see where you went wrong
sometimes Love is not enough! 
Sometimes you need to know for sure who loves you 
sometimes you need a validation and proof that what you feel is really true and not just delusion or illusion! 
sometimes you have to let go becoz others Let go of you already!!!!!!!!!!



I’m a perfectionist to the core and always wish from the depth of my heart if things were  better and perfect and sometimes people as well.i thought if things were perfect ,I’d be happier .Things like circumstances ,timing ,experiences and just every day life in general that sometimes it just makes me frustrated and disappointed. Perfectionism drains my energy and leaves me exhausted.May be things aren’t meant to be perfect ,may be things will always be imperfect just like people.That I’m imperfect myself.It takes me a very long time to accept and tolerate my imperfections.Now I embrace them and I wish to love my imperfections and that’s ironic becoz the perfectionist me again wishing everything to be perfect even about being imperfect .I want to be good at everything .Deep down in my heart ,I know I want this becoz I want to feel loved ,I want to feel that I fit in this world where Everything just makes you want to change something about yourself so you can say you belong somewhere .
I should let go and accept things and people for what and who they are .Even if things become perfect ,I would always feel that something is missing and try to search for flaws in everything and everyone and ruin my own happiness .I find out that the best cure for perfectionism is appreciation and gratitude .to begin every single day with thanking God for all the blessings you have in your life ,just for the mere fact that you are alive and breathing.There are many things and people in our lives that we take for granted but if we really started to show them appreciation ,we will be so much happier than ever .Thank God for Everything and for you my dear followers who I really appreciate and love .AlhamdulilAllah 🙂

People don’t know shit


People don’t know shit


People don’t understand what you are going through no matter how hard you try to explain!

People don’t know how you feel no matter how much eloquent or articulate when u describe this feeling becoz feelings is to be felt not described or talked about!

People don’t understand why you are doing this no matter how many good reasons you give them for doing such and such!!

People don’t understand your failure although sometimes  your failure means you are trying  .it happens, it’s not a big deal!

People don’t understand and sometimes don’t even tolerate that you are different, I mean different in any way but they just wanna deal with people who are exact copies from each other ,talk ,walk and even dress in the same way as them
People judge you for how you look although we all know looks are deceiving!


People will give you advice based on their experiences and knowledge and expect you to follow them becoz simply they think or assume they know better!


People don’t like introverts although the majority of geniuses were introverts! This is a fact ,read the book “Quiet: in a world that can’t stop talking”

People will tell you it’s done this way or it’s just like that without even trying questioning why? And why not doing it differently?

People will try to convince you or sometimes even push you to take some serious decisions in your life like marriage or career or travel as if they know-it-all

people will call you stupid because you just don’t agree with them on some trivial political issues

people don’t know what’s wrong or right ,they just tell you based on their perspective or social conventions  but the way you feel that it’s wrong or right in your heart ,that;s what really matter.

people will hurt you with words with a good intention or justification in their fucking minds like (a) it’s to motivate you to do something ,(b)it’s so funny, don’t take it personally ,(c) I didn’t mean to hurt you but ,(d) it’s true though you are such and such ,you totally deserve it .

People will not leave you alone or Let you be who you are without interference becoz some people believe that it’s their mission in life to change everyone and everything around them .why can’t we just live and let live?

When someone need your advice or ask for it ,then give it but don’t try to act like you know it all ,it’s really annoying .plus you can’t understand or comprehend all dimensions of a problem or situation someone is facing ,it’s usually complicated especially when it is involving emotions and all that stuff

Don’t listen to people .really and it’s not an advice ,I’m just writing this for myself and I’m telling myself Don’t listen to people Mai becoz seriously I had Enough.

Don’t listen to people who try to judge you, patronize you or put you down for anything you have ever done
Don’t listen to people who belittle you or make you feel bad in any way whatsoever


It’s when we stopped listening to ourselves and talked to people about our problems that we got really lost and confused .we were like is it really right or wrong? we don’t know the difference between the two anymore becoz we always waiting to see what other people think!

Listen to your inner voice

Listen to your intuition

Trust you gut feeling
Follow your heart
Be who you are
Don’t give a shit
what other people think
Believe in yourself

Always see if something make you feel good or not ,when it’s right ,it’s good and it feels good
when it’s wrong ,it feels bad and it’s really that simple .

You are the only one who knows what’s the best for you even if people try to tell you otherwise ,don’t believe them.You are the only one who knows what’s good and bad for you .I wanna finish this by writing this Quote from a book I read recently called the “Gifts of imperfections”

“Yes, I am imperfect and vulnerable and sometimes afraid, but that doesn’t change the truth that I am also brave and worthy of love and belonging.”

Twinkling Star



Twinkling Star by Mai yolyz 

I can’t find you anywhere
I searched everywhere but in vain
Even the moon today isn’t there
But I find only one Shinning Star
Shimmering and twinkling at me 
Telling me A message code 
I try to send it another message
Hope you Get it ,feel it 
Inside my heart 
A Big wish 
If I let it fall with the star 
Will my heart be Empty or healed? 
I will take a Leap of Faith 
And Make a wish Right Now 
May I find you my soulmate