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Souls’ mission II

Souls’ mission II

What I learned from being a control freak for too long,I learned Surrender ,acceptance and going with the flow It is said that what you resist persists and it is absolutely true .try to push against something and you will find yourself back to square 1

I learned that it is okay to say No only when you intuition and your heart tells you so ,in other words don’t go against your feelings( your internal guidance system),going against your feelings simply means resistance 

You cannot go wrong with your destiny ,it means you can never make a mistake even if it seems like a mistake becoz it is meant to happen anyways ,that’s the only way you learn and evolve as a soul by making so-called “Mistakes”!

If you understood that everything in this life is predestined and it was our choice before we even come here to Earth to choose a certain path in life,you would never grieve over anything again or at least you would embrace everything with acceptance 

You will go with the flow 

You will let go when something is over

Every loss,every struggle ,every mistake would have a meaning ,a step to lead you to the top of the mountain “Your evolution”

God created us and inspired our souls to be good or evil but it is our choice here on earth to choose goodness or evil ,it is like our souls has a potential to reach the highest good or the highest evil and we saw it every day in the news ,whenever there are wars in the world and destruction ,you would find in that same place people who are trying to rescue the injured and the starved ones 

Life is a test that brings the best and the worst out of us 

Life is a game that we are playing to reach our target goal 

Everyone has a role in this life to play ,do not get identified with that role 

If you are mother for instance ,think of your role as a mother but you are not the mother ,it means you are not the controller of the lives of your children ,think of it as a doing a service for someone and you are playing the role as best as you can but you are not the role 

You are the soul that is playing the role 

The circumstances does not matter

The place you live in does not matter

 Your every day to day life details does not matter 

All these things are a means to an End.The End is what you came here to experience as a soul .if you came here to experience freedom for instance then freedom is what matters the most ,to feel and experience it in every area in your life 

It is a means to reach your highest potential as a soul through the trials and challenges you face on daily basis 

As a soul you know the answer to everything but you can’t access that wealth of knowledge while you mind is full of mental chatter 

When you can silence the mind ,you can hear the voice of your intuition 

The soul wants to expand and evolve and reach its highest potential

And it can only do that through coming here in that physical dimension to learn certain lessons which serves its purpose

For instance ,the soul which wants to experience freedom ,might choose very restrictive home environment ,the total opposite of what it wants 

But through this contrast of restriction Vs freedom ,the desire rises in the soul to seek freedom and it could spend a lifetime just to experience this freedom 

To know you life path ,I find numerology very beneficial tool that can help you unravel that info 

You can google it and find out your life path number 

My life path number is 5 which is all about freedom 

Also in astrology ,they say that the sign in your north node is the lesson you come here to learn and experience 

While south node is what you already achieved and both north and south nodes are signs opposite each other like Leo and Aquarius ,Virgo and pisces ,etc 

Your life plan


It hit me ,finaallyyyy I got it ,there is a divine plan and a human choice ,all the human choices lead to the divine plan ,it means God give you the freedom to choose whatever you want but at the same time all your choices manifest Allah’s plan for your life and the grand plan of the universe Think of yourself as a piece of jigsaw puzzle ,you fit into a place in the puzzle and you cant be put in the wrong place no matter what you do with your life so your whole life serves a purpose ,may be you can’t see it now but if you become aware ,followed the signs that God send you on daily basis ,you would manifest your life plan effortlessly and easily without going through loopholes and that would eventually will lead you to your life plan anyways

One of the most important things to figure out your life plan is synchronicity which is meaningful coincidences 

When you find life pushes you in a certain direction ,put you in some tough situations and sending you repetitive messages through people or any other means ,you have got to stop and ask yourself : why is this happening to me? Not in a self-pity kind of tone but more like what’s the deeper meaning behind all this!

There Must be something more you cant see or comprehend at the moment but everything is happening for a reason 

Your job is to go with the flow or even if you don’t ,either way you are following your life plan and when you understand this, there are no mistakes ,no blame and of course No Regret becoz there is only freedom and you are free to choose which way to go .there is only the easy way and the hard way and it’s up to you to choose which way to choose to get what you want out of life and to achieve your life purpose but in all cases,you are going to get there and how long it takes and how easy the journey will be ,it only depends on you and how aware you are 

But what you must know for sure that You are here for a greater purpose,greater than you can ever imagine.Never underestimate yourself or your abilities 

You are always love and taken care of by God .stay blessed 🙂