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I miss Facebook!


Today I can’t open fb at all ,it takes too long to respond then i found out it’s a time out and it doesn’t Load ,it seems weird and nothing works to solve this problem!
All other websites work fine except Facebook ūüė¶
i know fb wastes Alot of time n sometimes it’s just boring but i think i become “ADDICTED” to it ,it’s the first thing i do in the morning is to check the¬†notifications¬†on FB so it’s so hard for me to pass any day without checking it out and see what my friends r sharing or talking about even it’s just one day Now ¬†n I already miss it!!¬†
Facebook becomes part of my life and checking it out everyday is my habit since long and as they say “old habits die hard” ūüėõ
¬†I don’t know what to do I need my¬†Facebook¬†Right Now and i can’t get it ah2 ah2 ah2 ūüė¶

Random thoughts


The idea of “ME” being just like anyone else drives me crazy ,we always want to be special and different ,u always here ppl say “I’m different ,I’m not like others ” yeah that could be true but others also think that they r different! which makes us all alike somehow ,we¬†usually¬†have Huge Ego and thought always of others as “average or normal” while we have that certain Je ne sais pas quoi! that’s¬†Ridiculous¬†,Everybody is unique Yes but we have so much in common than we think!¬†
Most ppl usually think in the same way and have the same feelings about alot of stuff ,the ways differ ,the feelings differ according to situations and ppl but basically they r the same!

I feel so much insecure Lately and that makes me Mad or just bitter with resentment! 
I don’t know i guess my self-esteem is so low that i don’t think of myself as worthy of anything,i just Live!¬†
Actually I exist ,I don’t live ,it’s sad and depressing thought i wish i can get over this and be Like be4 when i was in high school or college ,I used to be busy ,hanging out all the time and having fun ,I was carefree ,I didn’t think! that’s why I was at peace with everything!
Now I think Alot ,Rly too much and it’s Like Hell to be inside my mind!!¬†
too much insecurity and negative thoughts,God all these voices inside my head it’s just way too much!¬†
I have to stop myself Seriously or otherwise i would go crazy!!

Being introvert in Egypt!!


ppl here don’t get it if someone is “introvert” like me!!
My family esp from my father side always give a hard time when they see me ,it’s like they r watching Alien from outer space!!
I don’t like the way they look at me or the way they talk to me !!
UGH it gets on my fucking nerves, it’s not like I’m “socially awkward ” or “weird”!
It‚Äôs Who I am !! if u don’t like that then Fuck off seriously I’m not here to please u or act or pretend just to be Like what u think I should be UGHHHHHH
Leave me the hell alone for God sake ,I Had enough and I don’t need any advices from anyone whosoever!!
Shit they Say to Me :
why r u still single? Why do u keep refusing ppl for no good reason?
u should mingle with ppl ,talk and go out ,u should be more social ,in other words “madrd7a” ūüėõ
u should learn how to cook ,that’s what matters and go to the market may be someone will see u there!!
if u don’t know how to cook ,they will call u “A Loser” !!

When r u gonna learn? to be a good housewife ,u should learn all these stuff!!
I keep silent and keep on smiling while listening to this crap blah blah blah while I thought to myself “it is none of ur Business ,Get Lost ,Fuck off ,with the hell to all that and finally plz mind ur own business”
So Basically Actually ,Life to them is about getting married ,Cooking and cleaning up and that’s it becoz that’s how u become “A good housewife” and nothing else matters!!

Forgive and forget!


I find it hard to stay angry at ppl whom I luv and care about ,No matter what they do If they felt bad and apologized said sorry and rly meant it ,I accept their apology .I forgave but i don’t forget .It doesn’t mean that i still feel bad about that thing but i just can’t forget!!¬†
I remember Everything as a memory that passed but with no feelings attached to it!
I guess i need to learn to forget as well! 
I feel regret when i treat anyone badly when i mad ,i shout and said the most awful stuff in the heat of the moment but when i cool down i find that I overreacted a¬†little¬†bit and that Nobody’s perfect ,¬†Neither¬†am i so how come I expect others to be flawless!!
I’m sorry ,may be it’s for me the hardest words to say but i can say it anytime if i felt i hurt someone in any way whether intentional or not!
but sometimes we rly need to make the other person feel what he or she did to us was awful and can’t pass just like that by holding back for a while ,just to teach that person a lesson that it’s not okay ,it’s not like that u don’t like them but u have to draw a line for Everyone to never across even the closest ppl in ur life!
Mistreating ppl is never an excuse for being angry or mad ,that’s why we should be able to control that emotion no matter what!


Etgnen Be crazy :)


I Like the idea of this Ad ,first becoz it encourages ppl to do simple acts of Kindness and make others Happy second becoz it’s Creative ad that thinks outside the box .Chapeau to The ppl who made this ,just watching it made me happy

the Ad in Egyptian Arabic it says “Etgnan” Be Crazy!
if it’s crazy to make someone u don’t know happy,so Be Crazy ūüôā