Monthly Archives: June 2012




I’m running away
panting ,can’t catch my breath
I wanna reach the end line of this race
does it even worth all the trouble?
Does it even matter?
if I was the first or the last?
if I win and have it all
or lost and cried over everything I miss
I’m lost and confused
when I do my best
should I have high expectations?
life isĀ  always give us another chance
to make it right
Don’t try to tell me what’s wrong
and what’s right
I mess things up
and I always do it my way
so save ur advice and speeches to urself
sorry if I can’t take it anymore
I had enough
don’t Add to it
if I turned my back
and runaway
don’t blame me
I have to
I really need to
it could be for the best

by Mai kamal,2012