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10 things that annoy me about Men!


What annoys me about men

1- Seeing themselves as the superior sex ,Enough said!

2-The big Ego and the need for control is number one reason behind wars and every stupid political decision

3-suppressing their feelings ,men just ignore feelings and they deny and suppress how they feel lest they appear “feminine”!

4- NOT TALKING ABOUT “FEELINGS”!No man would talk about how he feels no matter how much you try to get them to be in touch with their feelings! And the result is so unconscious men!

5-Underestimating Women,seeing women as inferior or complicated or crazy as if women are the alien sex while they are the most reasonable and rational human beings!

6-Not differentiating between love and lust ,seeing both as one!

7-Bragging about being players as if they won some medal!

8-misunderstanding Masculinity ,seeing it as having power and control ,abusing women,acting tough and never showing feelings!

9-Being Control Freaks

10-Always claiming to be Right and having all the answers and Not admitting their mistakes!


About Women and Men


The Woman to Man is Like a Home ,so No matter how long he wanders ,He returns to her becoz without Her ,He would be Lost ,Homeless and Poor!
In her Embrace ,he would find comfort,Warmth,Security and Shelter
In her Smile ,he would forget his troubles
Men are Like grown-up Kids ,they need to be looked after and cherished and Women are naturally Mothers who know how to love and give generously.So No Wonder they Need each other and complete each other
Dear Men,Never Underestimate a woman or treat her badly or like an object .The power of Women is the most dangerous ,it is the power of her Emotions ,subtlety ,Manipulation and Shrewdness .it’s the power of the mind when it becomes Wicked and the power of Emotions when they get hurt ,they turn into Kind of Nuclear destruction !
Dear Women,Don’t take a man for granted .For Men just like r capable of Love and giving but they express their love just in different ways that WE Women sometimes don’t notice .I know Men drive women crazy ,when they try to make sense of their behaviors becoz Men act and they don’t talk too much or Explain or go into details about why r they doing such and such so Women go Crazy trying to over think and overanalyze Every little detail while it’s okay just give ur mind a break and Everything will turn out fine in the End !
Women and Men need to work Like  a team ,Like they r dealing with Someone else who is ur Equal .Not inferior or Superior.
Just Listen,Be There ,try to Be understanding .After all ,u r dealing with another Human being not some alien from outer Space!