Hey my name is Mai (my real name).I’m a poet and writer ,I write to get outlet for my emotions and to inspire ppl everywhere .you are always  welcome to comment and leave your feedback on what I write ,I would appreciate that. it makes me so happy when i can inspire people,my passion is poetry .thanks for stopping  by .
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take care

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  1. I’ve read you’re post about soulmates and I was wondering if I always have this feeling of longing for Someone I don’t know but I know that I miss her .like I have this clear image of who she is although we haven’t met yet . and sometimes it feels like I could almost see her could she (whoever she is) be my soulmate?


    • Yes very likely she could be ur soulmate!
      What happens before you see your soulmate is that you notice synchronicities happen like ur dream and then what happens next is series of events unfold that lead you to your soulmate
      So don’t worry destiny will lead you to her ,just follow the signs that show up in ur daily life
      Seeing her in a dream means you are very close to meeting her so good luck 🙂


  2. Subhaan Allah! I’ve been searching about this twin flame phenomenon for so long cos im very very interested with this topic AND TBH i’ve read so many articles and study about it and watch some on youtube BUT thank God i’ve came across with this blog cos You are the only one who make sense about it lol the fact that you are a muslim makes your articles more reliable I’m a muslim too and sorry english isnt my first language so hopefully you understand my message hehe I LOVE all your post especially everything about spirituality and ur personal advices i just hope you would post more about it. In shaa Allah May God bless you, sister 🙂

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