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I thought for Years that God created us and left us alone in this life ,struggling and trying so hard to make it work while in fact ,God has always been there all the time ,watching over us ,giving us signs ,giving us unlimited chances and opportunities to create the life we want ,a life of abundance but usually we miss out on those chances 

God always turned our misfortunes into a great opportunities for growth and healing 

Turning our losses into gains
Turning our problems and troubles into blessings in disguise
Giving us what we want when we least expect it
Making us happy after we give up and lose hope that our life will ever gonna change 
God gave us feelings to tell if we are truly aligned with what we want or not
God gave us imagination,intuition ,inner voice ,thoughts and feelings ,all are tools of creation 
God gave us Everything ,we got all the tools we need ,all the guidance and all the resources to create whatever we want but at the same time we complain all the time of lack and about how hard life is and that’s we get becoz we don’t use what we have ,we  are blind to what we already got or refuse to see it as Enough ,we are so ungrateful.I always heard it before ,start from where you are and I didn’t understand what that meant then but Now I do 
It means you got to use every talent you have ,every thing you can give to others and use it for a greater cause 
Becoz God gonna use your life anyways based on your choices ,whether it’s good or a bad life, for a greater cause that serves all humanity and isn’t that brilliant? 
God forgive us  after we have sinned and accept us ,take us back and guide us into the right path ,God love us in many ways we can’t even begin to imagine ,I really Love You God more than anything or anyone in this world 🙂

3 questions I ask myself every day


There are 3 questions i ask myself every day that changed my life completely 

The first question is : what would love do? 
Love expands us beyond ourselves ,now i approach every situation i find myself in with this question in mind ,sometimes i feel reluctant to help someone or act positively or accept something and suddenly this question pops up in my mind and the answer is always love ,to give and receive love unconditionally 
That does not mean you deny yourself love by acting like martyr or sacrifice yourself for the sake of others but also keep yourself in mind too when asking this question , so if you are so tired and someone ask you to do something ,you could say No becoz that would love would do if you truly love yourself enough 
So include yourself in this question : what would love do If I love myself enough?
Suddenly you will find yourself more loving and generous person becoz just asking this question will change your perspective completely

The second question : what is the wise thing for me to do?
We make decisions almost every day ,big and small ones and sometimes we regret our choices and decisions becoz we didn’t stop to think if it is the wise thing to do or not!
And don’t worry ,there is a part of you that already knows the answer to everything 
Also remember the universe got your back and it sends you signs to what to do and what to avoid 
Here is a little story that happened to me that emphasize this fact that the universe sends us signs to make the best decisions 
I wanted to buy something ,first i was so excited about buying it ,i saw it and i went to buy it only to find i don’t have the exact amount of money for its price then i said okay i will save until i can afford buying it ,but i couldn’t wait sometimes i am just too impatient 
So i borrowed money ,went to buy it ,to my surprise didn’t find it ,it was out of stock ,i should have took that as a sign but no i was so stubborn i went again found it but didn’t have same amount of money again ,found something else i also wanted to buy , i was shocked at how expensive it is so i left it and didn’t  buy it ,second time bought it although mom told me not to buy it ,i should have take that as a sign not to buy it but sometimes i could be so stubborn and impatient ,bought it anyways to regret buying it later 
Have i listened first time to all the signs from the universe not to do something ,the universe will try to stop you many times from making a stupid mistake but if you become stubborn and insisted ,you would regret it later!
The universe will give you many opportunities to do something to change your life like breaking up from this toxic relationship or getting you together with the one you really love if you miss the many opportunities then you will learn the hard way!!
 The third question is : what could i do now to feel better?
At anytime ,you feel bored ,sad,worried ,anxious,depressed ,ask yourself what can i do now to feel better ,no matter how crazy or illogical this thing is ,just be brave enough to do it anyways ,just to feel better but make sure it is nothing immoral or illegal!
Sometimes it would be better if you accepted the feeling ,stayed with it and then let it go but sometimes you have to do something about it 
The more you feel better ,the more you will be able to attract whatever you want from life!