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Souls’ mission II

Souls’ mission II

What I learned from being a control freak for too long,I learned Surrender ,acceptance and going with the flow It is said that what you resist persists and it is absolutely true .try to push against something and you will find yourself back to square 1

I learned that it is okay to say No only when you intuition and your heart tells you so ,in other words don’t go against your feelings( your internal guidance system),going against your feelings simply means resistance 

You cannot go wrong with your destiny ,it means you can never make a mistake even if it seems like a mistake becoz it is meant to happen anyways ,that’s the only way you learn and evolve as a soul by making so-called “Mistakes”!

If you understood that everything in this life is predestined and it was our choice before we even come here to Earth to choose a certain path in life,you would never grieve over anything again or at least you would embrace everything with acceptance 

You will go with the flow 

You will let go when something is over

Every loss,every struggle ,every mistake would have a meaning ,a step to lead you to the top of the mountain “Your evolution”

God created us and inspired our souls to be good or evil but it is our choice here on earth to choose goodness or evil ,it is like our souls has a potential to reach the highest good or the highest evil and we saw it every day in the news ,whenever there are wars in the world and destruction ,you would find in that same place people who are trying to rescue the injured and the starved ones 

Life is a test that brings the best and the worst out of us 

Life is a game that we are playing to reach our target goal 

Everyone has a role in this life to play ,do not get identified with that role 

If you are mother for instance ,think of your role as a mother but you are not the mother ,it means you are not the controller of the lives of your children ,think of it as a doing a service for someone and you are playing the role as best as you can but you are not the role 

You are the soul that is playing the role 

The circumstances does not matter

The place you live in does not matter

 Your every day to day life details does not matter 

All these things are a means to an End.The End is what you came here to experience as a soul .if you came here to experience freedom for instance then freedom is what matters the most ,to feel and experience it in every area in your life 

It is a means to reach your highest potential as a soul through the trials and challenges you face on daily basis 

As a soul you know the answer to everything but you can’t access that wealth of knowledge while you mind is full of mental chatter 

When you can silence the mind ,you can hear the voice of your intuition 

The soul wants to expand and evolve and reach its highest potential

And it can only do that through coming here in that physical dimension to learn certain lessons which serves its purpose

For instance ,the soul which wants to experience freedom ,might choose very restrictive home environment ,the total opposite of what it wants 

But through this contrast of restriction Vs freedom ,the desire rises in the soul to seek freedom and it could spend a lifetime just to experience this freedom 

To know you life path ,I find numerology very beneficial tool that can help you unravel that info 

You can google it and find out your life path number 

My life path number is 5 which is all about freedom 

Also in astrology ,they say that the sign in your north node is the lesson you come here to learn and experience 

While south node is what you already achieved and both north and south nodes are signs opposite each other like Leo and Aquarius ,Virgo and pisces ,etc 

Life sucks? Or is it just You?!


Any bad thought inside of you that cannot be you becoz your essence is goodness,peace and loveBut where do bad thoughts come from ? Bad thoughts are suggestions from Satan 

He wants you to hate your life ,to lose faith and hope in yourself ,your life and most important of all to lose faith in God!

And Satan always use the same tricks by reminding you how many times you prayed to God and your prayers are not answered yet 

That God is not hearing you or faraway 

Satan speaks with your voice inside your head so you are so unlikely to recognize that this voice is not you 

If some of you read the brilliant book “New Earth” ,you would know for sure that most of the thoughts and emotions inside you are Ego-based and that is the real you is the one who is behind thought and feeling 

Try it ,for a few seconds stop all thoughts and feelings inside yourself ,you will find complete stillness and silence ,you are that silence or as they call it in spirituality ” Presence or Consciousness” 

If you created that space inside yourself whenever you feel sad ,angry ,negative ,detach yourself for a moment ,be present and experience the real you by staying conscious and be behind the thought or the feeling watching it ,just watching it not judging or even naming it 

It is the only way of becoming more aware and present 

Back to Satan “or the negative voice inside your head” , he first suggest a very bad idea or make you think very negative thoughts ,the negative thoughts generates automatically negative feelings inside yourself and the negative feelings attract very negative situations to your life and then the negative situations make you think of more bad thoughts and more negative feelings follow and you will remain in that negative vicious cycle forever if you did not do something to break it!

So here’s the important question : how can you stop all this from happening?

First recognize the voice as not yours ,watch it and say mmmmm interesting thought

Consider yourself someone who is sitting at the very backseat at the cinema and you are watching on the screen your thoughts and your feelings ,you are just watching ,you wont get up from your seat or get involved in anything that is happening inside the screen ,namely inside of you !

Once you watch the thought without reacting to it ,it loses its power over you

You are no longer the victim to whatever thoughts roam your mind but you are the controller of everything and the same time you are not controlling anything ,you are just letting the thoughts float without judging or resisting them 

I love the story that was mentioned in “New Earth”,awesome book by the way and a Must-read, about the power of surrender ,the zen master who accepted everything that happened to him by replying by one question to everything “Is it so”?

He refuses to engage in human drama so he lets everything go wether it’s good or bad 

Our lives are the manifestation of the thoughts we think plus the feelings we feel on a continuous basis 

So change your thoughts by talking back to them ,once you have a negative thought ,talk back to it and change it before it drags you down into the abyss of negativity 

Be the silent watcher ,just watch and be aware

Don’t judge anything as good or bad ,live like zen masters and let everything go 

Becoz getting attached to a thought whether good or bad ,in the case of good thoughts, it makes you have very high expectations then eventually disappointment if everything didn’t turn out as you like or want and in the case of bad you would resent and resist life and you will suffer for a long time until you decide to change and accept Life for what it is 

Your life starts to change the day you accept it with its ups and downs ,good and bad 

Life is always fair and you always end up with the consequeces of what you choose 

So don’t blame life and don’t blame yourself ,blame is just more negativity 

Recognize that you made a mistake and learn from it to make better choices in the future

You are the master of you destiny 

You are the captain of your soul

Then it’s up to you to choose what to make with  your life

Choose wisely 

Surrender ,you don’t have to learn the hard way!


The lesson was always been Surrender,,,surrendering to the will of God ,complete surrender but I kept resisting and fighting against life all this time ,i hated to be weak and vulnerable and i always wanted to protect myself ,I thought if I let go ,I would go wrong and live in misery and regret!I thought that being in charge of my destiny means total control of everything!

I never went with the flow ,i always swam against the mainstream

While I admired my strength and resistance in the face of conflict ,I felt terrible and depressed after such a big fight with words ,every confrontation left me depleted trying so hard to say I always do it my way so back off!

Now when I put everything in perspective ,it’s foolish to fight against your life or your destiny   

The more you fight and resist ,the more the situation gets complicated and what you don’t want manifest 

There are certain type of people who is always okay with everything ,they are like the zen masters,whether what happens is good or bad they always welcome it with acceptance 

I hated that attitude ,I saw it as “Passive aggressive” ,when people told me reality is that way 

I always fought back but we can do something about it,right?

I was “aggressive aggressive” ,when something felt wrong to me ,i always wanted to change it and control the outcome ,i would fight with all my power ,determined to get my own way

Surrender seemed weird to me ,I thought this word is for weak people who are not willing to fight for what they want 

I saw only one side of the picture and refused to see the whole picture which is Surrender 

Its subtle power melts the hardest of rocks but I kept going back and forth between yes I want to surrender but still I can do something!

Surrender doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take any action in your life but it means to know when to take that action and when to let go and surrender and trust God and the process 

To surrender means You have to believe in a bigger and smarter power than yourself which is God

Always wanting to take action means that you fear something ,fear of loss ,fear of losing yourself or anything else ,that fear based behavior makes you want to control everything and it is Ego ,the Ego self sees its death in surrender ,of not being out there doing something to manipulate the situation

Once fear kicks in ,all the emotions follow,worry,anxiety ,mistrust and it keeps you trapped ,stuck in the confusion of not knowing what’s right or wrong anymore

We thought we are always in control and that’s a myth ,life slaps you hard in your face when what you try so hard to make it happen doesn’t work they way you want or doesn’t work at all!

When I saw my body rebelling against me with sickness ,I couldn’t control it and I felt so weak and fragile.I knew I wasn’t in control

Life kept hitting me with conflict after conflict ,problem after a problem but I never got the lesson which is Surrender 

I saw something was wrong and I wanted to fix it

I even manipulated my emotions ,no I am not supposed to feel that way!

I should feel that way ,this is so wrong but it was me who is wrong not my feelings 

My feelings were always and still sincere but I never trusted them for what they are ,that’s why I tried to rationalize and analyze everything even my raw emotions ,it was exhausting and it felt awful to say the least ,I was drowning in despair and I blamed life for not being fair! 

The breakdown came when everything you thought you are in control of came crushing down upon you and the illusion shattered and finally you see life and everything for what it is and then you say to yourself I wish if I have let go from the very beginning ,it was not worth the fight!

But As humans we often learn the hard way and that’s okay .no one said it was going to be easy ūüôā

So to sum it all up ,there’s life and there’s you and there is two ways to reach your destination ,one is surrender and the other is resistance 

Surrender flows like water and it is easy and you have to just to trust and believe ,to believe that everything will turn out well even if it seems wrong ,irrational ,counterintuitive on the surface.when you believe in God and get connected to that source of love and wisdom ,you can never go wrong 

Even when it is wrong ,it is right and you need some wrong to teach you the right!

The other way of resistance feels terribly wrong ,it’s a mess and full of conflict ,anger ,going against the flow ,not trusting yourself or others ,disbelief in God and goodness ,mistrust and control

Lots of control will only make you stagnant ,rigid and always trying to prove something to yourself or others without really caring about your feelings or anyone else’s for that matter

So trust and believe in God

Know that your destiny is unfolding perfectly and it is predestined already 

Believe in the signs ,the signals sent from the universe to show you the way

Trust your intuition and your gut feeling

Surrender is the way ,the way that leads you to any destination you choose 

Embrace everything in life with acceptance and live in the moment 

What I learned from life 


I learned that u attract what u think about the most and give attention to,that’s the law of attraction 

I learned that men will respect you if you respect yourself and have high self-esteem 

Dont pursue men ,let men pursue you ,that is the fun part for them 

I learned that when you are ready ,you are ready ,you cant force a thing to happen before its perfect timing 

That behind every seemingly bad situation is a transformative experience that will change your perspective or your life ,there is no nothing bad ,only goodness and great blessings in disguise 

I learned that stubbornness and refusing to let go of what is not working out in your life is a huge disservice u r doing to yourself ,when it’s time to let go ,you have just to let go and move on

Your soulmate will awaken you ,spiritually awaken you ,will send you on a journey into your soul to find your soul before you both become ready to be with each other 

I learned that God never fail to make it all up for those who are wronged and patient 

I learned like attracts like,i learned that God created a perfect match for every person and when that person comes your way ,your only job is to recognize him 

I learned that you never know ,never say No to life ,every experience will benefit you and serve your journey 

I learned that if you want something in your life ,take action 

If you want love ,take action and then let it go and it will come to you

I learned when the universe send you a sign to do something ,just listen the first time and do it

I learned that ur nagging thoughts that keeps tell u or suggest u do something u wouldn’t normally do is a form of intuition and u better listen to it ,honor ur intuition by listening to it and acting upon it 

I learned that when you have God in your life and when u talk to Him about your worries ,struggles and fears then u dont need to worry at all ,just let God take care of it all,let Go and let God 

I learned that you have to share your pain and experiences with someone close to you who u can trust ,that’s the power of vulnerability 

I learned that loss sometimes benefit you by growing up spiritually 

I learned that when you pray sincerely from your heart ,God always answer

I learned to take action to direct my life in the direction i want ,i learned the power of imagination,prayer and the list to attract my soulmate to me

I learned that everyone comes into your life serves a purpose ,some are meant to stay for a season and we should let them go when we know  that their role in our life is over ,we should pay attention to hints

I learned to be available to myself and taking care of myself ,my needs and my feelings 

I learned to say No and honor my intuition

I learned that all is well in the end 

I learned balance from going to both extremes ,the extreme of overeating and starving ,i learned that i have the power over my body 

I learned that when u love urself and ur body ,your body will love u back and functions perfectly ,i learned that when u treat urself with love,kindness and respect ,others will treat u the same way and reflect that back to u 

I learned that sometimes u have to go with the flow and be flexible 

I learned that u have to choose ur battles wisely  

I learned that you cant please everyone ,you have always to stick to your own values ,you know yourself better than anyone ,you are never picky ,you just know what you want and what you like to have and you are entitled to have what you want 

I learned that you will never lose anything by saying the truth ,au contraire you will win the respect of everyone 

I learned that sometime you have to stop asking for help when others fail you and depend on yourself instead ,you always got yourself ,be your best friend ,see how you will go out of your way to be with a friend and listen to his troubles and feelings ,and do the same for yourself ,be available to yourself all the time as much as you need others ,you need you .

I learned that by having a consistent conversation and strong connection with God ,God will take care of you and your life and you dont have to worry when you talk to God and ask Him to help you

What I wish I’d known


The universe always sends you signs and many chances to correct your mistakes ,if you don’t listen the first,second and third time ,it would be too late.there is always a way out if you listen

Don’t waste your time trying to change people

Your mom is sometimes right ,listen to her advice

Don’t hide your feelings,always show them ,it is okay to be vulnerable

People always show you who they are by their actions

You are only human ,cut yourself some slack

Dont act impulsively ,you will regret it.I swear you will

Interpret your own dreams ,try to remember what your dreams are about ,they contain all the clues and the answers to your problems .

Meditate,it is the best way to relax

Happiness is a choice

Love yourself ,enjoy your own company ,be responsible for your own happiness

Be yourself

Stop eating junk food ,it will ruin your body and your health

Stick to the recipe

Pay attention to your pain whether physical or emotional

Don’t be afraid to feel pain ,it will heal and transform you

Patience,patience ,patience .God will reward those who are patient

Let go of all the things and people who are not meant to be ,so you can get what you truly deserve

Read ,Read lots of books about everything and anything .Reading is the best way to find answers for all the questions that kept popping up in your head

If you are too embarrassed to ask ,Google it!

Don’t buy clothes that doesn’t fit in hope you lose weight later!

Don’t buy anything you are not comfortable wearing ,choose comfort over fashion

Don’t buy something that doesn’t fit either too tight or too baggy

That i should wear more bright colors

Blue suits me ,makes me look charming

Don’t trust the internet all the time

Law of attraction works ,the secret is to desire it then let it go!

You can obsess about anything or anyone as much as you like but eventually you have to let go

Let go ,Let God

It’s Now or Never!

Have an imaginary friend ,keep a journal and write to him or her daily

Listen to your inner voice ,trust your intuition

Never ignore the signs and the red flags

Talk to God like you are talking to a friend

Stand up for yourself ,speak your own mind ,make your own decisions

Be mature enough to be responsible for the consequences of your own mistakes

Laugh ,smile and have fun ,don’t make a big deal out of everything and don’t sweat the small stuff

It’s okay to say No!

Don’t let others cross your boundaries

Embrace solicitude

You create your life by your choices

There is universal conspiracy to manifest your dreams

Live in the Now

Forgive yourself and others

Forgive and forget ,let it go and move on!

What inspired me to write this post a book I’m currently reading and that is the title of one of its chapters and i want to reflect on things and life lessons that I wish I’d known .If you like the idea ,please post yours

20 Micro-Lessons from Season One of Oprah’s Lifeclass


Lesson 1: The False Power of Ego

“What I know for sure is you can’t even begin to love yourself or even be true to yourself unless you know who you really are‚ÄĒseparate from your ego.”

Lesson 1: The False Power of Ego

“[The ego is] an impostor, imposing on the real you, making you think that you’re something that you’re not.”

Lesson 2: Letting Go of Anger

“One of the best lessons for me is learning that revenge is another way for the ego to show itself.”

Lesson 3: You Become What You Believe

“Do you believe that you are worthy of happiness? Do you believe that happiness, success abundance, comfort, fulfillment, peace, joy, love is a part of your birthright? Or do you believe something else? Because you will manifest the life that you believe.”

Lesson 4: The Truth Will Set You Free

“If you are in any way keeping a secret, or if you are in any way pretending to be something that you are not, you will never ever become all that you were meant to be. It just cannot happen.”

Lesson 6: Everybody Has a Calling

“Sometimes the calling is something that was just a whisper to you and when you begin to honor that whisper and to follow that, you end up being the best that you can be.”

Lesson 7: Aging Beautifully

“When you lie about your age you are denying that part of your life. You are denying energetically the years that you have earned here on the planet Earth. …You are denying your very existence.”

Lesson 8: When You Know Better, You Do Better

“Do you know how freeing those words are? How freeing they can be for you? What it means is you don’t have to hold yourself hostage to who you used to be or anything you ever used to do.”

Lesson 9: You’re Responsible for Your Life

“If you’re sitting around waiting on somebody to save you, to fix you, to even help you, you are wasting your time because only you have the power to take responsibility to move your life forward.”

Lesson 13: When People Show You Who They Are…Believe Them

“When somebody has shown you who they are, believe them. Stop expecting them to be something other than who they are. Believe them. And move on.”

Lesson 16: Listen to Your Gut

“Your gut is the voice of your higher self. It’s your personal GPS system to guide you and to try to keep you out of danger’s way. Out of harm’s way. That is the gift of fear.”

Lesson 18: Do You Eyes Light Up When Your Child Walks in the Room?

“Most of the arguments that you have had in your life have not been about the specific thing but they’ve been about what is behind the thing that you’re arguing about…And if you peel back the layers, what is usually behind the things that we’re arguing about is, Do you hear me? Does what I say mean anything to you? Do I matter? That’s what everybody is looking for.”

Lesson 19: Step Out of the Box

“I love that! ‘If you want something you never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.'”

Lesson 21: Love Doesn’t Hurt

“Your relationship with your spouse, with your family, with your friends all can change if you get this lesson that took me to my late 20s, probably mid-30s to actually fully realize: Love does not hurt.”

Lesson 21: Love Doesn’t Hurt

“When you trust yourself, it means you don’t tolerate being stood up more than one time. …You don’t tolerate chronic betrayal.”

Lesson 21: Love Doesn’t Hurt

“When you can trust that you love yourself, care for yourself, have enough honor and respect for yourself that you will not allow other people to harm you, then you can succeed in any relationship….It doesn’t mean that somebody won’t hurt you again. It means that when they do, you will know what to do…. You will not let that destroy you.”

Lesson 21: Love Doesn’t Hurt

“Love is truth. Love is grace, is joyful.”

Lesson 23: Slow Down

“Being in the present moment‚ÄĒif you can learn to do that‚ÄĒbegins to change your whole life.”

Lesson 24: Newton’s Third Law

“If there are a lot of negative people in your life, don’t look at them, look at the energy that you are creating to attract them. Don’t look at them, look at yourself.”

Lesson 25: You’ve Always Had the Power

“The only courage you ever need is the courage to fulfill the dreams of your own life.”