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The Beauty of French :)


I Luv French , I Adoreeeeeeeeeeeeee french ,it’s the only language i wish to be fluent at besides ENglish .there’s something about French that makes me Go oh lalalalala! it’s music to my ears and just make me happy 🙂
I studied it at High school or lycee  for 2 years then a brief course at college but after college i forgot most of it ,that’s why now i try to relearn it ,it’s Fun Loads of fun 😀
I luv the sound of it ,the way it needs certain delicacy to be pronounced ,everything about French is just Awesome .Mostly ,I wanna learn it to sing french songs 😀
I searched YouTube the other day for french songs for children and i find lots of super duper cute songs with lyrics and it was easy to sing along hehehe 
Je voudrais Parler francais parce que c’est tres belle langue ^_^

Miss my friendz!


I miss all my friendz the way we used to be in college so together and happy ,Now we rarely talk or even meet!!
why does friendship has to stop after college or school or whatever??
I wonder why ppl r not connected all the time!!
I think we only communicate when we have things in common ,interests or have something to talk about or simply becoz we like each other .there Must be A Motivation for ppl to communicate!
Does distance kill connection as they say!!
Distances could make ppl miss each other too much or make them lose interest!!
it depends .but sometimes ppl don’t care to call or ask about their friendz except when they need them 
I find myself care about ppl that I luv ,ppl i have common interests with ,ppl that i can talk easily with. at the end it something has to do with love not obligation!!

if u luv and care about someone enough ,u would call ,u will be eager to call and distances won’t make any difference!!
if u don’t care ,so these ppl isn’t that close or dear to u ,they just ppl who u know and exist in ur life but their presence or absence doesn’t make difference anyway!!
I like to call the few ppl who i count as friendz and see what’s new in their lives and what they r up to.I luv to hear to their happy events and troubles ,i luv to share everything with them becoz to me sharing is caring 🙂

About Dreams


We should dream big ,there is no limits in this world only the ones we put for ourselves!
Dream and believe in ur dream and soon it will become a reality .
don’t care about what the ppl say or think ,Just believe that u can do it becoz u rly can!
If success or any goal in our lives become like breathing,it will be easy to get and nothing will stand in ur way becoz it will become a matter of life or death!
I think the reason we don’t chase our dreamz or procrastinate is that we don’t need them badly enough or we try to put limits for ourselves like how and when!
believe me when i say ,it’s all in ur mind ,change ur negative thoughts into positive ones and everything will change
ppl who think that they  r good that way  feeling so comfortable in their “comfort zone” and have no ambitions to do more ,they live and die Like so-called “Average ppl” but there is no such a thing ,we all unique .we all Have dreamz but we should dream and dictate our life for a cause that help and inspire others as well.something bigger than US!!
All the famous and successful ppl had  big dreams and goals in their mind that wasn’t personal but for the benefit of all humanity .these ppl changed lives and r still remembered and inspire millions around the world to chase their dreamz as well
The founder of Apple company Steve jobs is one of those ppl who changed the technology and the computers as we know it .Most ppl now carry Iphone or Ipad or anything connected to Apple Inc .so it’s not luck but dedication and believing in their dreamz that made them reach it!
Leave ur footprints today ,Leave a legacy so ur Life will be remember forever and ever
My wish and dream  is to be a writer and inspire my ppl with my words even if i inspired just one person ,that would be great achievement to me and will make me proud of myself 🙂
Being Motivational speaker was also one of my dreamz ,i guess that’s why i’m sucker for Motivation and inspiration articles and quotes 😀

Rock bottom!


My friend is going through a hard time just like me and i should be by her side ,ease her pain
it’s funny and ironic how much we laugh and pretend that everything is okay in front of others! 
while we die  inside from sadness and sorrow ,why we hide our pain!!
r we afraid to appear weak and vulnerable in front of others?
Don’t we  need others to violate the privacy of our emotions??
or we don’t rly need to bother others with our troubles??
is it hard to understand  or feel another’s person pain?
it’s easy to tell someone do this and do not that but not when their emotions r involved!!
I feel ur pain Emy ,it’s a lovely dream that got broken into pieces!!
I know how hard to lose trust and feel betrayed by someone u thought he is the one!! it’s something that feels terrible but u go through this and will learn something that u need to know
but u can get over it easily becoz the power of u my friend is the power of patience and optimism
Emy u r the only one who learned me to turn sadness into happiness ,to take everything simply and not take life or myself too seriously!!
so I’m sure u will be okay ,more than okay soon!!

Love in marriage!


Love is a great thing and i wonder how can ppl marry without loving each other!! why some ppl just marry for the sake of marriage without choosing the right person wisely??  
Even in arranged marriages ,when u don’t know that person u meet  for the first time ,u may love him or her and may be u won’t no matter how hard u try!
if there isn’t chemistry or even at least some mutual respect and understanding so what’s the point of marriage ? if marriage is a social convention ,i think it’s a big mistake to get married just becoz others expect u to marry or may be u get old and it’s time!!
women and men who cheat on their spouses becoz they don’t love that person enough ,if they luv from their hearts they would never think of doing that!!
other women neglect their husbands and only focus on themselves and alwayz their needs comes first who only look 4 money and nothing else!!

without love we turn into terrible obnoxious self-centered ppl who don’t give a damn about their spouses feelings or  even care!!
if u don’t like ur husband ,why r u staying with him!!
why u pretend to care while u don’t give a damn!
many ppl live in a lie and they believe themselves ,we all make mistakes but don’t hurt someone else feelings and say it’s a mistake!
it’s not lack of loyalty ,it’s lack of Love!!
u never cheat ,or ignore or betray the trust of someone u luv!! No wonder many ppl search for love everywhere and they don’t find it ,u should love sincerely first from ur heart be4 expecting others to give u the same!

The curse of Misunderstanding Religion!!


I watched today this film “Osama” and it’s very disturbing shocking movie!!
I felt disgusted by how women in that country so-called “Afghanistan” r treated ,it’s bitter and disgusting ! women were treated like shitttttttttttt ,they were oppressed ,abused in a way that’s beyond damaging !! to make A little girl to marry someone like her father WTF!!! 
to make a girl try to disguise becoz being a women is a shame!!
is it Islam? rly? Seriously?  
there r many ignorant narrow-minded stupid ppl in this world who do everything wrong in the name of Religion like that Taliban movement !! who know nothing about the tolerance and compassion of this religion!! these r the most sadistic ppl and sick-minded ,compared to Hitler ,they r fucking worse ten times! to torture and distort ppl and kill !!! all that becoz u think that u r more religious than others!!!
who the hell u think u r to judge ppl??? it’s none of ur damn business!!!
These ppl won’t pass like that ,they will suffer like no one  has ever suffered!!
God is Justice and God will  give every wronged person his right ,it’s just a matter of time
May Allah heal the helpless ppl pain and make them more stronger to endure this agony!!

I urge Everyone to watch this movie “OSAMA” it was made in 2003 although it’s Sad to see this but it reflects the truth of how many women suffer in this part of the world!!

Happiness Vs Money!


i thought of something today :r wealthy ppl a happy ppl? it’s not necessarily to be happy just becoz u r wealthy and have all the material stuff that other wish and want .u could live in wide amazing house ,eat the best food and get everything u want but still not happy ,material stuff doesn’t make us happy ,it just made life easier!
u may have a simple life with no luxury but still enjoy it more than a millionaire who got everything he needs and still can’t find happiness .Human Relationships bring warmth and happiness to our lives whether it’s friendship or marriage .the time we spend with other ppl add to our happiness and enrich us in many wayz .We learn from ppl and get inspired by their experiences and their life!
so go out ,Spend time with ppl u luv and care about ,count ur blessings and know that money isn’t everything ,it’s just a means to an end!
be happy with u got today and be grateful and u will get so much more 2morrow 🙂