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Reflections on Ibes (Satan,Devil,Shaytan)


Ibles(Satan,Lucifier,Devil) or whatever u call him is our Eternal Foe .Duh,that seems so Obvious to you ,doesn’t it? So why do we tend to forget this? We are so caught up in this Life ,we are always busy or convince ourselves we are Busy and the real important facts of Life just pass us by without even Realizing them.
Ibles is our Enemy who at first felt so much superior and arrogant to bow to one of Allah creatures which is YOU .yes he thought he is better than you ,so you may now know why arrogant ppl are more close to the Devils?
so we brought down to this Earth because of Satan we will be forever Enemies and in the Test ,it’s the Eternal Test between Evil and Goodness .Right and Wrong ,kindness and cruelty ,Love and Hatred ,Arrogance and humility, Positive thoughts and Negative ones ,you name’s our battle ,it’s our fight and this is our test ,which side will we choose ? will be on the side of Angels or the Side of Devils .we are Humans beings after all and had that human weakness .we have desires ,ambitions ,dreams ,visions that we chase all our life but Satan is always there he knows our points of weakness and know how to mislead you and make you lose the way .So Satan could be close to you than more you think.He could be that friend of yours who always pretend to be your best friend while he hates you like hell and hide behind a mask and give you bad advices and make you a Loser or bring you down until you become so Devilish like him then only then you became Friends!!
don’t you see it yet? Devils can’t be friends with humans? Don’t you get it yet? Can the fire and Dust blend together? Never !!!Either the Fire burn the Dust or the Dust put off the Fire!!
it just takes a little whisper in your ears to follow his misleading scheme,but here’s the good news You are smarter than this ,you should be always prepared and on alert! You have the Ultimate will power to beat any Evil in this world so how come you can’t beat the weakest suggestion of thought?? How come you forget all this old Hatred for Us human beings and follow such Devils who want nothing else in the world but to see us Doomed ,it’s their Job!!
Devils have nothing Else to do but to mislead you ,it’s their mission in Life to make us Lose both worlds ,this Life and hereafter.
I’m getting Mad at such Devils Right Now,don’t you feel the same feeling that u were being fooled all this time to follow Devils blindly without thinking about it? Without knowing ,is it what you really want or someone is messing up with your head?
It’s Time we give ourselves the honor to use this gift ,you may ask what gift? It’s Your Brain ,Use it for God sake.
follow your Heart ,feelings are there for a reason ,if u don’t feel like doing something wrong,so why do you insist on going against your heart when it tells you not to do this or that? Why don’t you listen to that inner voice inside you that tells you No or tells u to Stop ,believe me it’s never hard as u thought ,it takes just Faith ,will and Determination .choose the side of Angels ,Know your Enemy ,Don’t fall in the Trap and be always prepared .

Mai Yolyz ,2012