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My fav Tv series


If there’s something i’m addicted to ,it is to watch Tv series ,not the Arabic ones (thank God) nor the turkish ones (God forbid) but the American ones and i spent many summers and many winters watching season after season of my fav Tv Series and here’s list of my fav ones in the order of time i watched them



I watched scrubs in the summer of 2011 specifically in June ,why i remember it ? Becoz i was so depressed and lonely that summer and i watched many seasons of scrubs and it cheered me up and made me laugh with its sarcastic and funny episodes that i stayed up all night watching it ,my fav character was J.D and how he imagine things while people talk to him ,my second fav character is dr perry and how fast he talks telling everyone that he’s not gonna take shit from anyone ,he is tough but lovable ,i watched all the seasons ,didnt like the last season becoz j.d wasnt in it,somehow it stopped at season 9 and they didn’t complete it


When i first watched Dexter,it was thrilling and breath-taking experience ,i luved it and i would watch it like i’m glued to the screen ,not wanting to miss a scene ,this was the best detective series i’ve ever watched i mean every new episode keeps you in suspense while they trying to solve a crime mystery ,i was hooked from the first episode ,i would watch 4 episodes in a row sometimes
Watched all the seasons of dexter ,didn’t like the ending , they ruined it for me ,i didnt expect a happy ending but that one was so gloomy ,come on they could have made up a better ending than that!
I sympathized Alot with Dexter but he lost all my sympathy on that last episode!
My fav character was Debra (Dexter’s sister)

3-Desperate housewives


Desperate housewives is one of the best tv series i’ve ever seen ,about housewives living in the suburbs going through different struggles
I watched all the eight seasons ,my fav characters were susan and lynnt

4-The big bang theory


As i was searching google for some comic series to watch ,i find list of top ten and the big bang theory was among them and since i watched the first episode i become addicted it ,so nerdy and geeky and full of sarcastic and dry humor,i just loved it ,watched all the seasons and still watching season 8
It’s hard to pick a favorite character but i guess sheldon is the one who makes me laugh through his interaction with others

5- 2 broke girls


If there’s a series that entertain me so much and make me grin and giggle ,it’s 2 broke girls ,really hilarious ,witty and just fun to watch and to top all that i luv the story ,about two broke girls struggling to make a living and at the same time so ambitious to have their own business ,they try everything to make it work and to reach success and you gotta luv them for that 🙂

6-last but not least the Simpsons


It’s the best animated Tv series and ironically kids cant watch it due to many adult references ,i enjoyed watching many episodes on fox series and then when i found out from wikipedia it is 24 seasons ,i was like No way! It started in the 90s yes it’s that old! Someday i gonna watch all the seasons

I have a dear friend ,God bless her, who has the same obsession as me with series and when we talk ,we usually chit chat about what series we watched ,which are the good ones and that stuff and she once told me she had the ten seasons of “friends” ,i was like OMG i must have them ,i also like ugly betty but never watched a whole season,watched Lost also for a while then hated it ,Never liked prison break or grey’s anatomy, didn’t understand people’s obsession with Game of thrones watched one episode didn’t like it. It is all matter of taste but usually i find myself liking something different than mainstream

هكتب عربى


عايز اجرب اكتب عربي لان العربى هى لغتى الام ومع ذلك نادرا ما بكتب بيها حتى فى التعليقات على الفيس بأكتب فرانكو او انجلش حتى لدرجة ناس كتير عندى اتعقدت أنى على طول أنجلش اول ذَا تايم
فتلاقى ناس تقولى مش فاهمين حاجة والنبى عربي و عقدتينا و مع كده اعترف أنى بحس أنى بعبر عن نفسى أحسن لما بكتب بالانجليزية
مش عارفة ليه!! هل لان الانجلش بيمثل لغة تانية فبنقدر ندارى حقيقة مشاعرنا فيها او لانها ببساطة لغة سهلة فى حين العربى لما تيجى تعبر بيه عن حاجة ساعة بحس ان المعنى بيبوظ او الكلام بيطلع أتفه مما ان متخيلة عمقه فى دماغى مع احترامى الكبير للغة العربية
بس لغتنا أصبحت فارغة من مضمونها لان مفيش كتاب بيثروا اللغة بمعلومات و مصطلحات جديدة فتلاقى كل العبارات مستهلكة و متكررة
فى حين الغرب بيبتكر كل يوم تعبيرات جديدة ممكن توصف حاجة بتعملها باستمرار و تحولها لفعل زى googling,facebooking
ممكن تكتب جملة طويلة جداً و تستخدمها فى الاخر كصفة لحاجة تانية
زى I had that awesome once in a life time experience
كنت بتكلم مع صاحبتى فى مرة كنت عايزة أُوصِّف حد انه judgmental و قعدت أفكر فى مقابلها العربى فى دماغى ملقتش ينفع اقول مثلا حد بيحكم على الآخرين المعنى مش واضح ومش مفهوم
مبنقدرش نعمل كده فى العربى و أمثلة تانية كتير
لغتنا جميلة و عميقة و معقدة فى عمقها و اساليبها و ممكن نضيف ليها كتير بدل ما نخليها لغة مستهلكة ومكررة و مفيش فيها جديد و عشان كده بقى كل الناس بتستهل تكتب او حتى تتكلم بلغات تانية لانها اكثر مرونة و مواكبة للعصر وفيها تجديد و برغم كل ده هحاول اكتب عربي كتير و اكسر الحاجز النفسي ده ما بينى و ما بين العربى حتى لو لغة عامية فى الاول و بعد كده هاكتب بالفصحى ان شاء الله 🙂

Emy’s gift to me



I didn’t go out today with Emy as expected but she came to me at 10 pm and gave me this really sweet gift , a teddy bear and Moro chocolate plus giving me a 25 piasters as a souvenir ,Emy is the craziest girl I’ve ever known but she also the sweetest and kindest and above all my best friend ever I’m so lucky and blessed to have this pisces girl as a friend and a sister
today turned out to be great unlike what I expected 25 isn’t that bad after all,actually it’s so good .AlhamdulilAllah i feel so grateful and loved 🙂
Happy birthday to me 🙂

My 25th Birthday



“This picture from Google,I wish I had that cake 😛 ”

I woke up today knowing it’s my 25th birthday ,I had that sense of melancholy like I have lived that much ,a quarter of a century and achieved nothing at all, it’s not my lack of trying but somehow failure due to circumstances out of my control seem a repeated theme in my life!!
Sometimes I wonder why am I here? What am I doing?!
There’s a theory in astrology that says we were living in the astral ,looking for a channel to come to life ,that channel is your parents
There is another religious theory that says that we were living as spiritual beings somewhere in the sky,begging God to forgive us and let us enter heaven and God gave us the chance to come to this earth to prove that we are worthy of forgiveness ,we are spiritual beings living in physical body and that’s our test ,our actions speak louder than our words and while some forget it’s all a test ,thus committing crimes and making mistakes and taking everything in life way too seriously!!
So my wishes of being born into a different era and my old feeling of I-don’t-wanna-be-here,I-wish-I was-never born is no longer valid according to these theories becoz we choose to come to this life , we are responsible for everything and that’s a scary thought but I believe it’s true becoz God is justice and He gave us freedom of choice
Life is just ,,,I don’t know ,I really don’t ,I guess I will take life one day at a time but to think backward or forward isn’t helpful,for the past depresses me and the future makes me anxious with its ambiguity
Anyways I wish my new year to be different on every level ,physically,emotionally and mentally
Physically I want to be fitter
Emotionally I want to be more stable ,to be in love and more optimistic
Mentally I want to know everything about everything ,to be a walking encyclopedia 🙂
I feel that I grow older and wiser
I feel I’m still the same somehow ,my naïveté is still there
Like there’s a part of me that refuses to grow up ,that i’m stil like a little girl who wants just to have fun and the world is big place that full of excitement and wonder
I want to help people ,I want to make the world a better place
I want to fly high and touch the sky
I want to be close to God
I want to change ,and to quote Ghandi “I want to be the change I want to see in the world”
I want life to be easier,simpler and more fun
I want to be there for all the people who want my help
I want to be there for myself
I want others to be there when I need them
I want to change the world and leave my print
I want to be happy ,to live life full of joy ,laughter and fun

I always wished to have a surprise birthday party ,that wish never come true yet but today something touched me ,to find your closed and loved ones remember your birthday is something priceless and so touching .
To find my best friend eager to celebrate with me, just the two of us going out and having fun makes me feel blessed and truly lucky

While I’m writing this,I’m hearing the azan for el Asr prayer 🙂

Allah Akbar ,Allah is the greatest
As long as ,Allah is on my side I mean taking care of me ,I’m not worried ,I’m not worried at all 🙂

Welcome 25 bring it on ^^

The perfect timing


It’s wrong to insist on something to happen now or soon ,just pray then forget it and let it go,God will answer when the timing is perfect for you ,may be you think that the perfect timing is right now but definitely it’s not or otherwise it would have happened already!!
Everything will come to you when you are ready to receive it,when you allow it, when you no longer need it becoz the feeling of wanting so much makes you desperate and pathetic and when you are in that vibration ,you attract things like that,less than you deserve
Now I understand the connection between praying and patience,if you pray for something good,it could turn out to be bad for you if you want it too fast,too soon or too much
Things and people need time to evolve ,to manifest into reality
I remember watching a video for Esther hicks when she said Nothing is Ever Lost or wasted,everything you ever wished or wanted manifest but we tend to forget
and that’s true I remember when I was in college I wanted a laptop but then I forgot about it becoz I knew I can’t afford one
But then what happened many years later ,my brother already bought new one and he gave me his old one.
I didn’t give it much thought back then but if you look at everything you have now ,you will be amazed at how at some point in your life,you wanted these things so bad that you are now taking them for granted!
Gratitude is the attitude you should implement in your life,be grateful and thankful for everything you got and what you don’t have ,you already have if you heart is filled with gratitude,everything will come to you at the perfect timing ,know that only God know when so rest assured 🙂

#375 Finding out someone has the same birthday as you


1000 Awesome Things

Finding out someone shares a birthday with you feels like stars aligning, hearts criss-crossing, and lives twisting and tangling together.

If they share your actual year it’s even more special because you grew up sharing moments and memories and histories and horoscopes, too. Libra to Libra, Pisces to Pisces, you break it down around town chatting about childhood birthday parties, deliciously disgusting foods, and hometown habits that died hard.

Suddenly it’s a reminder it’s not just about you because someone else is partying hard on your party day.

Suddenly it feels like you’re sharing a secret.

Suddenly it feels like a friend.


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Sweet Novemeber


I luv everything about the month of November ,the weather it’s neither hot nor too cold ,it’s supposed to be the fall season ,the sense of serenity ,and for me it’s my lucky month all good things happen to me in November ,sometimes also bad things turn out to be good,a blessing in disguise ,my birthday in November .
It amazes me my birthday is on 21 November ,the last day of the Scorpio sign after that the sun enter Sagittarius sign ,I was born on a cusp , so I’m a Scorpio with a Sagittarius tendencies ,I’ve got the best of both worlds I’m truly blessed although I’m Scorpio through and through but there is a little sag in me 😛
I can’t believe that soon I’ll be 25 ,time fly by too fast ,a quarter of a century 🙂
I don’t wanna talk about goals and what I achieved in my life so far blah blah blah I hate to plan my life,although i also like to feel that my life is going in a preplanned direction ,I can’t explain that contradiction but mostly I like to live in the moment and tomorrow will take care of itself ,it’s always Now there’s no past or future ,even when you are talking about the past you are in the Now and when you reach the future , you are still in the Now ,it’s amazing isn’t it? So I’m always want to be in the Now ,to enjoy every moment
Let’s wait and see what November has in store for me 🙂