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it really works :)))))))) (THE LOA)


i always heard n read about ‘‘THE LAW OF ATTRACTION” and i thought it seems too good to be true!

i wished to have a lot of money,why i don’t have it!

becoz i always expect that i will find money immediately by just wishing!

but how it rly works is a different story

u have to live in a condition,a state of continual thoughts on what u want,then surround urself with these thoughts,think about it all day n night,not just that,,,,,,,u must feel happy,visualize,feel the sensations like what u rly want is real.keep ur thoughts alive,u know what?

SMILE………yeah u have to smile a lot when u imagine what u want to have.feel happy,just do that even if u know deep inside that what u want to have is IMPOSSIBLE!

don’t give a damn!Just dream,visualize,continual thoughts,surround urself,feel happy n make it real 🙂

yeah it works,NOW u r ready to attract what u want 🙂

and GUESS WHAT? u will have more n better than what u wanted to have becoz u lived with the dream,u created it,u give it life,u give it colors,sounds,feelings……..etc.

Now i understand this law n i think anyone can apply it so easily.

u should try it urself n don’t expect results,just live with the dream n the dream will come true 🙂

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sweet dreams at the Night,i can win the fight :)


fear…….is when my breath is taken away

when i see darkness comes out from inside

when i can’t cry or shout

when everything is silent and i’m on my own

when i want to turn all the lights on

but fear freezes me,i can’t go on

assurance…… when i feel my niece beside me

kicking me and hitting me

when i feel that the words that i utter

to calm myself down makes me the strong girl ever

Knowing that God is watching over me

He will always be there for me

He know what i go through

assurance…..when i can hold on

because tomorrow is a brand new day

and everything gonna be okay

i feel that i can win

No more Nightmares at the Night or fights to lose

Becoz i believe deep inside

what doesn’t Kill me makes me stronger

Saturday, October 02, 2010

i’m just holding on :) (My Diary Memories)


dad always asks me why do u spend much time online? almost everyday!i know that i do,,,,but he doesn’t know that i’m dying of boredom ,that every night i die of ……….*sigh*

my life without my sis n my niece is very very boring!! i can’t stand it!

i want someone to talk to,even my friends r away n emy is always busy!

God,i feel so empty.i wanna find a job as soon as possible.this time i will not care a lot about the salary.i just want something that keep me busy.i want to sleep normally like before because i’m about to lose my mind.please God help me.i’ll never lose faith.i know that it could be a test n i will remain patient till the end.i’ll just keep holding on.

i feel so lonely,depressed,afarid,sad…….etc.

i try to cling to hope but sometimes it seems so hard to do so.

i’m just waiting n i’ll never give up or give in ( God willing).

May Allah grant me strengthen.Ameen

Monday, October 11, 2010

unlimited potential :)


these posts r from my diary ,i find them today and i thought why not post them here ,i was younger back then and it seems weird to me to read them again and i thought ”oh,that’s rly sweet ” i was good ,still good i guess 😀

i believe that human beings have unlimited potential to do anything they want when they set their mind to it but we always cripple ourselves by saying ”i can’t”!it’s just something we create to stay in the comfort zone or may be becoz we r afraid of failure!

but the amazing thing that there’s no failure in life-only a feedback!

we can achieve anything but we give up.we can succeed if we give it one more try!when life doesn’t go right,go left ❤

i luv this quote so much becoz it simply explains that when things don’t go the way u want,u should do these things differently!

n it will work at the end ,be creative!there r many ways lead to success but we always choose the wrong  way!

that’s for now n i feel that i’m on the right track to success n although it seems LONG,i’ll take the first steps n rest when i get tired^^

don’t know what’s the date of today to write it 😀

What i believe in :)

what i believe in:
2-Justice (God is justice)


5-Law of attraction
6-cause and effect
7-The power of Imagination
8-The power of consistency
9-The power of optimism
10-potions of enthusiasm
11-Failure and second chances
13-The power of the subconscious mind
14-The metaphysical world
15-The power of Love
16-The power of words

Just Love in ur own way :)


This song 4 BSB inspires me to write this ” Just love in ur own way”

Why when we love someone,we always expect them to love us on ”our own way”? and when they fail to do that,we get hurt becoz expectations hurt! Everyone has an idea of ”the ideal love” in his head and he or she needs the one whom they luv to follow the script and be their model of how great love should be!!

U r not responsible for that and ur partner should know it and accept this fact and live with it! It doesn’t mean that ur partner will endure something that he or she doesn’t like but let’s say for example u r so romantic and u see that love is all about sweet words,songs,romantic nights out ,,,etc and u expect ur partner to luv u in the same romantic way ! may be ur partner is romantic 2 but he or she express their love in a different way.that doesn’t mean they luv u any less but it means that they luv u in their own special way and if their luv is true ,u will feel it without doubt.

Back to BSB song,”Best that I can Do” ,I gonna love you the best that I can ,that’s how we should love each other ,the best that we can without too much expectations and also it doesn’t mean to accept mistreatment but don’t sit high expectations of how love should be becoz movies rly did Good job of violating the real meaning of luv and romanticism and all that stuff u see on screen is something different from the real world ,it doesn’t mean it’s less romantic or beautiful but Real n true love is something that u will feel inside ur heart that u will find that words fail u to express it!

So,here’s the song and let’s do the best that we can do to love our loved ones<3



ما هو أكثر شيء مدهش في البشر؟ “
“فأجاب :”البشر! يملون من الطفولة ، يسارعون ليكبروا ، ثم يتوقون ليعودوا أطفالاً ثانية

” يضيعون صحتهم ليجمعوا المال .. ثم يصرفون المال ليستعيدوا الصحة”

” يفكرون بالمستقبل بقلق ، وينسون الحاضر .. فلا يعيشون الحاضر ولا المستقبل”

” يعيشون كما لو أنهم لن يموتوا أبداً .. و يموتون كما لو أنهم لم يعيشوا أبدا