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7 signs of meeting your twin flame for the first time 


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7 signs of meeting your twin flame for the first time 

1-intense attraction towards this person you have Never felt before in your life 

2-intense Eye contact like you cannot take your eyes off them

3-strange sense of familiarity and comfort 

4-feeling like you have met before and knew this person for a long time but you don’t remember where or when!

5-feeling that this person is the male or female version of yourself

6-Too much intense energy from the same soul frequency that you feel like tongue tied and cannot speak

7-Soul Recognition : you see yourself reflected in the eyes of your twin ,it’s like looking deeply into your soul and as they say eyes are windows of the soul 

My Surrender To You


I already trust You God but i want to trust You with something else my destiny! I always wanted to control everything in my life ,i never trusted anything ,i always believed that i need to be in control 

I know there are zillion ways to reach what I want and i tried everything in my hands until i reached my wit’s end 

Now i thought may be this is Your way God of trying to say to me “You have to surrender your need for control to get what you want ” 

Is it true God?

I don’t feel any resistance inside of me now

This is not the end of the story ,may be this is just the beginning 

I will get what I want one way or another ,i create my own reality and I’m So determined 

And i wont resist what is anymore ,i will go with the flow

I choose the path of least resistance 

I know You will always choose what is best for me 

I hope this is the lesson You want to teach me God

And I want to tell You I got the lesson already 

I am now on the right track

It is true God ,it is happening

I remember the day when I told You i feel great ,uplifted and happy 

God I am open to all the possibilities 

For the first time in my life ,i trust You with everything 

I know You will never let me down 

Yes God ,I say Yes to anything You choose for me 

I trust You God with my life ,i know You will take care of everything 

I know i can be aligned with my desires ,i allow my desires

As prophet ibrahim peace be upon him trusted You with his life,I surrender

As prophet Mosses said God With me ,He will guide me ,I trust You

As prophet Muhammad said God with Us ,I believe in You

As prophet Ibrahim trusted You and followed Your orders,again I surrender

So God guide me to the right path ,choose for me ,tell me what to do or what not to do

 I feel good,i feel aligned with what i want

There is no ounce of resistance inside my body

Please God answer me in any way possible

Thank You very much 🙂

The letting go experiment


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Currently I’m reading the book “Letting go : The pathway of surrender” and It’s about how to Let go of your attachments and desires ,how to let go of your emotions that bind you and keep you miserable .This book is really transforming and life-changing ,it puts everything in perspective I have to share this simple technique of Letting go becoz its results is mind-blowing 

Here’s an excerpt from the book

“Here was the initial experience with letting go of desire.

Personal goals were written down, followed by a letting go of the desire for them. It sounds paradoxical but that is the process: identify the goals and then let go of wanting them. One goal that had been held in mind for several years was an apartment in New York City, because work commitments required a lot of commuting and money spent on hotel rooms. A small apartment in the city—a so-called pied-à-terre—would be the economical solution. “Apartment in New York City” was written down as a goal. When utilizing this way of achieving goals, we include all of the details, as impossible as they may seem to the rational mind to achieve. So, the ideal apartment was detailed: reasonably priced, on Fifth Avenue in the 70s block, right next to an entrance to Central Park, at least eight or nine floors up and in the rear so that the street noise would be minimized, and not any bigger than about two and a half rooms.”

“The next day at work, it was busy as usual, with a big caseload, meetings, and patient visits. In between the meetings and patients, the feeling of wantingness for the apartment would be acknowledged and let go. And, as the day progressed, the apartment was actually forgotten. At 4:30 P.M., after the last patient, there was suddenly the impulse to drive into the city. Despite the fact that it was ostensibly rush hour, the road was clear and the drive took only half an hour. The car cruised to about 73rd and Lexington, pulling up to the nearest real estate office. Rather magically, there happened to be a parking space open right in front of the real estate office. The real estate officer, upon hearing the tongue-in-cheek announcement that an apartment on Fifth Avenue was desired, looked with surprise and said, “Well, you are certainly in luck! Exactly one hour ago we listed the only apartment for rent on all of Fifth Avenue, at 76th Street, on the ninth floor. It’s the rear apartment, two and a half rooms, and the rent is reasonable (rent-controlled at $500.00 a month). It has just been painted and you can move in any time.” So we walked over and viewed the apartment. It fit the description of the goal exactly. The lease was signed on the spot! Thus, within 24 hours of trying the letting go technique on a specific personal goal, the goal was a reality. It had been something that was almost impossible to find, and yet it happened exactly as pictured, effortlessly, and with no negative emotions. It was an easy and joyous experience.

This is not an unusual experience but a typical one, because in this case the desire was moderate and could, without much effort, be totally surrendered. By being totally surrendered, this means that it was okay if the apartment happened, and it was okay if it didn’t. Because of being totally surrendered, the impossible became possible, manifesting itself effortlessly and rapidly.”


when I read that I was skeptical,I thought this is too good to be true and only lucky people find things that easy but I was willing to give this experiment a try 

I wrote my goal down and I started with something small and it was buying clothes 

I wrote everything I wanted : the color,the price ,the size and the feelings It would make me feel when I wear it 

And then I let it go ,I said to myself wether I find it or not ,it’s okay with me and that’s the most important step of letting go and I went to a certain shop I know and lo and behold I found everything I wanted almost as I wrote it down ,it blew my mind .I said this technique really works!

And it’s so simple and anyone can do it ,choose any goal you want, write it down and be very specific ,write everything you want then let go of that goal ,say to yourself “it’s okay wether I have this thing or not ,it’s okay with me” .you also have to feel it deeply within you ,you can’t just say the words while your feelings are telling you something else .work on it and every time you feel attached to your goal ,let it go and voila it manifests in front of your eyes ,what a joyful experience 🙂

Life is meant to be easy ,just give it a try and see for yourself like I did.

How to choose by accessing your intuition 


Intuition is the knowing inside you that has access to everything you need to know about 

Currently I’m reading a book about intuition and I find this piece of info very helpful for a lot of people who struggle with making decisions like me 

You want to decide between two things but “logically” you can’t make up your mind ,no matter how much you analyze ,think,count the pros and cons ,you are still confused

There’s only one way to be sure you are making the right decision is when you know and feel it is the right decision 

Simply ,intuition is knowing and feeling in your body that something is right,it just feels right!

Intuition is different from your usual everyday thoughts becoz it’s a brief thought that came out of nowhere with a feeling in the body 

For example ,you think of someone out of nowhere and feel the urge to call them right away ,this is your intuition

My experience with intuition comes through a feeling of throwing up,i was struggling with making a decision ,first I felt something heavy on my chest but i ignored it

But after that I felt deeply annoyed and like I want to throw up and all these feelings came out of nowhere ,that was my intuition trying to tell me That I was about to make the wrong decision but I backed off at the last minute 

When you are trying to choose between two things ,let’s say scenario 1 and  scenario 2

Close your eyes and imagine that you choose scenario 1 ,don’t think much but notice how you feel in your body 

Do the same thing close your eyes and imagine choosing scenario 2 ,notice who you feel if you choose scenario 2

One of them will feel slightly better than the other ,that’s your answer ,that subtle feeling of feeling better which is your indication that it’s a better choice for you

You intuition has all the answers ,and it always try to get your attention to make the right choice ,just listen to it .Listen to your gut feeling 🙂 

مفاهيم العصر الجديد


 أهم حاجة لازم تعرفها أنك بتخلق حياتك بأفكارك ومشاعرك 

بمعنى أن الفكرة اللى جواك و مصدقها هى اللى هتشوفها حقيقة فى حياتك

لأن الكون ده كله عبارة عن طاقة و كل حاجة فى الكون طاقة و ليها تردد معين 

اينشتين قالك ايه أن e=mc2

يعنى الطاقة بتساوى المادة

فأنت أهم حاجة تعملها فى حياتك أنك تفكر أفكار أيجابية معظم الوقت لكن مش على طول طبعا 

لان ساعات هيجيلك وقت و هتحس بالخنقة و الضيق و القرف فلازم تعبر عن المشاعر دى و متكتمهاش 

أهم تانى حاجة لازم تفهمها فى الكون ده أنه ماشى بنظرية ال flow 

يعنىnon resistance يعنى بدون مقاومة لأى شئ سواء إيجابى أو سلبى 

مفيش حد بيقاوم حاجة فى الكون غير الأنسان و عشان كده أكتر مخلوق بيعانى على الأرض 

لو فهمنا أن الكون بكل ما فيه ماشى كده بتدبير ربنا و مش بيقاوم حاجة و على الفطرة

فبتلاقى كل حاجة سهلة و فيها سهولة

لكن أحنا بنقاوم المشاعر و الأفكار السلبية و كل ظرف احنا فيه شايفين انه مش لازم يحصل فتلاقى حياتنا معقدة جدا 

مش معنى ان لازم تفكر أفكار ايجابية انك تقاوم السلبى او السلبيات اللى فى حياتك 

بل تتقبلها الاول و تقعد معاها لحد ما يتنفس عنها و بعدين تبتدى تفكر فى فكرة ايجابية بالتدريج 

يعنى لو مخنوق تعيط و تطلع كل الكبت اللى جواك و بعدين تبتدى تفكر فى حاجة تريحك نفسيا و بعدين لما تتحسن شوية تشوف فكرة أحسن و هكذا لحد ما تنتقل من السلبى للأيجابى 

لكن أنك تقاوم السلبى. بكل قوتك ده أكبر ضرر ممكن تعمله لنفسك و لجسمك

تانى حاجة الحياة زى ما قلت بتخلقها بأفكارك و فى حاجة حلوة اوووى اسمها ال contrast

كل حاجة وحشة بتحصلك بتخيلك تعرف أنت عايز ايه 

يعنى تعرف الأشياء بضدها

يعنى لو مفلس هتعرف أنك عايز فلوس 

يعنى لو موقف سلبى استمر فترة كبيرة فى حياتك و انت طول الوقت الموقف ده بيفكرك باللى انت عايزه و انت مركز عليه هتوصل فى الاخر للى انت عايزه 

أهم حاجة تعرفها أنك تركز على اللى انت عايزه و تبعد تركيزك عن الحاجات اللى انت مش عايزاها

انت بتجذب لحياتك كل حاجة انت متوافق مع طاقتها حاجة بيسموها ال alignment 

سبحان الله احنا بنقولها كل يوم فى الصلاة اهدنا الصراط المستقيم

يعنى بنسأل ربنا ان يخلينا aligned مع كل حاجة احنا عايزينها

يعنى تكون على نفس الخط مع الحاجات اللى انت عايزاها يكون ترددكم واحد 

زى الراديو لازم تضبط موجتك عشان تلقط المحطة

ايه اللى ممكن ميخلكيش على نفس الخط ؟الأفكار و المشاعر السلبية

انما الايجابية التفاءول التركيز على الهدف السريان مع الحياة و تقبلها الفرحة و السعادة كل دى حاجات بتخليك على نفس الموجة فتلقط كل الحاجات الايجابية 

عشان كده بيقولك التخيل الابداعى ده أحسن حاجة تعملها عشان توصل بسرعة للى انت عايزه 

انت بتتخيل الموقف و تعيش الحالة حالة الانبساط و الفرحة انك أخيرا فعلا عندك الحاجات دى فعقلك بيصدق انها حقيقة مش خيال فينفذها لو استمريت فى التركيز عليها اكتر من مرة

لان العقل الباطن مش بيفرق ما بين الحقيقة و الخيال و هو المسئول عن عملية جذب كل الأشياء اللى انت مصدقها لحياتك

كل معتقداتك فى الحياة موجودة فى العقل الباطن 

بس ممكن تمشى كله صح و تنسى اهم خطوة و هى عدم التعلق بالنتيجة

كل ما تتعلق بحاجة اوووى و تبقى هتموت و تلاقيها او تحققها انت بتعبدها عنك مش بتقربها 

لان طاقتك طاقة desperation يعنى طاقة يأس 

لو بتحس أنك و لا حاجة من غير الحاجة دى و حياتك كلها ملهاش معنى و انك عايش بس عشانها يبقى هتتعب كتير عشان توصل للحاجة دى

لان جواك بتبقى معتقد ان الحاجة دى مش لسه موجودة فى حياتك وانك مش راضى و لا سعيد من غير الحاجة دى فبتعبد عنك بدل ما تقرب لانها طاقة سلبية

لازم تكون سعيد و متقبل الحياة زى ما هى سواء عندك الشىء اللى بتحلم بيه او لأ

اهم حاجة ان تكون على اتصال دائم بمشاعرك بمعنى أن تشعر كل مشاعرك و تعبر عنها سواء سلبية او ايجابية و لا تهرب منها او تكتمها او تنكرها

فالمشاعر وضعها الله داخلنا كبوصلة لتوجهنا الى الطريق الصحيح

فعندما تشعر مشاعر ايجابية كالفرح و السعادة و التفاءول فاعرف انك على الطريق الصحيح لتحقيق هدفك

و عندما تشعر مشاعر سلبية كالحزن و الحقد و الكراهية اعرف انه يوجد شىء خطأ بداخلك يخبرك انك لست مع اتفاق مع أهدافك و يجب أن تعرف هذا الخطأ و تبدأ تنفس عن هذه المشاعر بأسلوب صحيح بدل من انكارها او تجهلها

اعرف انك انت ديما بتختار مصيرك

اعرف أنك روح عايشة لتحقيق مهمة معينة

كل الناس اللى فى حياتك هما أرواح اتفقت معاهم لما تيجوا الارض انكم تحققوا مهمة معينه او تساعدوا بعض فى تعلم دروس معينة بهدف الارتقاء بالروح و الوصول بيها الى اقصى مراحل الارتقاء و من وجهة نظرى للوصول الى الجنة فى النهاية

كل موقف صعب شايف نفسك فيه من وجهة نظر الروح هو درس قيم تتعلم منه 

لقد اختارت كل شىء فى حياتك قبل مجيئك الى الارض لذلك المصير و القدر و النصيب ما هى الا اختياراتك كروح اختارتها لتعيش تجربة معينة

فكل ظروفك و بيئتك و الاشخاص اللى فى حياتك تساعدك على تحقيق هذه التجربة و تدفعك دفعا فى اتجاهها

فمثلا اذا اخترت كروح انك تجرب تجربة “الحرية” فسوف تجىء الى الحياة و تجرب نقيض الحرية تماما فى كل شىء و ستولد رغبة قوية داخلك لان تعيش حياة الحرية و ستجد كل الظروف من حولك تدفعك فى هذا الاتجاه حتى تحصل على الحرية و بهذا تكون حققت مهمة الروح