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why should I love Egypt?


Throughout History ,Egypt went through many ups and downs but always rising from its ashes like a phoenix ,Stronger than Ever!! 

Almost all Egyptians are in love-hate relationship with Egypt.they love it and hate it at the same time and it’s complicated that way!
you find some ppl who want to travel and leave it but once they r out ,they miss it and dream of coming back.
Most of Egyptians suffer from Nostalgia ,the past was always better and happier .OH THE MEMORIES!! 
Some Egyptians deny that they love Egypt and they actually curse it sometimes but deep inside they know they r liars becoz they care about Egypt so much ,they only want to see it better but frustrated and disappointed by Everything here in Egypt!

Egyptians forget the fact that Egypt is just a country , a place like any other place in the world ,its ppl make it worse or better! it depends on the ppl not the place! 
imagine Paris without the french ppl ,it won’t be the same! 
So Egyptians themselves are the problem ,Not Egypt!
We Egyptian like really to “personify” Egypt ,it’s a person and when it’s good ,it becomes “our mother” ,om el donia “the mother of the world” and when it’s bad ,it’s a “bitch” ,”bald was5a” it’s a dirty country! 
Spare Egypt your praise or your anger and do something yourself to make it better becoz believe u r part of the problem!! 
Back to the love-hate Relationship ,it’s like being a parent and having a loser fat son ,he can study ,he could try to lose weight but let’s assume that he doesn’t do anything about that and just getting worse day after day!! 
you as a parent hate the fact that he is a loser and failure but you can’t hate him after all he is ur son and deep inside u ,u still love him but u r just  angry and dissapointed and hate to see him like that . u want him to be successful ,to be the best! 
but what can you do? 
All you can offer him as a parent only love,acceptance and should let him be ,to accept him for what he is and to pray for him to be better ,to try with again and again. to see him and say ” I love you despite all ur flaws ,I love you in spite of you” 

I truly Love you,Egypt .
this is nothing serious ,i was just ranting about Me being Egyptian and all but i come to this conclusion that I should Love Egypt as it is and stop trying so hard to hate it !! 

The Tragedy and the hope : A place called “Rabaa”


Egypt is going through hell and very hard time and unfortunately Killing become so easy ,it’s one of the signs of the end of this world! 
we used to watch Rabaa me and mom every day in Ramadan .those ppl stood up to the military dictatorship for more than a month ,protesting peacefully day and night .
I loved their faith and determination and i prayed for them to win their battle aganist injustice and oppression.
But After the Eid ,on Wednesday ,mom came from the market in a hurry and the first thing she told me “they are dispersing the sit-in in Rabaa” ,I was like OMG!
she turned on the TV and we were watching a massacre Live!

The most heartbreaking scenes to me is of that kid who is calling his mom to wake up while she is lying on the floor dead and soaked in her blood!

don’t those f**king damn killers realize what they did ? they traumatized a child for a lifetime! 
this kid will always remember that image of his mother ! 
he could seek revenge by any means in the future ,He could turn out to be anything but one thing for sure that this child will be always emotionally bruised !
this is just one example of this massacre ,everyone on that day lost a mother ,father ,daughter ,son ,a relative or a friend!! 

Every time i saw this video, I cry .where’s the human rights and freedom that we scarified for since the 25 of jan Revolution !! 
I understand that all those bastards in the military want to stay in power forever and take over power by any means!! 

but what i don’t understand is their need to kill every one who is apposed to them! Why this need to kill to get rid of peaceful protests!! I mean if u have all that power ,what r u afraid of ?? !! But killers are always cowards
if u kill just one person ,there would be other 10 other ppl who support the same idea .
ppl die but ideas and principles don’t .Rabaa Now which means “4” in Arabic becomes a sign of persistence and determination 

Almost all ppl on social networks like facebook and twitter changed their profile pic to this sign in solidarity with the martyrs of Rabaa .”4″ becomes the sign of Victory worldwide 🙂

Support Rabaa and change ur profile pic to this image 


كان يامكان الانسانية في مصر‏



 كان يامكان الانسانية في مصر‏  بقلم صديقتى الجزائرية أمينة
ولكنها مصرية أيضا بحبها واخلاصها لمصر

كان يا مكان الانسانية، ضاعت بين هتافات فلان وعلان

كلُ مسعور مشحون لا مكان في قلبه لشعور الأخوة، الرحمة أو التضامن


مجزرة وراء مجزرة، سفك دماء يجري أنهار

أشلاء بالأطنان

فتكُ بالأجساد كراهية بغيضة، مقت، وكذب بواح

سم يتقاطر كل يوم من الشاشات والجرنان


لم يَهزهُم كل هذا وذاك، لم يَرُف لهم جفن

فمن مات هو مجرد اخوان


اقتلوهم، جوِعوهم، وحاصروهم في ذلك الميدان

لن يتفطن جموع الشعب المصري الغفلان

فقد تجرد من قيم ثورة 25 يناير المجيدة من عدل وحرية واستبدلها بمظاهرة كره وهيجان



مظاهرة تنادي بنصب أعمدة المشانق

وصلب من عارضوها، الكل غارق الكل سكران 

دعك من الديمقراطية التي رُفست


نحن نتحدث هاهنا عن انسانية أغتيلت في ليلة ظلماء

عن حقٍ يُسجن ويهان

وباطل يُحتفى به، الكل يتملق له

بطلُ اصبح عندهم

هو زمن البلطجة والزعران

صنعوا منهم ثوارًا وفرسان


دعك من رائحة الجثث الطاهرة 
التي زكمت أنوفهم

وجحافل الشرطة الوحشية أو حتى أزيز الرصاص الذي يصم الآذان

ليسوا ذاهبين إلى التحرير بل

يقصدون فقط ذلك الميدان

 أنظر ماذا فعلوا بالسجية المصرية


إنني ألعن الانسانية

التي فطرنا الله عليها

ذلك الشعور الجميل، يتحرك فينا كلما أسئ لأي انسان أو حيوان


ليست قضية حزب سياسي أو فرقة موسيقية

إنها لب البشرية 

لولاها لكان كل شيء في الأرض فان


إنه أول كشف للآدمية 

ليست ثورة بل هو امتحان

تُكرم فيه أو تهان


خالف، عارض، على راحتك

لكن بنبل يا أخي وبسلام


لا تُخبئ ما تبقى لك من مروءة 

من يُقتل اليوم هو أنت

إنه صولجان العسكري لا يعرف رحمة ولاغفران


ليست الثورة طاحونة فتك

ولا بإستبيان من هو أمين أو من خان

ولا بالتمرد على ضميرك

إصحى أرجوك، اهرع لأخاك قبل فوات الأوان


فلتسقط الكراهية وليسقط المكر وليسقط الخذلان

لاأريد أن أقول مرة ثانية

أن الانسانية هي في خبر كـــــــــان