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One of the Awesome Moments ^^


“Let’s get juicy.”

You dive in teethfirst and feel that ripe flesh flashflood your mouth and fill your throat with a sweet and juicy waterfall. Drips start streaming onto your fingers so fast you might have to move to the Flying Saucer Landing move which involves tilting your head straight back and eating the peach above your mouth.

Rogue peach juice splashing in your eyes doesn’t stop so when you’re past the first few bites it’s time for the classic Sucker Fish Liplockwhere you cover the open wound of your peach and suck as much juice in as you can.

The final step now is the Dry Bone Breakoff, where you pull the last few chunks of peach flesh straight off the pit without leaving any peach molecules remaining. The opposite here is when the peach refuses to slide off the bone and you’re stuck with a wet-n-hairy peach pit.

Don’t forget to make a lot of noise and get into it. Grunts, squeals, and vacuum cleaner noises are all completely acceptable, just as long as you live for the moment, chomp for the memories, and slurp for your life.



copied from 1000 Awesome things

Living in the moment :)


I need to relax ,to stop worrying,to let it go,to just be “me”,to feel happy,to live in the moment,to accept fate,to forget about future n past,to look at fear in the eye,to live life ,actually living it n not looking at it from outside or watching it!!
so what!! I need to connect to the child inside me,to follow my intuition ,I trust this inner voice that guide me through every step in ma life n I feel grateful n blessed to be that person I am,although sometimes I’m not satisfied about who I am n wish to be someone else,living somewhere else n thinking of something else!!
yeah it’s me ,,,,that’s who I think ,,,that’s why I thought if I was someone else I wouldn’t think about what I’m thinking about right now! And it makes sense to me but I need to stop complaining n the nagging n the whining n the moaning!! And just breathe ,inhale n exhale!! Let it happen,let whatever be,let it be!! I neeed badly to get away to sit by myself,not thinking but feeling just relaxing n forget about every damn thing ! OHHHH I need that so bad! I wish if I have wings to fly to feel the air, and to rise up high n when I’m on the top of the world ,I will feel that everything down is trivial n so small n that’s how I crush everything that tries to get in my way of the destination I want to reach to find my peace of mind!!

Tired of being tired :S


I’m so tired, rly very very tired not just physically but emotionally n mentally. all my energy is vanished, I can’t think anymore,I can’t do the simplest stuff without feeling tired,I just wanna sleep all the time or doing anything that doesn’t require much effort,wanna go somewhere away from everything.just wanna feel relaxed.having to study n deal with all these stuff is not interesting anymore,I luv everything to be simple n makes sense,n this doesn’t make sense at all!!

I mean why should I study something I don’t even like n bear all this mental burnout!! For what?? To get a job UGH sometimes I wish just to give up but now I can’t I have to keep moving.i’m afraid that I may regret that later but who knows!! May be I’ll get used to it n it could change ma life 4 the better,have to wait n see.i have to do ma best always n whatever meant to be,will be

I can’t complain becoz it was ma choice from the start n I have to bear the consequences