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what does matter most in Life?


Have u ever wondered what does matter most in Life? What if u spend all ur time doing u wouldn’t waste a second? Is it Love ,friendship ,relationships in general? Is it money ,achieving dreamz and ambitions? Is it having more knowledge about everything? Is it knowing urself and discovering ur own potential? Is it about Religion and spirituality? Life is all that ,Life is not just one thing ,it’s a big jigsaw puzzle and u can put all the small pieces together to see the whole picture .Life is too short and it doesn’t worth wasting ur time worrying,fighting,complaining ,nagging ,getting upset and mad
once we forget the whole picture that we need to finish and accomplish which consists of the small pieces that we need to gather ,we will be stuck in the rut ,trying to find a way out but can’t so forget about the small disappointments and focus on ur goal .Follow ur dream ,Reach ur fullest potential 

Everybody Home,Welcome Back :)


My Sis n My nieces finally come back Home after long time ,it’s rly Great to have them around .My nieces bring me joy ,Laughter n Everything ,I feel rly blessed that i have them in My Life.Without them ,I felt so Lonely but now I feel Great AlhamdulilAllah .Sometimes We take Everything we have for granted not just things but ppl as well but once u feel that u could lose these ppl ,u start to know what u rly have got ,what u rly need to appreciate .It’s a Blessing 🙂

I had Enough fears already!!


Thank you i don’t wanna listen to horror stories or watch them ,I had enough already!! I used to luv Horror stories and i read lots of them when i was in high school n i used to watch horror movies as well but now I don’t see any use or point in making myself scared to death just to pass the time or have fun!!
it’s just a waste of time plus Nightmares at night ,that’s why i quit My vivid imagination makes it worse for me ,i’m better off No more Horror movies while  i can spend this time reading or watching something made me feel happy,inspired and positive 🙂


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Yes, I know this one might be a reach but… 🙂   If you feel jealousy or envy coming up, shift your focus and turn those negative feelings into words of appreciation for the person you are envious of. It may feel fake at first but with a little practice you can change the vibrations of jealousy and envy making your own life a better experience.

Many of our negative feeling emotions are a chance to learn how to release hurt and anger. When we are able to just let go and move forward without hanging on to the baggage, we are moving into a calmer state of mind creating a life experience full of calmer and ease filled experiences. Isn’t it worth it to release feelings that don’t serve you any longer?

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