Monthly Archives: December 2011

One Last chance!!


it’s weird how now i remember how kind she was to me ,yeah i owe her  alot  but that doesn’t mean i should forget how she insulted me!!
I know her so well ,she is kind that’s her nature but the most thing i hate is her nervousness.once she loses it ,all sorts of crap comes out of her mouth .i can’t blame that on simply “typical her” or just being her that way but no i can’t take this anymore becoz many times be4 i forget and let it go ,other times pretending that i never heard anything although it hurt me alot!!
i alwayz thought of her as close friend as well ,,she is alwayz there for me and i’m alwayz there for her ,doing my best but when the one person u cared about and supposed to be close to u hurts u the most ,it’s the most hard thing ever!!
I have the right to stand up for myself becoz if i didn’t ,this will go on and on and i changed .i’m not the same old “Me” .

I know how she now tries to talk to me as if she said nothing and go back to normal but i just can’t let this pass this time like that !! if she just said i’m sorry,i will forget everything becoz i will know then that she rly cares about how i feel!!
I’m waiting for this sis!!



from now on,i’ll be damn cold n selfish and i won’t care anymore becoz seriously no one cares!!
i’m always sensitive to ppl’s feelings and i try  not to hurt anyone with even word and if i did ,i feel guilty about it and i try to apologize or make it up to this person in indirect way!!
but really some ppl don’t give a shit about how i feel so i won’t care as well ,i will think only of myself and what’s best for me and i won’t give a damn  if anyone judged me becoz i can’t take it anymore and i had enough already!!
being sensitive and emotional makes it worst ,,,I’ll be fine ISA