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Surrender ,you don’t have to learn the hard way!


The lesson was always been Surrender,,,surrendering to the will of God ,complete surrender but I kept resisting and fighting against life all this time ,i hated to be weak and vulnerable and i always wanted to protect myself ,I thought if I let go ,I would go wrong and live in misery and regret!I thought that being in charge of my destiny means total control of everything!

I never went with the flow ,i always swam against the mainstream

While I admired my strength and resistance in the face of conflict ,I felt terrible and depressed after such a big fight with words ,every confrontation left me depleted trying so hard to say I always do it my way so back off!

Now when I put everything in perspective ,it’s foolish to fight against your life or your destiny   

The more you fight and resist ,the more the situation gets complicated and what you don’t want manifest 

There are certain type of people who is always okay with everything ,they are like the zen masters,whether what happens is good or bad they always welcome it with acceptance 

I hated that attitude ,I saw it as “Passive aggressive” ,when people told me reality is that way 

I always fought back but we can do something about it,right?

I was “aggressive aggressive” ,when something felt wrong to me ,i always wanted to change it and control the outcome ,i would fight with all my power ,determined to get my own way

Surrender seemed weird to me ,I thought this word is for weak people who are not willing to fight for what they want 

I saw only one side of the picture and refused to see the whole picture which is Surrender 

Its subtle power melts the hardest of rocks but I kept going back and forth between yes I want to surrender but still I can do something!

Surrender doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take any action in your life but it means to know when to take that action and when to let go and surrender and trust God and the process 

To surrender means You have to believe in a bigger and smarter power than yourself which is God

Always wanting to take action means that you fear something ,fear of loss ,fear of losing yourself or anything else ,that fear based behavior makes you want to control everything and it is Ego ,the Ego self sees its death in surrender ,of not being out there doing something to manipulate the situation

Once fear kicks in ,all the emotions follow,worry,anxiety ,mistrust and it keeps you trapped ,stuck in the confusion of not knowing what’s right or wrong anymore

We thought we are always in control and that’s a myth ,life slaps you hard in your face when what you try so hard to make it happen doesn’t work they way you want or doesn’t work at all!

When I saw my body rebelling against me with sickness ,I couldn’t control it and I felt so weak and fragile.I knew I wasn’t in control

Life kept hitting me with conflict after conflict ,problem after a problem but I never got the lesson which is Surrender 

I saw something was wrong and I wanted to fix it

I even manipulated my emotions ,no I am not supposed to feel that way!

I should feel that way ,this is so wrong but it was me who is wrong not my feelings 

My feelings were always and still sincere but I never trusted them for what they are ,that’s why I tried to rationalize and analyze everything even my raw emotions ,it was exhausting and it felt awful to say the least ,I was drowning in despair and I blamed life for not being fair! 

The breakdown came when everything you thought you are in control of came crushing down upon you and the illusion shattered and finally you see life and everything for what it is and then you say to yourself I wish if I have let go from the very beginning ,it was not worth the fight!

But As humans we often learn the hard way and that’s okay .no one said it was going to be easy 🙂

So to sum it all up ,there’s life and there’s you and there is two ways to reach your destination ,one is surrender and the other is resistance 

Surrender flows like water and it is easy and you have to just to trust and believe ,to believe that everything will turn out well even if it seems wrong ,irrational ,counterintuitive on the surface.when you believe in God and get connected to that source of love and wisdom ,you can never go wrong 

Even when it is wrong ,it is right and you need some wrong to teach you the right!

The other way of resistance feels terribly wrong ,it’s a mess and full of conflict ,anger ,going against the flow ,not trusting yourself or others ,disbelief in God and goodness ,mistrust and control

Lots of control will only make you stagnant ,rigid and always trying to prove something to yourself or others without really caring about your feelings or anyone else’s for that matter

So trust and believe in God

Know that your destiny is unfolding perfectly and it is predestined already 

Believe in the signs ,the signals sent from the universe to show you the way

Trust your intuition and your gut feeling

Surrender is the way ,the way that leads you to any destination you choose 

Embrace everything in life with acceptance and live in the moment 

When Life tells You No!


When Life tells you NO Twice ,Don’t push ur luck further Becoz may be on the third time ,you would get what you really want but you won’t be happy with the concesquences ,there is wisdom behind Every NO ,may be it tells you Wait or you could find something better or this something is not good for you ,it’s For your own Good .But Don’t Quit from the first time but Keep Pushing and sometimes you just have to let go and move on or take another direction .Be wise and search for the Wisdom behind Every NO ,may be just may be it’s not meant to be or the timing is wrong and  you have to wait for the right timing ,the universe always got your back ,co-operate with it instead of resisting it!

Nice is The New Fake!


I hate hypricosy ,I can’t pretend to Like someone I really don’t like just for the sake of being nice although I would never be mean to someone on purpose just becoz I dont like them but I can’t be nice either ,I act distant ,cold and aloof and try my hardest to stay away from any kind of interaction that could lead to faking who I am or how I act! 

I don’t like “Shoulds” and I wont abide to the societal norm of etiquette or whatever

I don’t like the fake smiles,the flattery ,the fake compliments ,acting nice becoz you are supposed to be nice! 

I hate Nice but that doesn’t mean I like rude Either but for me ,Nice means Fake becoz Most of the people I know who are Nice are really Fake ,they hide who they really are ,their real thoughts and feelings and their real motivations becoz it’s not appropriate to express them! 

That’s why I love sincerity and brutal honesty no matter what and you gotta love sincere people even if they offend you becoz they are true to who they are and they are not afraid of showing it!

That’s why we live in a society of “Fake nice people “,people who won’t tell you the truth to your face but would gossip behind your back !

People who would lie to you lest they offend your feelings,as if finding out their lie wouldn’t!

People who smile when they actually want to cry ,this is fakeness too

People who hide their anger and look peaceful while they are burning inside ,fakeness again!

Friends who would ask about you only when they want something and suddenly they seem like they really missed you or knew you existed!!

When you say something and it offends someone ,you swear it’s not what you meant although you know deep down it’s the truth but you are lying to be nice!

When someone asks you your sincere opinion and you have to beat around the bush and say anything but the truth for the sake of being Nice!!

Even trying to living up to people’s expectations of you is Fake!

The same is true about manipulation ,using any tactic to avoid telling the truth is fakness!

I’m allergic to fake nice people ,people who won’t show their true colors ,the pleasers who won’t express their true thoughts and feelings lest they offend someone or for the fear of being judged! 

Dr.Seuss said it best” Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind”

Be who you are ,the good ,the bad and the ugly ,expose yourself ,express the true You ,say what you mean and mean what you say ,tell on yourself ,own your worst negative traits and don’t be ashamed to say I’m such and such even if it is a negative trait like being lazy ,impatient or whatever ,this is part of who you and while you can work on yourself to improve but denying who you are or living in delusion won’t make you aware that there is something that needs to be changed to start with! ,don’t disown any trait you got ,own it and be You!

So Yes I don’t like Fake Nice and unless it’s Sincere Nice I won’t buy it and Never will!

So Folks, please be Sincere for the love of God 🙂