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Souls’ mission 


I want to wrap up my mind around this whole thing and it all seems huge! 

How can you be so divine and at the same time you are so human in your thinking ,desires and everything else 

You seem normal but actually we are not who we think we are!

We are souls having a divine mission on Earth but we tend to forget that

For the first time in My life ,I saw Life for it is without all this facade that called “life” ,actually it is a game to play 

And a mission to accomplish ! Think of it as role-playing ,you were giving everything to play that role really well and achieve your mission

Identify yourself with the role and you lose your vision with what’s truly important 

We have a message for the world to convey ,now i wonder why even we become sad while it is all a game and there is an end for all this 

That all the suffering in life serves a purpose ,something you can’t begin to comprehend 

Life is just a series of synchrocities 

You have to live your life like a prophet ,to know your mission and dedicate your whole life to achieve it as much as possible

Our problen is that we underestimate ourselves, our worthiness ,our greatness ,our divinity !

We see ourselves as “just humans” as that is an excuse to set the bar so low that you never aspire to reach your full potential 

If you think that you come here to suffer then die ,your vision is so limited

God will put a vision in your heart ,a burning desire to do something ,an innspiration and all that to make you wake up and follow that vision till the end ,you have to be determined ,relentless 

To promise that you will do something great wirh your life to make it count ,to make a difference ,to inspire and most of all to Love .we here to expand beyond who we really are to experience Joy and love 

We have to make the most out of life becoz it is just one life .

Know your path in life and follow it 

Yolo ,You only live once 

I didnt write this ,yes i wrote it but i know it is not me ,it’s God’s inspiration 

When you finally realize that it is all about God in the end loving us and want us to connect with the source of that love ,you can’t help but do your best to be so close to the source of all love which is God 

I am speechless God ,this is the era of awakening for human beings 

God will use us to do something great for our benefit and the benefit of all humanity

I can’t see a greater cause ,so please help me God accomplish my mission 

May you always be with me ,with US 🙂 

Twin flames story

Twin flames story

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This is fictional story Written by me as i imagined what a twin flame relationship would be like and their mission on earth 

He told her : Let’s get down to Earth and have the experience of our lives

She : oh no ,it’s too risky! I can’t do this!

He : come on,it’s gonna be fun

She : who told you that? Don’t you see them ,they are suffering down there and in so much pain .I saw few happy people

He : we could be one of those few!

And you know we could teach them something there and spread love ,light and awareness among them ,it is a noble mission ,think about it!

She : how can you be so sure ,we might suffer like them or even worse fail!

He : it doesnt matter , but the experience itself will transform us and make us more aware of that time and space reality in that physical dimension

She : suppose we take a journey to Earth ,how can I recognize you? We might lose each other Forever!

He: are you kidding? We can’t lose each other ,we are Twins!

She : But still it’s a big world down there ,how gonna I find you?

He: We will be in the same country

She : okay but how gonna I know you? Becoz you know you will look like one of them I mean like humans!

He : you wil just know

She : “you will just know” oh, that is too cliché!

He : oh well, we Will look alike ,we are twins remember!

She: still I may not recognize you!

He : fine ,we will be related somehow!

She : really? Like that would be a big deal! Everyone is related somehow down there!

I still could miss you!

He : you know what? I will wispher it to your soul and you would be like Aha,it’s him!

She: are we gonna get married?

He : for sure ,we must get married to accomplish our mission together

She : are we going to have children?

He : yeah Lots of children,The children of love 🙂

She : i love your enthusiasm but i fear the separation,i mean we have always been together ,it will just be too hard

He : hey don’t be afraid,God is watching over us and there are gurdian angels around us.

I believe we will never be apart ,we are always connected .just think about me and you will find me with you

She : okay Let’s do this it’s a short journey anyways  ,Let’s play and have fun

He : one last thing i want to tell you when it’s time to go we will ascend together leaving the Earth when our mission is accomplished

Remeber how you always told me you wanted to experience what it would be like on earth

She : yeah I do remember ,i always thought about it but never actually thought of actually doing it

Now with you with me ,i’m willing to take that risk.i want to accomplish that mission .

He : I really love you my twin ,my soul

She : I love you too forever and ever

Me in a nutshell



This is me according to my birthchart .if you are into Astrology ,you will totally get this thing

Sun : scorpio (An Enigma)

Sun is the core you ,your basic identity

I’m scorpio through and through

Moon: virgo (stability)

Moon is the planet about emotions and those deep emotional desires

Mercury : sagittatius (A playful)

Mercury is the planet of communication and it is about who you speak ,think and communicate your ideas and thoughts

I must admit ,i speak like a sag ,too straightforward and to the point ,could be so philosophical sometimes too

And i have that famous foot in the mouth quality like most sags ,I tell it like it is and I don’t care really what others would think of me !

Venus : capricorn (dependable)

Venus is the planet of love and beauty. it defines the style of your love,how do you love and how do you see love

Yes that’s true ,I’m always there for the people I love and they can totally depend on me

Mars : Scorpio (vengeful)

Mars is the planet of war and it’s about power ,anger and conflict

Well ,I have to admit that when someone gets me so mad or hurt me in any way ,I think of ways to get even with this person but sometimes I just calm myself down and find it in myself to forgive .Although it is not always easy to stop seeking revenge and choosing forgiveness instead but with trial and error ,I found out that Forgiveness is always better becoz it’s a gift i give to myself first

Although revenge may sound appealing and satisfying at first but you end up hurting yourself and you dont gain or learn anything while forgiveness’ rewards are countless 


Fiasco over and over again!  


Sometimes they make you see being smart as a curse

Being different as a curse

You are too this or  that and you are never enough

Damn they judge you for having even feelings!

I guess to live in peace with them i have to play dumb and naive 

Like i am zombie without brains ,I am dead inside and still alive somehow

Oh f**king great ,that wHat  they would love to see me doing walking like a zombie ,always nodding and the only vocabulary word i should know is Yes!

Parents screws us up ,our childhood is a disaster ,we suffered from neglect ,unavailable parents ,emotional deprivation and we carry that emotional baggage to our adulthood and it is not enough for them that they screwed us up once ,no they wanna screw us up again when we are old enough to make our own damn choices !

I just found out the other day that my attachment style is anxious style and that is not a good thing becoz my caregivers made me that way! 

Parents really are not aware of how much damage they have done To their children ,it seems like their job stops at having us like that is f**king awesome ,good job ,well done you had a baby like you damn own that baby so do whatever the hell you want !

I wanna give up really,I almost lost faith in people here to ever Change 

I hate that culture and  that mentality and all these centuries of old worn out traditions that doesn’t  make sense anymore,they make me hate being Egyptian ,being alive ,being anything!

They just suck the life out of me 

You were born in the 50s and i am born in the 80s ,we speak different languages and I give up on trying to make you understand,I give up on explaining who I am ,justifying my choices ,screaming and crying just so you can  show me even empathy!

I give up trying.Period.

I won’t change who i am and I am done really!