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Just Pray and believe :)

Sahih International

Originator of the heavens and the earth. When He decrees a matter, He only says to it, “Be,” and it is.

This verse from the Holy Qu’ran indicates really the power of Allah (God) .When Allah want anything to happen ,He just say to it “Be and it will come into being” just Like that ,that the power that created the heavens and the earth subhanAllah 
so when we pray to Allah ,we should be sure and certain that God is capable of anything becoz what may seem impossible to us isn’t the same for God.
it’s so easy for God to make it happen if we just believe and put our whole trust in Him,then Impossible is nothing and for sure Everything is possible 🙂 

From Heaven to Earth :THE TEST!


When God created Adam,He also created a partner for him .that’s when comes the creation of “Eve” .she was created from Adam’s Left rib and that explains why men are naturally attracted to women and she is the closest to his heart .
God then told Adam :Go and ur spouse and live in Heaven and Enjoy and eat from whatever u like except from that tree .A certain tree in heaven God warned Adam not to approach!

Then I come to the conclusion that God created Heaven for humans to Live in.We were meant to live in heaven in the first place but also we were meant to live on earth as well for a particular reason.
God created Adam to rule the earth to build it ,to be a “khalifa” on this earth which means “successor” for God on earth .

When Adam failed in his test and followed his desires and what the devil told him to do, He disobeyed God and ate from that tree Although God warned him and told him not to do that .
But despite God’s warning ,he did eat from it!

So God told Adam to go out of heaven with Eve and descend into Earth.So it was Adam’s punishment and mission to live on Earth for a period of time .Then Adam will return to Heaven again (the first place he meant to live in).
But what about us?
here on Earth ,We got the same test that Adam Had :will we obey God and follow his orders becoz He is All-knowing or will we follow the devil and our desires?
it’s our test and it’s up to us to choose
It’s up to us to choose where to go ,whether to heave or Hell becoz Simply God gave us the free will to choose 🙂

Thank God that You are Human being


I was just Reading the holy Qu’ran while ago and I rly cried when i read about the creation of Adam and Humans .it became so obvious to me Now that we were nothing ,Literally Nothing!
then we were a petty sperm!! Then we moved into the womb and God gave us Life.We were dead and God bring us back to Life and when we die again ,we will be brought back to life again in the hereafter yet we r so ungrateful!!!

Just the fact that u r human means that u were chose by Allah (God).it means that u were meant for something means that u r here for a reason.
And inside YOU is A soul,the divine secret.
Inside YOU,something that makes u breather with life .before u were nothing but God gave u life ,something precious and unique.Don’t waste it or give up on it!
it’s A gift from God and u have  got a message on Earth 
we should be so grateful AlhamdulilAllah 
from now on ,I’m so grateful 
Thank God that u created me human 
Thank God that u chose me 
Thank God that u gave me a soul 
I’m rly grateful AlhamdulilAllah 🙂



Finally Ramadan is back ,it’s the only Month of the year that i can’t wait to come and it’s here AlhamdulilAllah 🙂 
As a Muslim ,for Me Ramadan is the month is of spiritual closeness to Allah (God) ,the month of purification ,the Month of mercy and blessings ,the month when the gates of heaven are Literally Open 🙂 
The Month of Qu’ran ,Almost every Muslim read the whole holy book of Qur’an once or twice to get the benefits from this month and i read it and i try to grasp the meaning behind every verse as well 
so it’s not only about refraining from eating or drinking  but great opportunity for us to charge our faith ,to get back on the right track, to follow the Islamic teachings ,to try hard to be our best 
and that for sure gives us the energy to keep going After Ramadan becoz Every Ramadan rly changes something inside me and i become a better person ALhamdulilAllah 🙂