Monthly Archives: October 2011



it’s totally absurd experience ,first I lose all sense of self ,I’m not “ME” ,I’m something that exists but dunno who am i?? my name, my history,my memory are all lost for seconds ,I can’t get back to who am i? it takes few seconds!! Second,I start to question “who am I?” I’m human ,what does this mean? Where am i? what am I doing here? I lose all sense of place and surroundings ,it takes few seconds as well to get back to my normal state of who I’m ,I don’t need to get identified with anything to get back to my normal state ,it just disappears after while but it seems like dream,like all this is not real,it’s not happening ,it freaks me out.well ,I googled this and find that there is disorder called “Depersonalization disorder” but that rarely happens to me!! May be I’m normal but kinda unstable sometimes ,may be I’m depressed .i rly¬† dunno ,so confused!!




here I go again
This cycle seems endless
Everytime I get its vibes
I’m so mad,out  of ma mind
Rusted feelings of needless anger
I don’t give a damn,that’s what I tell myself
But why am I so mad?
This voice tells me you are a liar
You care,you rly care
so what?
But I gonna never show it