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Basic Self-healing principles


Excerpt from the book “Letting go :The pathway to surrender”

“We will delineate the basic principles that facilitated the process of self-healing. In doing this, there will be a review of some of the material we have already covered, so as to bring it together into an integrated overall experience. We will start with the basic working concepts:
• A thought is a “thing.” It has energy and form.

• The mind with its thoughts and feelings controls the body; therefore, to heal the body, thoughts and feelings need to be changed.

• What is held in mind tends to express itself through the body.

• The body is not the real self; it is like a puppet controlled by the mind.

• Beliefs that are unconscious can manifest as illness, even though there is no memory of the underlying beliefs.

• An illness tends to result from suppressed and repressed negative emotions, plus a thought that gives it a specific form (i.e., consciously or unconsciously, one particular illness is chosen rather than another).”
“Thoughts are caused by suppressed and repressed feelings. When a feeling is let go, thousands or even millions of thoughts that were activated by that feeling disappear.

• Although a specific belief can be cancelled and energy to it can be refused, it is generally a waste of time to try to change thinking itself.

• We surrender a feeling by allowing it be there without condemning, judging, or resisting it. We simply look at it, observe it, and allow it to be felt without trying to modify it. With the willingness to relinquish a feeling, it will run out in due time.

• A strong feeling may recur, which means there is more of it to be recognized and surrendered.

• In order to surrender a feeling, sometimes it is necessary to start by relinquishing the feeling that is there about the particular emotion (e.g., guilt that “I shouldn’t have this feeling”).

• In order to relinquish a feeling, sometimes it is necessary to acknowledge and let go of the underlying payoff of it (e.g., the “thrill” of anger and the “juice” of sympathy from being a helpless victim).”
“Feelings are not the real self. Whereas feelings are programs that come and go, the real inner Self always stays the same; therefore, it is necessary to stop identifying transient feelings as yourself.

• Ignore thoughts. They are merely endless rationalizations of inner feelings.

• No matter what is going on in life, keep the steadfast intention to surrender negative feelings as they arise.

• Make a decision that freedom is more desirable than having a negative feeling.”
“• Choose to surrender negative feelings rather than express them.

• Surrender resistance to and skepticism about positive feelings.

• Relinquish negative feelings but share positive ones.

• Notice that letting go is accompanied by a subtle, overall lighter feeling within yourself.

• Relinquishing a desire does not mean that you won’t get what you want. It merely clears the way for it to happen.

• Get it by “osmosis.” Put yourself in the aura of those who have what you want.

• “Like goes to like.” Associate with people who are using the same or similar motivation and who have the intention to expand their consciousness and to heal.”
“• Be aware that your inner state is known and transmitted. The people around you will intuit what you are feeling and thinking, even if you don’t verbalize it.

• Persistence pays off. Some symptoms or illnesses may disappear promptly; others may take months or years if the condition is very chronic.

• Let go of resisting the technique. Start the day with it. At the end of the day, take time out to relinquish any negative feelings left over from the day’s activities.

• You are only subject to what you hold in mind. You are only subject to a negative thought or belief if you consciously or unconsciously say that it applies to you.”
“• Stop giving the physical disorder a name; do not label it. A label is a whole program. Surrender what is actually felt, which are the sensations themselves. We cannot feel a disease. A disease is an abstract concept held in the mind. We cannot, for instance, feel “asthma.” It is helpful to ask, “What am I actually feeling?” Simply observe the physical sensations, such as, “Tightness in the chest, wheezing, a cough.” It is not possible, for example, to experience the thought, “I’m not getting enough air.” That is a fearful thought in the mind. It is a concept, a whole program called “asthma.” What is actually being experienced is a tension or a constriction in the throat or chest. The same principle goes for “ulcers” or any other disorder. We cannot feel “ulcers.” We feel a burning or piercing sensation. The word “ulcer” is a label and a program, and as soon as we use that word to label our experience, we identify ourselves with the whole “ulcer” program. Even the word “pain” is a program. In reality, we are feeling a specific body sensation. The process of self-healing goes more quickly when we let go of “labeling or giving a name to the various physical sensations.”

• The same is true with our feelings. Instead of putting labels and names on feelings, we can simply feel the feelings and let go of the energy behind them. It is not necessary to label a feeling “fear” in order to be aware of its energy and relinquish that energy.”

How to choose by accessing your intuition 


Intuition is the knowing inside you that has access to everything you need to know about 

Currently I’m reading a book about intuition and I find this piece of info very helpful for a lot of people who struggle with making decisions like me 

You want to decide between two things but “logically” you can’t make up your mind ,no matter how much you analyze ,think,count the pros and cons ,you are still confused

There’s only one way to be sure you are making the right decision is when you know and feel it is the right decision 

Simply ,intuition is knowing and feeling in your body that something is right,it just feels right!

Intuition is different from your usual everyday thoughts becoz it’s a brief thought that came out of nowhere with a feeling in the body 

For example ,you think of someone out of nowhere and feel the urge to call them right away ,this is your intuition

My experience with intuition comes through a feeling of throwing up,i was struggling with making a decision ,first I felt something heavy on my chest but i ignored it

But after that I felt deeply annoyed and like I want to throw up and all these feelings came out of nowhere ,that was my intuition trying to tell me That I was about to make the wrong decision but I backed off at the last minute 

When you are trying to choose between two things ,let’s say scenario 1 and  scenario 2

Close your eyes and imagine that you choose scenario 1 ,don’t think much but notice how you feel in your body 

Do the same thing close your eyes and imagine choosing scenario 2 ,notice who you feel if you choose scenario 2

One of them will feel slightly better than the other ,that’s your answer ,that subtle feeling of feeling better which is your indication that it’s a better choice for you

You intuition has all the answers ,and it always try to get your attention to make the right choice ,just listen to it .Listen to your gut feeling 🙂 

When Life tells You No!


When Life tells you NO Twice ,Don’t push ur luck further Becoz may be on the third time ,you would get what you really want but you won’t be happy with the concesquences ,there is wisdom behind Every NO ,may be it tells you Wait or you could find something better or this something is not good for you ,it’s For your own Good .But Don’t Quit from the first time but Keep Pushing and sometimes you just have to let go and move on or take another direction .Be wise and search for the Wisdom behind Every NO ,may be just may be it’s not meant to be or the timing is wrong and  you have to wait for the right timing ,the universe always got your back ,co-operate with it instead of resisting it!

Manifesting Generator 


Recently I found out that I’m the manifesting generator type that means I am always trying to manifest what I want and can’t wait to make things happen but at the same time I’m a generator making me wanting to wait so patiently for what I want until my gut feeling kicks in and tells me “yeah Go for it ,girl”!This gap time between the waiting and the manifestation is called “the moment of truth”

That’s why I am always torn between two options and my eternal dilemma is indecisiveness! 

I can’t make up my mind about many things until I get that solid gut feeling that yeah this is it! 

I would always drive people crazy this way ,I would choose something then feels bad about it then change my mind back and forth many times until I become dead sure that there is no way in hell I can do something after agreeing at first to do that same thing !

It’s so frustrating but also a blessing ,I’ve avoided making many mistakes in my life by listening and honoring my intuition but also made many stupid mistakes by ignoring it!

So the process of making decisions for the manifesting generators type of personalities is as following 

First ,check out your gut feeling whether it’s yes or No , your gut feeling is a spontaneous first reaction you get when not thinking

Second ,taste the waters ,take a small baby step forward 

Third,wait for your moment of truth ,when it becomes so clear for you and you really feel good about what you are about to do

Fourth,and finally ,proceed and manifest:)

Great job ,congratulations you’ve done it and that’s the cure for all indecisive people out there like me who can’t make up their mind at a moment’s notice .take all your time ,there is no rush and good luck 🙂

For more about other personalities types ,read the book “human design” , a brilliant book that will totally change your life and you will get to know yourself like you are meeting someone for the first time .Truly eye-opening 🙂

What I learned from life 


I learned that u attract what u think about the most and give attention to,that’s the law of attraction 

I learned that men will respect you if you respect yourself and have high self-esteem 

Dont pursue men ,let men pursue you ,that is the fun part for them 

I learned that when you are ready ,you are ready ,you cant force a thing to happen before its perfect timing 

That behind every seemingly bad situation is a transformative experience that will change your perspective or your life ,there is no nothing bad ,only goodness and great blessings in disguise 

I learned that stubbornness and refusing to let go of what is not working out in your life is a huge disservice u r doing to yourself ,when it’s time to let go ,you have just to let go and move on

Your soulmate will awaken you ,spiritually awaken you ,will send you on a journey into your soul to find your soul before you both become ready to be with each other 

I learned that God never fail to make it all up for those who are wronged and patient 

I learned like attracts like,i learned that God created a perfect match for every person and when that person comes your way ,your only job is to recognize him 

I learned that you never know ,never say No to life ,every experience will benefit you and serve your journey 

I learned that if you want something in your life ,take action 

If you want love ,take action and then let it go and it will come to you

I learned when the universe send you a sign to do something ,just listen the first time and do it

I learned that ur nagging thoughts that keeps tell u or suggest u do something u wouldn’t normally do is a form of intuition and u better listen to it ,honor ur intuition by listening to it and acting upon it 

I learned that when you have God in your life and when u talk to Him about your worries ,struggles and fears then u dont need to worry at all ,just let God take care of it all,let Go and let God 

I learned that you have to share your pain and experiences with someone close to you who u can trust ,that’s the power of vulnerability 

I learned that loss sometimes benefit you by growing up spiritually 

I learned that when you pray sincerely from your heart ,God always answer

I learned to take action to direct my life in the direction i want ,i learned the power of imagination,prayer and the list to attract my soulmate to me

I learned that everyone comes into your life serves a purpose ,some are meant to stay for a season and we should let them go when we know  that their role in our life is over ,we should pay attention to hints

I learned to be available to myself and taking care of myself ,my needs and my feelings 

I learned to say No and honor my intuition

I learned that all is well in the end 

I learned balance from going to both extremes ,the extreme of overeating and starving ,i learned that i have the power over my body 

I learned that when u love urself and ur body ,your body will love u back and functions perfectly ,i learned that when u treat urself with love,kindness and respect ,others will treat u the same way and reflect that back to u 

I learned that sometimes u have to go with the flow and be flexible 

I learned that u have to choose ur battles wisely  

I learned that you cant please everyone ,you have always to stick to your own values ,you know yourself better than anyone ,you are never picky ,you just know what you want and what you like to have and you are entitled to have what you want 

I learned that you will never lose anything by saying the truth ,au contraire you will win the respect of everyone 

I learned that sometime you have to stop asking for help when others fail you and depend on yourself instead ,you always got yourself ,be your best friend ,see how you will go out of your way to be with a friend and listen to his troubles and feelings ,and do the same for yourself ,be available to yourself all the time as much as you need others ,you need you .

I learned that by having a consistent conversation and strong connection with God ,God will take care of you and your life and you dont have to worry when you talk to God and ask Him to help you

Meeting The groom


In arranged marriages ,meeting someone or a stranger for the first time could be so stressful or  disappointing experience or it could be easy ,flowing and even fun and interesting experience and it all depends on you and your attitude .I’ve met many grooms-to be (3arsen) over the years so I guess as they say practice makes perfect and I think I become almost perfect at meeting strangers  Although I didn’t meet or find my soulmate yet but I’m sure I gonna find him someday inshaAllah .wish me luck .so here’s my tips for you girls and if you are a guy ,the same rules apply just change the pronoun from she to he .

First ,He is as nervous as you are if not more .So Relax .He is seeing you and you are seeing him and you both are judging and evaluating each other based on appearance ,personality and many other things .
1-Appearance :Whether you like it or not, people judge you by how you look and says A lot about you and your personality So put on your best clothes that make you feel awesome

2-Second comes personality ,the way you talk and interact with people ,your pros and cons ,your merits and flaws .The best Quality you can acquire and to show to others is your confidence The more confident you are ,the more attractive you are .it’s all about confidence baby.if you have to act confident,do it.if you have to fake it until you make it ,by all means Go for it .

Second,Don’t be too excited or too bored .in other words ,Don’t be extreme or over.Just be yourself and act don’t have to try hard to impress someone or faking who you are .Who you are is impressive enough.Like a Mantra ,Keep telling yourself ,I’m enough,I’m Enough,I’m Enough .Here you go girl 🙂


Third, The talking part ,if you are normally introvert and don’t talk much ,show that part of your personality becoz it’s about being who you are .Don’t be someone else for the sake of impressing anyone .you want someone to like you for who you are .if you are a chatterbox then don’t stop talking.there are some people who love that and would find you enjoyable and fun to be around .

Bottom line :Be you ,you are Enough.


Fourth,Be a Detective : Ask lots of questions ,try to read between the lines.notice the tone of voice ,the facial expressions and the body language .What’s unsaid as much important as what’s said

Fifth,See how you feel in general about the person and the whole thing ,Your emotions are so important it’s your indicator that Everything is going well or not .pay attention to how you feel afterwards and during the meeting .what made you happy and excited,what pissed you off .what you can overlook and if there are any red flags that showed up .

Finally,it’s just a meeting don’t a make big deal of it but it’s a life decision so don’t underestimate it either .At the end ,what’s meant to be will be no matter what .Fate pushes you toward a choice that will change your life completely so be wise .Be picky ,You can afford it to be picky .choose with your mind not your heart .Be yourself and be confident and Make it your motto : Take me or leave me baby 🙂
Good luck to all brides and grooms to be ,I wish you all the best ^_^