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People and their vibe


Sometimes i find it hard to like some people no matter what they do or say ,no matter how much they act friendly with me ,there is something just about them that make Me feel uneasy and off and I really feel guilty about disliking them for no particular reason ,it’s just a gut feeling.

I know myself well I could be jealous or insecure sometimes and i don’t claim to be perfect but when these feeling rise in me out of nowhere ,it makes me wonder why?

I wonder why I dont like certain people and it takes just one look at them and although most other people would thought they are extremely nice and friendly ,it just not enough for me to make me like someone ,people call it a “vibe” , maybe i hate their vibe or could sense that there is something wrong with them on an energy level

I remember this girl who was so friendly ,funny and “appearently” nice ,I kept asking myself why don’t i like her at all? I just feel uneasy in her presence like i cant stand being in her presence for too long  

Then i tried to dismiss that thought as if it’s nothing until one day i saw a status written by this girl on facebook ,cursing a certain group of people with words that so offensive and shocking that I couldn’t imagine the amount of hatred and racism inside her heart and only then I knew why I never liked this “seemingly friendly” girl!

I can say that my gut is always spot on especially when it comes to people ,i can sense their energy that’s why their words and actions don’t matter much if i can tap into that sense of their vibe!


People don’t know shit


People don’t know shit


People don’t understand what you are going through no matter how hard you try to explain!

People don’t know how you feel no matter how much eloquent or articulate when u describe this feeling becoz feelings is to be felt not described or talked about!

People don’t understand why you are doing this no matter how many good reasons you give them for doing such and such!!

People don’t understand your failure although sometimes  your failure means you are trying  .it happens, it’s not a big deal!

People don’t understand and sometimes don’t even tolerate that you are different, I mean different in any way but they just wanna deal with people who are exact copies from each other ,talk ,walk and even dress in the same way as them
People judge you for how you look although we all know looks are deceiving!


People will give you advice based on their experiences and knowledge and expect you to follow them becoz simply they think or assume they know better!


People don’t like introverts although the majority of geniuses were introverts! This is a fact ,read the book “Quiet: in a world that can’t stop talking”

People will tell you it’s done this way or it’s just like that without even trying questioning why? And why not doing it differently?

People will try to convince you or sometimes even push you to take some serious decisions in your life like marriage or career or travel as if they know-it-all

people will call you stupid because you just don’t agree with them on some trivial political issues

people don’t know what’s wrong or right ,they just tell you based on their perspective or social conventions  but the way you feel that it’s wrong or right in your heart ,that;s what really matter.

people will hurt you with words with a good intention or justification in their fucking minds like (a) it’s to motivate you to do something ,(b)it’s so funny, don’t take it personally ,(c) I didn’t mean to hurt you but ,(d) it’s true though you are such and such ,you totally deserve it .

People will not leave you alone or Let you be who you are without interference becoz some people believe that it’s their mission in life to change everyone and everything around them .why can’t we just live and let live?

When someone need your advice or ask for it ,then give it but don’t try to act like you know it all ,it’s really annoying .plus you can’t understand or comprehend all dimensions of a problem or situation someone is facing ,it’s usually complicated especially when it is involving emotions and all that stuff

Don’t listen to people .really and it’s not an advice ,I’m just writing this for myself and I’m telling myself Don’t listen to people Mai becoz seriously I had Enough.

Don’t listen to people who try to judge you, patronize you or put you down for anything you have ever done
Don’t listen to people who belittle you or make you feel bad in any way whatsoever


It’s when we stopped listening to ourselves and talked to people about our problems that we got really lost and confused .we were like is it really right or wrong? we don’t know the difference between the two anymore becoz we always waiting to see what other people think!

Listen to your inner voice

Listen to your intuition

Trust you gut feeling
Follow your heart
Be who you are
Don’t give a shit
what other people think
Believe in yourself

Always see if something make you feel good or not ,when it’s right ,it’s good and it feels good
when it’s wrong ,it feels bad and it’s really that simple .

You are the only one who knows what’s the best for you even if people try to tell you otherwise ,don’t believe them.You are the only one who knows what’s good and bad for you .I wanna finish this by writing this Quote from a book I read recently called the “Gifts of imperfections”

“Yes, I am imperfect and vulnerable and sometimes afraid, but that doesn’t change the truth that I am also brave and worthy of love and belonging.”

About Women and Men


The Woman to Man is Like a Home ,so No matter how long he wanders ,He returns to her becoz without Her ,He would be Lost ,Homeless and Poor!
In her Embrace ,he would find comfort,Warmth,Security and Shelter
In her Smile ,he would forget his troubles
Men are Like grown-up Kids ,they need to be looked after and cherished and Women are naturally Mothers who know how to love and give generously.So No Wonder they Need each other and complete each other
Dear Men,Never Underestimate a woman or treat her badly or like an object .The power of Women is the most dangerous ,it is the power of her Emotions ,subtlety ,Manipulation and Shrewdness .it’s the power of the mind when it becomes Wicked and the power of Emotions when they get hurt ,they turn into Kind of Nuclear destruction !
Dear Women,Don’t take a man for granted .For Men just like r capable of Love and giving but they express their love just in different ways that WE Women sometimes don’t notice .I know Men drive women crazy ,when they try to make sense of their behaviors becoz Men act and they don’t talk too much or Explain or go into details about why r they doing such and such so Women go Crazy trying to over think and overanalyze Every little detail while it’s okay just give ur mind a break and Everything will turn out fine in the End !
Women and Men need to work Like  a team ,Like they r dealing with Someone else who is ur Equal .Not inferior or Superior.
Just Listen,Be There ,try to Be understanding .After all ,u r dealing with another Human being not some alien from outer Space!



what’s wrong with people seriously? I’m not talking about all ppl in general but there r certain ppl who keep complaining n bitching about how their lives suck n it’s unfair blah blah blah they make me feel that either they r teenagers or hormonal .I’m not judging becoz I do that sometimes as well but it rly gets on my nerves when ppl keep complaining all the time!!
Why ppl r not grateful for what they got ,not satisfied with their lives or how they look?
I think day by day we r turning into self-centered selfish pathetic losers who indulge themselves in self-pity n don’t give a shit about anyone or anything!! That’s truth unfortunately!
Although if we focus on the good on our lives, we would find plenty of things to be grateful for
if u have a home and roof over ur head ,u should be grateful
if u got a job ,u should be grateful there r millions of ppl out there unemployed even if ur job makes u stressful at least it’s better than Nothing!
if u got family, friends n ppl around u who luv n care about u ,u should be grateful
if u live in a safe country ,u should be grateful .there r other countries who suffer from wars, poverty and terrorism
if u r healthy and fit ,u should be grateful
if u look good not necessarily pretty or georgous ,but just good u should be satisfied with how u look
if u got lots of money and possessions ,u should be Extremely grateful there r other ppl who just wanna something to eat and drink ,who their concern in Life is to survive to live another day while we got more than Enough but still we r not grateful!!
how Many times a day do u say “thank God” AlhamdulilAllah to express your gratitude ? just be honest with ur self ,do u rly should feel Grateful no matter what or still u just want to focus on what u lack and what’s wrong and never feel happy like there’s something missing while u have got enough already?? !!
why not enjoy ur life today and count ur blessings instead of counting ur troubles .it’s way better to focus on the good and the positive in Life ,believe me U r already Blessed 🙂