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Astrology ,Soul lessons and themes!


Yesterday I had a dream that I had a chance to get back at someone ,to get even!

Although I really can’t carry out that revenge plan in real life but I felt strong desire for Revenge in the dream and I knew this desire is buried deep in my subconscious!

That is understandable as scorpio,I have that strong desire for Revenge when Someone hurts me badly and wrong me!

But something I read yesterday plus that dream I had gave me some insight into something we usually are not aware of.While reading about Astrology ,I found out that a person with “venus in Leo ” ,a person who has this placement in his natal chart, feels entitled to flirt or even have a love affair whenever they like! That made me mad at first ,it’s like someone feels entitled to cheat !!

So is that something a person with this placement can’t help doing or not ? aren’t we here on Earth in the first place to get over the dark side of us and evolve spiritually?

Each person was given specific themes and dark energies to deal with ,all of that is impeded in your natal chart,so your chart carries all the energies you have to deal with in your life whether it’s good or bad and in which areas these energies gonna manifest and your potential and tendencies as a person

So someone who has this placement has the tendency to cheat but everyone has the freedom to choose ,and can make a conscious choice to be very loyal and not to cheat,right?

But usually what happens is something totally different,this person falls easily for his dark side and follow his whims and desires and don’t resist his dark side and because this dark energy is in your natal chart ,it feels natural like it’s really who you are but that’s not true ,we are here to get over that dark energy and rise above it and not embrace it as part of us ,we shouldn’t accept or tolerate it in anyway but Instead we should resist being in our “dark comfort zone” , so to speak!

Like being a Scorpio ,I’m here to learn and master some scorpio themes ,for example if I resisted the dark side of Scorpio and that intense desire for Revenge and choose forgiveness instead ,I know that I’ll rise higher and evolve spiritually but it all depends on me to resist these dark urges when they arise inside of me and make a conscious choice ,a better choice that will help me to evolve and grow spiritually.

I think the real problem is that we forget that this life is a test and we have to endure the pain ,the struggle ,the obstacles and the challenges to be able to pass that test.

And that explains why some people are attracted to an abusive person or are in very abusive relationships ,and they can’t stop the abuse or get out of the relationship!

At first,there is a strong pull from the soul to learn certain lessons but after while ,the soul is trying to get our attention to what lessons we need to learn.

If we failed to learn the lesson ,the suffering will continue and the lessons will keep repeated as a “pattern” in all relationships until we break that vicious cycle and finally say “Aha, I got it”! That Aha moment will be the moment of transformation and Spiritual Evolution.

It’s all about learning the soul lessons ,evolving spiritually and becoming more conscious to expand the collective consciousness.

So what I really want to say is that you don’t have to act on your dark side ,desires and negative thoughts ,you have to become aware that what you are doing is wrong in the first place and don’t worry many messages will come to you to tell you “that this is wrong ,don’t do this or that” but you have to listen and Question all your actions ,motives and choices .Don’t fall for your dark side!

Me in a nutshell



This is me according to my birthchart .if you are into Astrology ,you will totally get this thing

Sun : scorpio (An Enigma)

Sun is the core you ,your basic identity

I’m scorpio through and through

Moon: virgo (stability)

Moon is the planet about emotions and those deep emotional desires

Mercury : sagittatius (A playful)

Mercury is the planet of communication and it is about who you speak ,think and communicate your ideas and thoughts

I must admit ,i speak like a sag ,too straightforward and to the point ,could be so philosophical sometimes too

And i have that famous foot in the mouth quality like most sags ,I tell it like it is and I don’t care really what others would think of me !

Venus : capricorn (dependable)

Venus is the planet of love and beauty. it defines the style of your love,how do you love and how do you see love

Yes that’s true ,I’m always there for the people I love and they can totally depend on me

Mars : Scorpio (vengeful)

Mars is the planet of war and it’s about power ,anger and conflict

Well ,I have to admit that when someone gets me so mad or hurt me in any way ,I think of ways to get even with this person but sometimes I just calm myself down and find it in myself to forgive .Although it is not always easy to stop seeking revenge and choosing forgiveness instead but with trial and error ,I found out that Forgiveness is always better becoz it’s a gift i give to myself first

Although revenge may sound appealing and satisfying at first but you end up hurting yourself and you dont gain or learn anything while forgiveness’ rewards are countless 


Lunar boy


I never believed in love at first sight and i always thought that it’s something that only happen in movies until i met this guy.I met him in one of those arranged sittings in a salon because it’s the old-fashioned way to get to know someone to get married .I always hated that way and thought to myself how come i can get married to a total stranger but I never knew that i will be so attracted to this stranger guy.It all happened like a dream ,like an eye blink .that feeling when u get after waking up and trying so hard to remember  what actually happens ,u just remember scattered scenes and u wish if it can be repeated again to get the whole picture of what actually happened but in my case i wanted it to be repeated again so i can be more conscious ,more involved and interested in the whole thing becoz i sit there with the I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude and i felt that i screw things up just a little bit becoz i decided to just be myself not trying so hard to impress someone or to be honest not trying at all and i could seem to other ppl at the first encounter as boring ,naive or just plain weird. I find it hard to talk to ppl who i don’t know and usually my mind goes blank in such situations and that’s what happened exactly .i was like totally silent and when i spoke i just said one word or two ,not even a complete sentence that makes sense ,i kept mumbling and murmuring and i just didn’t give a damn what impression i’m making but seriously i don’t know what hits me ,words didn’t came out of my mouth even I wanted to say something but couldn’t .I was dumbfounded ,i was like tongue-tied or something. But this guy was no like anyone I’ve ever seen before and I’ve seen plenty of people ,all different kind of characters and classes but He was so different ,I was so impressed by his knowledge ,his confidence ,his ambition and the way he carries himself .He even told me his name in a puzzle and i liked that and i thought it was cool although my reply to him wasn’t cool becoz i told him i know ur name already so the puzzle is not needed .He was fun,simple ,knowledgeable and cool ,all rolled into one but i just discard all that back then becoz i kept criticizing him in my head instead of focusing on his positive side but now i’m just Like WOW ,this guy is really awesome ,I wish if there was a time machine ,i would go back and change everything .And to top all that ,when i asked him about his birth year ,He told me exactly his birth date and it hit me ,he is a Cancerian but again i didn’t thought about it much while i was sitting there becoz who cares? but Now i’m like so attracted like magnet to this guy .I’m so into astrology so i remembered reading before about the relationship between cancer and Scorpio  and when i reread that again I was like WOW ,it explained everything to me ,him being Cancer and me Scorpio make it so intense becoz cancer and Scorpio feel powerful attraction towards each other becoz they got that harmonious 5-9 vibration and they just get along so well .I’ve seen so much potential in this relationship becoz what I’ve read was so beautiful about the “children of love” and all that stuff and me feeling that intense attraction to someone ,it never happened to me before and i only met him once.I actually missed him afterwards like yeah i want to see him again or just like being in love all felt weird to me and i kept building dreams in my head but reality hit me and I was rejected by this guy becoz i never heard about him since that only meeting .I felt sad and depressed for one day but I couldn’t stop thinking about him for months and i’m still replaying that one incident that seems like a dream in my head over and over again and like Editing i kept telling myself i should have said that or done that but it doesn’t matter anymore .Attraction and fate works in mysterious ways .I guess that was a lesson for me and really first impressions do count and i guess i made a bad one.anyways ,somethings are just meant to be.Wherever you are Lunar boy,crab guy ,I wish u all the best and I will pray for ur happiness and success .May God bless u Ameen 



I find this article online so interesting ,For all Scorpio folks  out there who is ruled by Pluto ,Including me ,this is a Must-read .We should all work on our inner selves to grow emotionally and Evolve into soaring Eagles ,isn’t that Awesome ? Yep It is 🙂

What are Pluto Signs?

Pluto Signs are connected to transformation and life challenges. Pluto’s energy is subtle, yet strong. The results may slam you against the wall. While Pluto doesn’t wrap it all up in a nice neat package, things happen when this planet is around. Its motto is “out with the old and in with the new.

Pluto is all about secret and undercover information. When it all comes to light, your world is changed. It is often considered to rule the masses more than the individual.

Pluto may bring an end to things that need to be let go of. This could be a job, a relationship or anything else that is dragging you down. It may not be easy to do, but you need to pick up the pieces and go on with your life. The psyche can’t hold on to everything and remain healthy. While it is scary to let things go, it will be better in the long run.

The planet Pluto Pluto-star Pluto Signs also deal with social and personal power and powerlessness. Old hurts can build up, leaving us feeling powerless and victimized. This is Pluto at work. It attempts to compensate and pushes us to re-evaluate painful events and feelings. Once we do, we can attain a higher level of enlightenment and happiness.

The Secret Book A good example of Pluto in action would be the book “The Secret”. It has a Pluto name for starters, and this tiny book literally transformed the masses. If we as individuals heed the book’s significance, we will undeniably empower our personal lives. An interesting point to note is the fact that Pluto was in Sagittarius when the book was first published; and of course Sagittarius rules over publishing.

The message of your Pluto Sign is Self Empowerment. Look inward and examine what is there. Pluto will continue to push your buttons until you examine yourself and deal with what you find. It wants you to evolve and become more than what you are.

here’s the source



there is something about November that makes it Death-related ,u just feel the smell of Death in the air!! I Have nothing against this month ,actually my birthday is in November ,21st November to be Exact and yeah that makes me a Scorpio!
Actually I luv Nov but its Effect upon us bring “Heavy changes” it’s The vibrations of Pluto!
so in this month Every year,u would notice a special pattern like Power struggles ,Changes ,Death ,clashes .if u don’t believe that Watch the News of November Every year not just in ur country but worldwide and you will believe this is not joke ,actually it’s Deadly Serious!!

All the signs


it’s all the signs explained in 140 characters. Enjoy!

So, what if I like to start things but bore too easily that I often lack the patience to finish them. If you’re gonna hang w/me, keep up!
I may be slow to move at times but it’s only because I gots to be sure. Once I get goin’, best get out the way, especially if I’m mall bound
I love, love, love learning. It’s probably why I get a bit chatty & jump from topic to topic. I need to dabble in a bit of everything.
Just like a crab, direct is not always how I get to where I’m headed or how I express what I want. I’m soft beneath the shell tho. Be gentle
The path to my heart is a LOT of attention. Praise me. Adore me. Let me shine. In return, I’ll shower you w/generosity & lotsa fun times.
I’m not picky. I just know what I want, when I want it & how I want it. & I may overanalyze…go around in circles in my mind. What of it?!
Expert people-pleaser & proud of it. Balance & harmony are my thing. Social charm is my superpower. Indecisiveness, my Achilles’ heel.
Human lie detector. Don’t even think about putting one over me. Master manipulator. Downside, trust issues. Deeply feeling & forever feeling
Open mouth, insert both feet. Life is about the journey, not simply the destination. Good, bad, embarrassing…experiences result in growth.
Where is that whip? Somebody’s gotta make sure things are running as planned. Success is my goal. Working hard=rewards. It’s how I roll.
Don’t tell me to get off my soapbox. I think outside the box so, my ideas may not always be welcomed. Out w/the old, in w/the new, I say!
I can’t help but be a rug. I have bleeding heart syndrome. Champion to the underdog. Yep, that’s me. I believe in making a difference.