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I’m happy and I feel like crying too ,suddenly when you realize the wisdom of God you can’t help it but cry For many years I cried and suffered for thinking I’m So unlucky but I found out I’m lucky beyond my imagination.Every pain I have went through was a blessing in disguise

It took me years to get the meaning behind suffering ,it was for a reason which is to get me to my Destiny and I’m seeing my destiny unfolding and that’s rare ,very rare and beautiful and also challenging!

It empowers me to live my life determined and assured that I will get what I want someday somehow! 

I’m So thankful for all those who have helped me without knowing ,the hidden soldiers ,the angels in Human form ,I wish you all more happiness and success ,Life has never been better and I’m starting to figure it all out Eventually since I’ve been awakened and I feel like I’m on the right track and I am noticing synchronicities and signs that tell me Yes you are almost there ,keep going 🙂

Oh God I’m speechless ,Thank You ,Thank You,Thank You 🙂

How to choose by accessing your intuition 


Intuition is the knowing inside you that has access to everything you need to know about 

Currently I’m reading a book about intuition and I find this piece of info very helpful for a lot of people who struggle with making decisions like me 

You want to decide between two things but “logically” you can’t make up your mind ,no matter how much you analyze ,think,count the pros and cons ,you are still confused

There’s only one way to be sure you are making the right decision is when you know and feel it is the right decision 

Simply ,intuition is knowing and feeling in your body that something is right,it just feels right!

Intuition is different from your usual everyday thoughts becoz it’s a brief thought that came out of nowhere with a feeling in the body 

For example ,you think of someone out of nowhere and feel the urge to call them right away ,this is your intuition

My experience with intuition comes through a feeling of throwing up,i was struggling with making a decision ,first I felt something heavy on my chest but i ignored it

But after that I felt deeply annoyed and like I want to throw up and all these feelings came out of nowhere ,that was my intuition trying to tell me That I was about to make the wrong decision but I backed off at the last minute 

When you are trying to choose between two things ,let’s say scenario 1 and  scenario 2

Close your eyes and imagine that you choose scenario 1 ,don’t think much but notice how you feel in your body 

Do the same thing close your eyes and imagine choosing scenario 2 ,notice who you feel if you choose scenario 2

One of them will feel slightly better than the other ,that’s your answer ,that subtle feeling of feeling better which is your indication that it’s a better choice for you

You intuition has all the answers ,and it always try to get your attention to make the right choice ,just listen to it .Listen to your gut feeling 🙂 

Nice is The New Fake!


I hate hypricosy ,I can’t pretend to Like someone I really don’t like just for the sake of being nice although I would never be mean to someone on purpose just becoz I dont like them but I can’t be nice either ,I act distant ,cold and aloof and try my hardest to stay away from any kind of interaction that could lead to faking who I am or how I act! 

I don’t like “Shoulds” and I wont abide to the societal norm of etiquette or whatever

I don’t like the fake smiles,the flattery ,the fake compliments ,acting nice becoz you are supposed to be nice! 

I hate Nice but that doesn’t mean I like rude Either but for me ,Nice means Fake becoz Most of the people I know who are Nice are really Fake ,they hide who they really are ,their real thoughts and feelings and their real motivations becoz it’s not appropriate to express them! 

That’s why I love sincerity and brutal honesty no matter what and you gotta love sincere people even if they offend you becoz they are true to who they are and they are not afraid of showing it!

That’s why we live in a society of “Fake nice people “,people who won’t tell you the truth to your face but would gossip behind your back !

People who would lie to you lest they offend your feelings,as if finding out their lie wouldn’t!

People who smile when they actually want to cry ,this is fakeness too

People who hide their anger and look peaceful while they are burning inside ,fakeness again!

Friends who would ask about you only when they want something and suddenly they seem like they really missed you or knew you existed!!

When you say something and it offends someone ,you swear it’s not what you meant although you know deep down it’s the truth but you are lying to be nice!

When someone asks you your sincere opinion and you have to beat around the bush and say anything but the truth for the sake of being Nice!!

Even trying to living up to people’s expectations of you is Fake!

The same is true about manipulation ,using any tactic to avoid telling the truth is fakness!

I’m allergic to fake nice people ,people who won’t show their true colors ,the pleasers who won’t express their true thoughts and feelings lest they offend someone or for the fear of being judged! 

Dr.Seuss said it best” Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind”

Be who you are ,the good ,the bad and the ugly ,expose yourself ,express the true You ,say what you mean and mean what you say ,tell on yourself ,own your worst negative traits and don’t be ashamed to say I’m such and such even if it is a negative trait like being lazy ,impatient or whatever ,this is part of who you and while you can work on yourself to improve but denying who you are or living in delusion won’t make you aware that there is something that needs to be changed to start with! ,don’t disown any trait you got ,own it and be You!

So Yes I don’t like Fake Nice and unless it’s Sincere Nice I won’t buy it and Never will!

So Folks, please be Sincere for the love of God 🙂

Fiasco over and over again!  


Sometimes they make you see being smart as a curse

Being different as a curse

You are too this or  that and you are never enough

Damn they judge you for having even feelings!

I guess to live in peace with them i have to play dumb and naive 

Like i am zombie without brains ,I am dead inside and still alive somehow

Oh f**king great ,that wHat  they would love to see me doing walking like a zombie ,always nodding and the only vocabulary word i should know is Yes!

Parents screws us up ,our childhood is a disaster ,we suffered from neglect ,unavailable parents ,emotional deprivation and we carry that emotional baggage to our adulthood and it is not enough for them that they screwed us up once ,no they wanna screw us up again when we are old enough to make our own damn choices !

I just found out the other day that my attachment style is anxious style and that is not a good thing becoz my caregivers made me that way! 

Parents really are not aware of how much damage they have done To their children ,it seems like their job stops at having us like that is f**king awesome ,good job ,well done you had a baby like you damn own that baby so do whatever the hell you want !

I wanna give up really,I almost lost faith in people here to ever Change 

I hate that culture and  that mentality and all these centuries of old worn out traditions that doesn’t  make sense anymore,they make me hate being Egyptian ,being alive ,being anything!

They just suck the life out of me 

You were born in the 50s and i am born in the 80s ,we speak different languages and I give up on trying to make you understand,I give up on explaining who I am ,justifying my choices ,screaming and crying just so you can  show me even empathy!

I give up trying.Period.

I won’t change who i am and I am done really! 



I thought for Years that God created us and left us alone in this life ,struggling and trying so hard to make it work while in fact ,God has always been there all the time ,watching over us ,giving us signs ,giving us unlimited chances and opportunities to create the life we want ,a life of abundance but usually we miss out on those chances 

God always turned our misfortunes into a great opportunities for growth and healing 

Turning our losses into gains
Turning our problems and troubles into blessings in disguise
Giving us what we want when we least expect it
Making us happy after we give up and lose hope that our life will ever gonna change 
God gave us feelings to tell if we are truly aligned with what we want or not
God gave us imagination,intuition ,inner voice ,thoughts and feelings ,all are tools of creation 
God gave us Everything ,we got all the tools we need ,all the guidance and all the resources to create whatever we want but at the same time we complain all the time of lack and about how hard life is and that’s we get becoz we don’t use what we have ,we  are blind to what we already got or refuse to see it as Enough ,we are so ungrateful.I always heard it before ,start from where you are and I didn’t understand what that meant then but Now I do 
It means you got to use every talent you have ,every thing you can give to others and use it for a greater cause 
Becoz God gonna use your life anyways based on your choices ,whether it’s good or a bad life, for a greater cause that serves all humanity and isn’t that brilliant? 
God forgive us  after we have sinned and accept us ,take us back and guide us into the right path ,God love us in many ways we can’t even begin to imagine ,I really Love You God more than anything or anyone in this world 🙂

Just pray


Do you remember how many times you had fears and worries that turned out to be nothing ?
Do you remember that feeling of desperation,helplessness ,anguish and the whole world becomes black in your eyes becoz it seems that whatever problem you have unsolvable,impossible and there’s no way out of it!
But you get on your knees and pray ,you prayed and seeked God’s help and waked up next day to find that whatever trouble you had yesterday vanished or the problem that got on your nerves ,get solved in the most creative way you never imagined!
Even the struggle and misery turned out to be a blessing in a disguise ,it’s God’s mercy at work ,its His touch of love and healing ,its His blessings showered upon us daily .
If we just stop for a moment and listen
If we just stop for a moment and pray
If we just let God handle it all
If we just cry and ask for His help instead of overthinking and analyzing
If we just let God and let God 🙂
We should never get worried ,we should never suffer ,we should never panic when we know that God is taking care of us every single day,that He would never give you something more than you can handle ,that He is there always watching over you ,guiding you through every step of this journey.
God really love you ,why do you think you are here experiencing this life and providing for you every day ? Becoz God love us He want to live us happy here before we got to heaven inshaAllah
I think the least you can do is to be thankful for whatever you have today

Thank God a million times ,i cant really count how many times i was in desperate state ,on the verge of a breakdown but just one heartfelt prayer to God solved all my problems .God always makes me smile ,God always bring dawn after a very dark night
AlhamdulilAllah 🙂



I’m a perfectionist to the core and always wish from the depth of my heart if things were  better and perfect and sometimes people as well.i thought if things were perfect ,I’d be happier .Things like circumstances ,timing ,experiences and just every day life in general that sometimes it just makes me frustrated and disappointed. Perfectionism drains my energy and leaves me exhausted.May be things aren’t meant to be perfect ,may be things will always be imperfect just like people.That I’m imperfect myself.It takes me a very long time to accept and tolerate my imperfections.Now I embrace them and I wish to love my imperfections and that’s ironic becoz the perfectionist me again wishing everything to be perfect even about being imperfect .I want to be good at everything .Deep down in my heart ,I know I want this becoz I want to feel loved ,I want to feel that I fit in this world where Everything just makes you want to change something about yourself so you can say you belong somewhere .
I should let go and accept things and people for what and who they are .Even if things become perfect ,I would always feel that something is missing and try to search for flaws in everything and everyone and ruin my own happiness .I find out that the best cure for perfectionism is appreciation and gratitude .to begin every single day with thanking God for all the blessings you have in your life ,just for the mere fact that you are alive and breathing.There are many things and people in our lives that we take for granted but if we really started to show them appreciation ,we will be so much happier than ever .Thank God for Everything and for you my dear followers who I really appreciate and love .AlhamdulilAllah 🙂