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My Surrender To You


I already trust You God but i want to trust You with something else my destiny! I always wanted to control everything in my life ,i never trusted anything ,i always believed that i need to be in control 

I know there are zillion ways to reach what I want and i tried everything in my hands until i reached my wit’s end 

Now i thought may be this is Your way God of trying to say to me “You have to surrender your need for control to get what you want ” 

Is it true God?

I don’t feel any resistance inside of me now

This is not the end of the story ,may be this is just the beginning 

I will get what I want one way or another ,i create my own reality and I’m So determined 

And i wont resist what is anymore ,i will go with the flow

I choose the path of least resistance 

I know You will always choose what is best for me 

I hope this is the lesson You want to teach me God

And I want to tell You I got the lesson already 

I am now on the right track

It is true God ,it is happening

I remember the day when I told You i feel great ,uplifted and happy 

God I am open to all the possibilities 

For the first time in my life ,i trust You with everything 

I know You will never let me down 

Yes God ,I say Yes to anything You choose for me 

I trust You God with my life ,i know You will take care of everything 

I know i can be aligned with my desires ,i allow my desires

As prophet ibrahim peace be upon him trusted You with his life,I surrender

As prophet Mosses said God With me ,He will guide me ,I trust You

As prophet Muhammad said God with Us ,I believe in You

As prophet Ibrahim trusted You and followed Your orders,again I surrender

So God guide me to the right path ,choose for me ,tell me what to do or what not to do

 I feel good,i feel aligned with what i want

There is no ounce of resistance inside my body

Please God answer me in any way possible

Thank You very much 🙂

Life sucks? Or is it just You?!


Any bad thought inside of you that cannot be you becoz your essence is goodness,peace and loveBut where do bad thoughts come from ? Bad thoughts are suggestions from Satan 

He wants you to hate your life ,to lose faith and hope in yourself ,your life and most important of all to lose faith in God!

And Satan always use the same tricks by reminding you how many times you prayed to God and your prayers are not answered yet 

That God is not hearing you or faraway 

Satan speaks with your voice inside your head so you are so unlikely to recognize that this voice is not you 

If some of you read the brilliant book “New Earth” ,you would know for sure that most of the thoughts and emotions inside you are Ego-based and that is the real you is the one who is behind thought and feeling 

Try it ,for a few seconds stop all thoughts and feelings inside yourself ,you will find complete stillness and silence ,you are that silence or as they call it in spirituality ” Presence or Consciousness” 

If you created that space inside yourself whenever you feel sad ,angry ,negative ,detach yourself for a moment ,be present and experience the real you by staying conscious and be behind the thought or the feeling watching it ,just watching it not judging or even naming it 

It is the only way of becoming more aware and present 

Back to Satan “or the negative voice inside your head” , he first suggest a very bad idea or make you think very negative thoughts ,the negative thoughts generates automatically negative feelings inside yourself and the negative feelings attract very negative situations to your life and then the negative situations make you think of more bad thoughts and more negative feelings follow and you will remain in that negative vicious cycle forever if you did not do something to break it!

So here’s the important question : how can you stop all this from happening?

First recognize the voice as not yours ,watch it and say mmmmm interesting thought

Consider yourself someone who is sitting at the very backseat at the cinema and you are watching on the screen your thoughts and your feelings ,you are just watching ,you wont get up from your seat or get involved in anything that is happening inside the screen ,namely inside of you !

Once you watch the thought without reacting to it ,it loses its power over you

You are no longer the victim to whatever thoughts roam your mind but you are the controller of everything and the same time you are not controlling anything ,you are just letting the thoughts float without judging or resisting them 

I love the story that was mentioned in “New Earth”,awesome book by the way and a Must-read, about the power of surrender ,the zen master who accepted everything that happened to him by replying by one question to everything “Is it so”?

He refuses to engage in human drama so he lets everything go wether it’s good or bad 

Our lives are the manifestation of the thoughts we think plus the feelings we feel on a continuous basis 

So change your thoughts by talking back to them ,once you have a negative thought ,talk back to it and change it before it drags you down into the abyss of negativity 

Be the silent watcher ,just watch and be aware

Don’t judge anything as good or bad ,live like zen masters and let everything go 

Becoz getting attached to a thought whether good or bad ,in the case of good thoughts, it makes you have very high expectations then eventually disappointment if everything didn’t turn out as you like or want and in the case of bad you would resent and resist life and you will suffer for a long time until you decide to change and accept Life for what it is 

Your life starts to change the day you accept it with its ups and downs ,good and bad 

Life is always fair and you always end up with the consequeces of what you choose 

So don’t blame life and don’t blame yourself ,blame is just more negativity 

Recognize that you made a mistake and learn from it to make better choices in the future

You are the master of you destiny 

You are the captain of your soul

Then it’s up to you to choose what to make with  your life

Choose wisely 

Negative people ,Give me a break! 


I interacted today with this woman today and i felt so down when she told me all these sad stories of gloomy topics about death ,illness,bad people .i mean her negativity or sadness brought me down ,i felt like she dumped all her negativity on me ,i mean yeah i like talkative people but i dont like negative talkers and i also dont like people who talk about their personal lives all the time like it is the most important thing 

I get it that she is a kind lady and her experience in life revolves around her personal life but i couldn’t  care less ,yeah i could be curious to know a thing or two but i dont want to know your damn whole life story and i tried to be as gracious listener as possible but dont bring me down with you 

The only missing thing was a violin to play in the background ,i get her life is tough ,she suffered as most of people in this life do but please enough no need to tell ur life story to everyone 

I felt like she invaded my space and my privacy 

People in Egypt are damn nosey and talk too much and pretty self-centered i am not judging them ,that’s what i observed and that is the truth and they focus too much on what is wrong with their lives ,they gather to complain and cry and complain a little more like they really love that role of the victim like see i am kind and good and doing everything right and treat people kindly but life is such a bitch!!!

Seriously?!  i really had  enough of those people! Whiners! 

I luv people who spread joy ,simplicity ,happiness who smile and laugh in spite of their sadness ,no i dont like the people who suppress their sadness either or try to push it away or change it as if they dont want to feel any bad feelings,these people seem to me too cold and not human as if they want to be above the human experience but there is a big difference between being attached to your pain and sadness and make it your story and facing your life with positive attitude although it gets hard sometimes or at least to try to look at the positive and bright side of your life and to be grateful for what you have .i want to interact with positive people . i luv people who live like kids ,they cry when they r sad then they forget after a minute and laugh ,they r always living in the now enjoying life ,they dont get attached to pain,anger or sadness ,AlhamdulilAllah to some degree i live with the spirit of a child and that’s what i luv about me 🙂

Regret : How to get over it!


it’s the worst feeling ,it’s so negative loop that keeps repeating over and over and never stop if you kept saying to yourself “If only”!! If only I did this or said that ,if only I acted differently or made a better choice . The thing is it’s over ,what done is done .it’s in the past and you are Right now and you can’t take a time machine and go back to correct or fix what has already been done .It’s awful feeling I know I have been there and done that and it could take a hell lot of time if you kept beating yourself up for doing that mistake or this poor choice .Regret could be about Huge things like life decision or the little stuff like choosing a meal from a restaurant menu and it didn’t turn out as you expect ,you could experience a little regret like I should have had something else ,it happened with me A lot.My point is The bigger the issue ,The bigger the regret . Regret comes from a place of Knowledge .Yeah you know better now ,that’s why you blame yourself for not knowing better back then when you had to make that choice .if you had that information you would have acted differently.in other words ,when you know better ,you do better I heard these words at oprah winfery show and it hit me ,it’s so true .when you act upon lack of information ,you end up doing poor choices and disastrous things becoz it’s that simple the better you know ,the better you do .So how can you get that information? From books ,from other ppl’s experiences ,from TV shows or even movies ,anything actually that inspires you to do better . Now how to get over that feeling that keeps telling you “ You could have done better than that “ !! First thing is to tell that voice to shut up and fuck off becoz that’s your Ego not you.i had that awful intense feeling of regret once and i felt like shit and i couldn’t take it anymore and that voice inside my head never stopped and i said to it : Just shut up,I dare you to say anything mean about me again and guess what? it stopped becoz it’s not you,it’s the inner critic or Ego.Your Ego is Your sense of Self when you are at your worst . call it the inner critic or whatever ,but there is always that voice that tells you are awful ,that voice is so mean to you all the time ,it’s like you have never done anything right  .it always point out to you ,your mistakes and your flaws and it has never been kind to you .So it’s time to stop listening to that voice and treat yourself kindly . we are here to make mistakes and learn from them and we will never stop learning till we die .The most important thing to get over Regret is to feel the pain of regret ,then deal with it and heal it .you will get over it as long as you don’t resist it . Don’t regret Regret ,you have learned your lesson may be the hard way but anyways you gonna do better next time .Don’t be so hard on yourself ,give yourself a break ,it’s all well my friend .



Finally Ramadan is back ,it’s the only Month of the year that i can’t wait to come and it’s here AlhamdulilAllah 🙂 
As a Muslim ,for Me Ramadan is the month is of spiritual closeness to Allah (God) ,the month of purification ,the Month of mercy and blessings ,the month when the gates of heaven are Literally Open 🙂 
The Month of Qu’ran ,Almost every Muslim read the whole holy book of Qur’an once or twice to get the benefits from this month and i read it and i try to grasp the meaning behind every verse as well 
so it’s not only about refraining from eating or drinking  but great opportunity for us to charge our faith ,to get back on the right track, to follow the Islamic teachings ,to try hard to be our best 
and that for sure gives us the energy to keep going After Ramadan becoz Every Ramadan rly changes something inside me and i become a better person ALhamdulilAllah 🙂