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My Surrender To You


I already trust You God but i want to trust You with something else my destiny! I always wanted to control everything in my life ,i never trusted anything ,i always believed that i need to be in control 

I know there are zillion ways to reach what I want and i tried everything in my hands until i reached my wit’s end 

Now i thought may be this is Your way God of trying to say to me “You have to surrender your need for control to get what you want ” 

Is it true God?

I don’t feel any resistance inside of me now

This is not the end of the story ,may be this is just the beginning 

I will get what I want one way or another ,i create my own reality and I’m So determined 

And i wont resist what is anymore ,i will go with the flow

I choose the path of least resistance 

I know You will always choose what is best for me 

I hope this is the lesson You want to teach me God

And I want to tell You I got the lesson already 

I am now on the right track

It is true God ,it is happening

I remember the day when I told You i feel great ,uplifted and happy 

God I am open to all the possibilities 

For the first time in my life ,i trust You with everything 

I know You will never let me down 

Yes God ,I say Yes to anything You choose for me 

I trust You God with my life ,i know You will take care of everything 

I know i can be aligned with my desires ,i allow my desires

As prophet ibrahim peace be upon him trusted You with his life,I surrender

As prophet Mosses said God With me ,He will guide me ,I trust You

As prophet Muhammad said God with Us ,I believe in You

As prophet Ibrahim trusted You and followed Your orders,again I surrender

So God guide me to the right path ,choose for me ,tell me what to do or what not to do

 I feel good,i feel aligned with what i want

There is no ounce of resistance inside my body

Please God answer me in any way possible

Thank You very much 🙂



Finally Ramadan is back ,it’s the only Month of the year that i can’t wait to come and it’s here AlhamdulilAllah 🙂 
As a Muslim ,for Me Ramadan is the month is of spiritual closeness to Allah (God) ,the month of purification ,the Month of mercy and blessings ,the month when the gates of heaven are Literally Open 🙂 
The Month of Qu’ran ,Almost every Muslim read the whole holy book of Qur’an once or twice to get the benefits from this month and i read it and i try to grasp the meaning behind every verse as well 
so it’s not only about refraining from eating or drinking  but great opportunity for us to charge our faith ,to get back on the right track, to follow the Islamic teachings ,to try hard to be our best 
and that for sure gives us the energy to keep going After Ramadan becoz Every Ramadan rly changes something inside me and i become a better person ALhamdulilAllah 🙂