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The only Sign that can make you sure someone is your true twin flame!


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Some twin flames or people who claim to be “twin flames” are so confused with the signs and still not sure! If There is only one sign that can make you say this person is your twin flame for sure It’s the One Soul that you share with this person ,So how can you tell for sure you share the same Soul?!

The soul reveals itself in the eyes as eyes are windows of the soul and little details like the smile ,the the way of talking and the tone of voice

If you looked deeply into the eyes of your twin ,you can see your soul so clear ,it’s like looking into the mirror ,no one can match your soul or energy except your twin flame.Your twin flame is your mirror ,the exact same frequency and essence .One Soul in two bodies. Can you see your soul in your twin’s eyes?

Twin souls have the same smile and almost the same way of talking. Everyone’s smile is unique ,it’s like their signature! With twin souls,it’s the same smile 🙂

The way of talking is also very similar  

The tone of voice : twin souls almost share the same tone of voice because they vibrate at the same frequency thus their throat chakra vibrates at the same frequency too due to the same energetic essence.

But due to differences between men and women ,the tone of voice could change a little but very similar though 

So all the other signs of twin flames don’t matter much because you can share most of them with a soulmate like telepathy ,synchronicity,attraction ,familiarity,etc

It’s only the essence that matters when it comes to twin souls ,so look for your soul in the eyes of your twin and that’s your only true sign that this person is You but in another body ,you true twin soul 🙂

7 signs of meeting your twin flame for the first time 


Twin Flame Reunion T-shirt

7 signs of meeting your twin flame for the first time 

1-intense attraction towards this person you have Never felt before in your life 

2-intense Eye contact like you cannot take your eyes off them

3-strange sense of familiarity and comfort 

4-feeling like you have met before and knew this person for a long time but you don’t remember where or when!

5-feeling that this person is the male or female version of yourself

6-Too much intense energy from the same soul frequency that you feel like tongue tied and cannot speak

7-Soul Recognition : you see yourself reflected in the eyes of your twin ,it’s like looking deeply into your soul and as they say eyes are windows of the soul 

Twin flames story

Twin flames story

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This is fictional story Written by me as i imagined what a twin flame relationship would be like and their mission on earth 

He told her : Let’s get down to Earth and have the experience of our lives

She : oh no ,it’s too risky! I can’t do this!

He : come on,it’s gonna be fun

She : who told you that? Don’t you see them ,they are suffering down there and in so much pain .I saw few happy people

He : we could be one of those few!

And you know we could teach them something there and spread love ,light and awareness among them ,it is a noble mission ,think about it!

She : how can you be so sure ,we might suffer like them or even worse fail!

He : it doesnt matter , but the experience itself will transform us and make us more aware of that time and space reality in that physical dimension

She : suppose we take a journey to Earth ,how can I recognize you? We might lose each other Forever!

He: are you kidding? We can’t lose each other ,we are Twins!

She : But still it’s a big world down there ,how gonna I find you?

He: We will be in the same country

She : okay but how gonna I know you? Becoz you know you will look like one of them I mean like humans!

He : you wil just know

She : “you will just know” oh, that is too cliché!

He : oh well, we Will look alike ,we are twins remember!

She: still I may not recognize you!

He : fine ,we will be related somehow!

She : really? Like that would be a big deal! Everyone is related somehow down there!

I still could miss you!

He : you know what? I will wispher it to your soul and you would be like Aha,it’s him!

She: are we gonna get married?

He : for sure ,we must get married to accomplish our mission together

She : are we going to have children?

He : yeah Lots of children,The children of love 🙂

She : i love your enthusiasm but i fear the separation,i mean we have always been together ,it will just be too hard

He : hey don’t be afraid,God is watching over us and there are gurdian angels around us.

I believe we will never be apart ,we are always connected .just think about me and you will find me with you

She : okay Let’s do this it’s a short journey anyways  ,Let’s play and have fun

He : one last thing i want to tell you when it’s time to go we will ascend together leaving the Earth when our mission is accomplished

Remeber how you always told me you wanted to experience what it would be like on earth

She : yeah I do remember ,i always thought about it but never actually thought of actually doing it

Now with you with me ,i’m willing to take that risk.i want to accomplish that mission .

He : I really love you my twin ,my soul

She : I love you too forever and ever