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Emotional Privacy


We can share a lot of stuff with other ppl but there’s some private stuff that can’t be shared with anyone even ur closest friends . Being too much secretive and all ,makes it too hard for me to share stuff with ppl in general and my friends in particular especially the emotional stuff that connected with my deep emotions.i feel that if i told anyone about my emotions it’s like i’m standing naked in front of this person and i can’t trust anyone enough to tell them my secrets or my emotions .it’s like my privacy that i don’t want it to be violated besides ,I hate to be really vulnerable or weak in front of anyone .I’m too much sensitive and i’m kinda afraid if ppl didn’t understand or appreciate how hard it is for me to be vulnerable!! I’m too much complicated I know but that’s me and i don’t like anyone to take me or my emotions for granted!
but every now and then ,i think we all need to open up and be vulnerable in front of someone so close to us to pour our hearts out ,talk about our emotions and fears and know for sure that this person will listen and not judge!
getting that huge weight off ur chest helps A lot and sometimes you can be assured that u r not alone 
Someone who will listen without trying to fix you but just listen !
women in general being so emotional need this and only emotionally intelligent men can do this!