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when u have someone or something in ur life for a long time ,u get used to it and start to take it for granted but when u suddenly lose that thing or someone ,now u wonder how will u live without it? u try to remember how was ur life before everything started.surprisingly,it was okay ,u were living and taking life as it is .why now can’t u go back like before? pretend it didn’t even exist in the first place ,how would you live? like it doesn’t matter ,right? 
The problem is that we get attached to ppl and things like they r the oxygen we breathe and without them we can’t survive .I like that Quote from a Movie I watched the other day “The possessions you own ends up owning you” somehow it’s true if you let someone or something to take ur freedom then u will live ur whole life as a slave to it . close ur eyes ,imagine urself without anything or anyone ,how u feel? r u scared or u still believe that ur existence depends on others whether it’s ppl or materialistic things? Liberate urself today and be okay with just being You 🙂