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How to choose by accessing your intuitionĀ 


Intuition is the knowing inside you that has access to everything you need to know about 

Currently I’m reading a book about intuition and I find this piece of info very helpful for a lot of people who struggle with making decisions like me 

You want to decide between two things but “logically” you can’t make up your mind ,no matter how much you analyze ,think,count the pros and cons ,you are still confused

There’s only one way to be sure you are making the right decision is when you know and feel it is the right decision 

Simply ,intuition is knowing and feeling in your body that something is right,it just feels right!

Intuition is different from your usual everyday thoughts becoz it’s a brief thought that came out of nowhere with a feeling in the body 

For example ,you think of someone out of nowhere and feel the urge to call them right away ,this is your intuition

My experience with intuition comes through a feeling of throwing up,i was struggling with making a decision ,first I felt something heavy on my chest but i ignored it

But after that I felt deeply annoyed and like I want to throw up and all these feelings came out of nowhere ,that was my intuition trying to tell me That I was about to make the wrong decision but I backed off at the last minute 

When you are trying to choose between two things ,let’s say scenario 1 and  scenario 2

Close your eyes and imagine that you choose scenario 1 ,don’t think much but notice how you feel in your body 

Do the same thing close your eyes and imagine choosing scenario 2 ,notice who you feel if you choose scenario 2

One of them will feel slightly better than the other ,that’s your answer ,that subtle feeling of feeling better which is your indication that it’s a better choice for you

You intuition has all the answers ,and it always try to get your attention to make the right choice ,just listen to it .Listen to your gut feeling šŸ™‚ 


What I learned from lifeĀ 


I learned that u attract what u think about the most and give attention to,that’s the law of attraction 

I learned that men will respect you if you respect yourself and have high self-esteem 

Dont pursue men ,let men pursue you ,that is the fun part for them 

I learned that when you are ready ,you are ready ,you cant force a thing to happen before its perfect timing 

That behind every seemingly bad situation is a transformative experience that will change your perspective or your life ,there is no nothing bad ,only goodness and great blessings in disguise 

I learned that stubbornness and refusing to let go of what is not working out in your life is a huge disservice u r doing to yourself ,when it’s time to let go ,you have just to let go and move on

Your soulmate will awaken you ,spiritually awaken you ,will send you on a journey into your soul to find your soul before you both become ready to be with each other 

I learned that God never fail to make it all up for those who are wronged and patient 

I learned like attracts like,i learned that God created a perfect match for every person and when that person comes your way ,your only job is to recognize him 

I learned that you never know ,never say No to life ,every experience will benefit you and serve your journey 

I learned that if you want something in your life ,take action 

If you want love ,take action and then let it go and it will come to you

I learned when the universe send you a sign to do something ,just listen the first time and do it

I learned that ur nagging thoughts that keeps tell u or suggest u do something u wouldn’t normally do is a form of intuition and u better listen to it ,honor ur intuition by listening to it and acting upon it 

I learned that when you have God in your life and when u talk to Him about your worries ,struggles and fears then u dont need to worry at all ,just let God take care of it all,let Go and let God 

I learned that you have to share your pain and experiences with someone close to you who u can trust ,that’s the power of vulnerability 

I learned that loss sometimes benefit you by growing up spiritually 

I learned that when you pray sincerely from your heart ,God always answer

I learned to take action to direct my life in the direction i want ,i learned the power of imagination,prayer and the list to attract my soulmate to me

I learned that everyone comes into your life serves a purpose ,some are meant to stay for a season and we should let them go when we know  that their role in our life is over ,we should pay attention to hints

I learned to be available to myself and taking care of myself ,my needs and my feelings 

I learned to say No and honor my intuition

I learned that all is well in the end 

I learned balance from going to both extremes ,the extreme of overeating and starving ,i learned that i have the power over my body 

I learned that when u love urself and ur body ,your body will love u back and functions perfectly ,i learned that when u treat urself with love,kindness and respect ,others will treat u the same way and reflect that back to u 

I learned that sometimes u have to go with the flow and be flexible 

I learned that u have to choose ur battles wisely  

I learned that you cant please everyone ,you have always to stick to your own values ,you know yourself better than anyone ,you are never picky ,you just know what you want and what you like to have and you are entitled to have what you want 

I learned that you will never lose anything by saying the truth ,au contraire you will win the respect of everyone 

I learned that sometime you have to stop asking for help when others fail you and depend on yourself instead ,you always got yourself ,be your best friend ,see how you will go out of your way to be with a friend and listen to his troubles and feelings ,and do the same for yourself ,be available to yourself all the time as much as you need others ,you need you .

I learned that by having a consistent conversation and strong connection with God ,God will take care of you and your life and you dont have to worry when you talk to God and ask Him to help you