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I’m a perfectionist to the core and always wish from the depth of my heart if things were  better and perfect and sometimes people as well.i thought if things were perfect ,I’d be happier .Things like circumstances ,timing ,experiences and just every day life in general that sometimes it just makes me frustrated and disappointed. Perfectionism drains my energy and leaves me exhausted.May be things aren’t meant to be perfect ,may be things will always be imperfect just like people.That I’m imperfect myself.It takes me a very long time to accept and tolerate my imperfections.Now I embrace them and I wish to love my imperfections and that’s ironic becoz the perfectionist me again wishing everything to be perfect even about being imperfect .I want to be good at everything .Deep down in my heart ,I know I want this becoz I want to feel loved ,I want to feel that I fit in this world where Everything just makes you want to change something about yourself so you can say you belong somewhere .
I should let go and accept things and people for what and who they are .Even if things become perfect ,I would always feel that something is missing and try to search for flaws in everything and everyone and ruin my own happiness .I find out that the best cure for perfectionism is appreciation and gratitude .to begin every single day with thanking God for all the blessings you have in your life ,just for the mere fact that you are alive and breathing.There are many things and people in our lives that we take for granted but if we really started to show them appreciation ,we will be so much happier than ever .Thank God for Everything and for you my dear followers who I really appreciate and love .AlhamdulilAllah 🙂