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I’m happy and I feel like crying too ,suddenly when you realize the wisdom of God you can’t help it but cry For many years I cried and suffered for thinking I’m So unlucky but I found out I’m lucky beyond my imagination.Every pain I have went through was a blessing in disguise

It took me years to get the meaning behind suffering ,it was for a reason which is to get me to my Destiny and I’m seeing my destiny unfolding and that’s rare ,very rare and beautiful and also challenging!

It empowers me to live my life determined and assured that I will get what I want someday somehow! 

I’m So thankful for all those who have helped me without knowing ,the hidden soldiers ,the angels in Human form ,I wish you all more happiness and success ,Life has never been better and I’m starting to figure it all out Eventually since I’ve been awakened and I feel like I’m on the right track and I am noticing synchronicities and signs that tell me Yes you are almost there ,keep going ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh God I’m speechless ,Thank You ,Thank You,Thank You ๐Ÿ™‚


Just pray


Do you remember how many times you had fears and worries that turned out to be nothing ?
Do you remember that feeling of desperation,helplessness ,anguish and the whole world becomes black in your eyes becoz it seems that whatever problem you have unsolvable,impossible and there’s no way out of it!
But you get on your knees and pray ,you prayed and seeked God’s help and waked up next day to find that whatever trouble you had yesterday vanished or the problem that got on your nerves ,get solved in the most creative way you never imagined!
Even the struggle and misery turned out to be a blessing in a disguise ,it’s God’s mercy at work ,its His touch of love and healing ,its His blessings showered upon us daily .
If we just stop for a moment and listen
If we just stop for a moment and pray
If we just let God handle it all
If we just cry and ask for His help instead of overthinking and analyzing
If we just let God and let God ๐Ÿ™‚
We should never get worried ,we should never suffer ,we should never panic when we know that God is taking care of us every single day,that He would never give you something more than you can handle ,that He is there always watching over you ,guiding you through every step of this journey.
God really love you ,why do you think you are here experiencing this life and providing for you every day ? Becoz God love us He want to live us happy here before we got to heaven inshaAllah
I think the least you can do is to be thankful for whatever you have today

Thank God a million times ,i cant really count how many times i was in desperate state ,on the verge of a breakdown but just one heartfelt prayer to God solved all my problems .God always makes me smile ,God always bring dawn after a very dark night
AlhamdulilAllah ๐Ÿ™‚

Happiness Vs Money!


i thought of something today :r wealthy ppl a happy ppl? itโ€™s not necessarily to be happy just becoz u r wealthy and have all the material stuff that other wish and want .u could live in wide amazing house ,eat the best food and get everything u want but still not happy ,material stuff doesnโ€™t make us happy ,it just made life easier!
u may have a simple life with no luxury but still enjoy it more than a millionaire who got everything he needs and still can’t find happiness .Human Relationships bring warmth and happiness to our lives whether itโ€™s friendship or marriage .the time we spend with other ppl add to our happiness and enrich us in many wayz .We learn from ppl and get inspired by their experiences and their life!
so go out ,Spend time with ppl u luv and care about ,count ur blessings and know that money isn’t everything ,itโ€™s just a means to an end!
be happy with u got today and be grateful and u will get so much more 2morrow ๐Ÿ™‚