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Embracing Pain


Resisting pain making it persists. I want to feel my pain no matter how hard it is!I had a half headache and cold yesterday and moreover I was feeling so nauseated that I had to wake up and throw up!

But at one point I said to myself “You had to stop fighting pain ,feel it” 

And I felt it deeply with every fiber in my being and I felt that it still hurts but it doesn’t bother me anymore ,it was like Okay I can handle that and I fell asleep after that 

Pain stands for “Pay Attention inside Now” ,if you kept denying,ignoring and suppressing your pain ,guess what? It will keep hurting you like hell and get the best of you but once you stop all the resistance and fighting and embrace it ,something dramatic happens ,it stops to be pain but merely a “physical sensation” 

I played this game with myself ,I said “what does this pain inside me feel like?!” And I tried to come up with analogy to best describe it 

I found out the more clearer and accurate to describe what it feels like ,the more it helped to handle it even coming up with something weird or funny helps Alot 

Becoz if you didnt name your pain and put it in a box,so to speak,it consumes and overwhelms you 

It is like this is so huge ,i cannot even begin to describe what is it doing to me 

Narrow it down as much as possible and say to yourself “I can handle it” and let your body heals you 

I always let taking medications my last option becoz I want to be stronger than my pain and I want to find out the why of it all ,what is my body trying to tell me?

May be I need more sleep or rest or anything else 

Deal with the root cause and not the symptom 

Whether your pain is physical or emotional ,feel it,embrace it and find the root cause of why you feel this way 

This is true healing and you will find yourself more lighter and healthier  

why should I love Egypt?


Throughout History ,Egypt went through many ups and downs but always rising from its ashes like a phoenix ,Stronger than Ever!! 

Almost all Egyptians are in love-hate relationship with Egypt.they love it and hate it at the same time and it’s complicated that way!
you find some ppl who want to travel and leave it but once they r out ,they miss it and dream of coming back.
Most of Egyptians suffer from Nostalgia ,the past was always better and happier .OH THE MEMORIES!! 
Some Egyptians deny that they love Egypt and they actually curse it sometimes but deep inside they know they r liars becoz they care about Egypt so much ,they only want to see it better but frustrated and disappointed by Everything here in Egypt!

Egyptians forget the fact that Egypt is just a country , a place like any other place in the world ,its ppl make it worse or better! it depends on the ppl not the place! 
imagine Paris without the french ppl ,it won’t be the same! 
So Egyptians themselves are the problem ,Not Egypt!
We Egyptian like really to “personify” Egypt ,it’s a person and when it’s good ,it becomes “our mother” ,om el donia “the mother of the world” and when it’s bad ,it’s a “bitch” ,”bald was5a” it’s a dirty country! 
Spare Egypt your praise or your anger and do something yourself to make it better becoz believe u r part of the problem!! 
Back to the love-hate Relationship ,it’s like being a parent and having a loser fat son ,he can study ,he could try to lose weight but let’s assume that he doesn’t do anything about that and just getting worse day after day!! 
you as a parent hate the fact that he is a loser and failure but you can’t hate him after all he is ur son and deep inside u ,u still love him but u r just  angry and dissapointed and hate to see him like that . u want him to be successful ,to be the best! 
but what can you do? 
All you can offer him as a parent only love,acceptance and understanding.you should let him be ,to accept him for what he is and to pray for him to be better ,to try with again and again. to see him and say ” I love you despite all ur flaws ,I love you in spite of you” 

I truly Love you,Egypt .
this is nothing serious ,i was just ranting about Me being Egyptian and all but i come to this conclusion that I should Love Egypt as it is and stop trying so hard to hate it !! 

Emotional Privacy


We can share a lot of stuff with other ppl but there’s some private stuff that can’t be shared with anyone even ur closest friends . Being too much secretive and all ,makes it too hard for me to share stuff with ppl in general and my friends in particular especially the emotional stuff that connected with my deep emotions.i feel that if i told anyone about my emotions it’s like i’m standing naked in front of this person and i can’t trust anyone enough to tell them my secrets or my emotions .it’s like my privacy that i don’t want it to be violated besides ,I hate to be really vulnerable or weak in front of anyone .I’m too much sensitive and i’m kinda afraid if ppl didn’t understand or appreciate how hard it is for me to be vulnerable!! I’m too much complicated I know but that’s me and i don’t like anyone to take me or my emotions for granted!
but every now and then ,i think we all need to open up and be vulnerable in front of someone so close to us to pour our hearts out ,talk about our emotions and fears and know for sure that this person will listen and not judge!
getting that huge weight off ur chest helps A lot and sometimes you can be assured that u r not alone 
Someone who will listen without trying to fix you but just listen !
women in general being so emotional need this and only emotionally intelligent men can do this!