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I like new beginnings .i luv everything new : new clothes,new books,new ppl u get to know for the first time ,new chances and for sure New Years. The idea of the possibilities that every new thing comes with excites me .how I gonna look in that outfit ,how will this book enrich and enlighten me and how these ppl I get to know will mean to me after a while and how each New Year holds many experiences that will make me grow every day and be better than before .I’m also the kind of person who when get stuck wants to destroy everything and start all over again like a blank new page I always want to start fresh and anew although I find it hard sometimes to let go of the past completely! 
I keep going there in my mind trying to understand why things happened that way and what did I do and where I went wrong becoz without finding a closure for everything I keep going back and it drives me crazy .it makes sad when I invest so much time and feelings in something and it turns out to be Nothing  and I keep blaming myself for everything .i really give myself a hard time and I want to stop this in the new year let’s say that I will try to be more tolerant of my mistakes becoz we all make them and nobody’s perfect.
On the other hand ,I don’t like resolutions becoz let’s face it no one sticks to them except few and I hate to put pressure on myself or stress myself out to just achieve some list of goals.i do things at my own pace and I’m doing just fine but when I have to be like I have to do this and that I get bored and de-motivated plus failing to accomplish these resolutions makes me feel like shit and I’m not that disciplined person to be honest.
If u listen to  or read much self-help stuff like me ,u will find that most of them emphasize the importance of setting clear goals becoz without goals u will not go anywhere.anyways i wrote a list of Resolutions this year just in case but I believe if u want something bad enough ,u will set ur mind to it and do it without the need to write it down or set it as a goal.we r motivated by many things in life and the greater the motivation,the greater the achievement .
I will motivate myself to be better at everything I do and to be the best I could be to reach my full potential and I guess that’s enough .
2013 was great year for me although it was full of ups and downs but I learned a great deal from the good and bad experiences and challenges.I knew myself better and learned how to forgive and let go .i read some great books and watched many great movies .i deepened my relationship with some of my friends.I liked how i become more spiritual than ever before and i come to realize that God is really so near to us more nearer than we think and He hear us all the time and I really felt so blessed becoz God was and still by my side through it all. God showed me the right path and gave me peace of mind and happiness when I needed it AlhamdulilAllah I feel so blessed and loved whenever I think that God is watching over me and after all I’m not alone 
My life was never easy becoz I have got too many issues to deal with but I will always choose to look at the bright side of it and be happy about what I have right now 
I don’t know what will tomorrow brings or what the future has in store for me but I believe it’s always getting better.I trust and believe in God so I believe that the best is yet to come and I’m optimistic about this year for no particular reason but I feel it inside me that it will be the beginning of something great inshaAllah
Goodbye 2013 .2014 I’m ready bring it on 😉