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AlhamdulilAllah 🙂

A Little About Everything


God is always generous. HE takes one thing, and gives us a million blessing in return.

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2014 in review


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 770 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 13 trips to carry that many people.

2014 was a good year full of challenges ,trips,happiness,growth and some painful experiences but all in all ,the good outweighed the bad And i am so grateful AlhamdulilAllah 🙂

goodbye 2014 and welcome 2015

Thanks for all my dear followers and readers who stop by and read what i write ,it really means Alot to me ,hope you get inspired and wish you all a very happy new year ^_^

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#375 Finding out someone has the same birthday as you


1000 Awesome Things

Finding out someone shares a birthday with you feels like stars aligning, hearts criss-crossing, and lives twisting and tangling together.

If they share your actual year it’s even more special because you grew up sharing moments and memories and histories and horoscopes, too. Libra to Libra, Pisces to Pisces, you break it down around town chatting about childhood birthday parties, deliciously disgusting foods, and hometown habits that died hard.

Suddenly it’s a reminder it’s not just about you because someone else is partying hard on your party day.

Suddenly it feels like you’re sharing a secret.

Suddenly it feels like a friend.


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Sweet Novemeber


I luv everything about the month of November ,the weather it’s neither hot nor too cold ,it’s supposed to be the fall season ,the sense of serenity ,and for me it’s my lucky month all good things happen to me in November ,sometimes also bad things turn out to be good,a blessing in disguise ,my birthday in November .
It amazes me my birthday is on 21 November ,the last day of the Scorpio sign after that the sun enter Sagittarius sign ,I was born on a cusp , so I’m a Scorpio with a Sagittarius tendencies ,I’ve got the best of both worlds I’m truly blessed although I’m Scorpio through and through but there is a little sag in me 😛
I can’t believe that soon I’ll be 25 ,time fly by too fast ,a quarter of a century 🙂
I don’t wanna talk about goals and what I achieved in my life so far blah blah blah I hate to plan my life,although i also like to feel that my life is going in a preplanned direction ,I can’t explain that contradiction but mostly I like to live in the moment and tomorrow will take care of itself ,it’s always Now there’s no past or future ,even when you are talking about the past you are in the Now and when you reach the future , you are still in the Now ,it’s amazing isn’t it? So I’m always want to be in the Now ,to enjoy every moment
Let’s wait and see what November has in store for me 🙂


دعاء واعتداء


Cinnamon Zone

عزيزي المسلم اللي طول نهارك بتشارك أدعية عالفيسبوك وغيره: عمرك سمعت عن إشي اسمه الاعتداء في الدعاء؟

خلينا نتفق على إشي، الدعاء إشي رائع ومطلوب وهو عبادة بحد ذاته. بس للتوضيح:

الدعاء مش ضروري يكون في سجع وقافية، يعني تكلف وصنعة في إشي المفروض يكون طالع من القلب، مش زابطة، وعلى فكرة السجع مكروه في الدعاء

وبما إنه المفروض يكون طالع من القلب فمش ضروري الدعاء يكون عبارة عن نص واحد كاتبه وحاطه على صورة وردة ولا غروب شمس عشان تقعد تسمع فيه كإنه درس محفوظات، متل العدد المهولمن الأدعية المتداولة عالفيسبوك والواتساب واللي أصلا بتلاقي فيها مليان أخطاء لغوية وحتى عبارات مغلوطة أصلاً وتخالف الدين

وبمناسبة الواتساب والفيسبوك، شو بالنسبة للأدعية اللي بتكون أربع صفحات فولوسكاب عالوجهين؟ أصلاً الإطالة في الدعاء مكروهة، وقصة إنه الشيخ يقعد يدعي نص ساعة والناس تقول وراه آمين هاي الله أعلم مين اخترعها، غير عن عشرات الأدعية اللي بكون في آخرها حديث مكذوب أو…

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Regret : How to get over it!


it’s the worst feeling ,it’s so negative loop that keeps repeating over and over and never stop if you kept saying to yourself “If only”!! If only I did this or said that ,if only I acted differently or made a better choice . The thing is it’s over ,what done is done .it’s in the past and you are Right now and you can’t take a time machine and go back to correct or fix what has already been done .It’s awful feeling I know I have been there and done that and it could take a hell lot of time if you kept beating yourself up for doing that mistake or this poor choice .Regret could be about Huge things like life decision or the little stuff like choosing a meal from a restaurant menu and it didn’t turn out as you expect ,you could experience a little regret like I should have had something else ,it happened with me A lot.My point is The bigger the issue ,The bigger the regret . Regret comes from a place of Knowledge .Yeah you know better now ,that’s why you blame yourself for not knowing better back then when you had to make that choice .if you had that information you would have acted other words ,when you know better ,you do better I heard these words at oprah winfery show and it hit me ,it’s so true .when you act upon lack of information ,you end up doing poor choices and disastrous things becoz it’s that simple the better you know ,the better you do .So how can you get that information? From books ,from other ppl’s experiences ,from TV shows or even movies ,anything actually that inspires you to do better . Now how to get over that feeling that keeps telling you “ You could have done better than that “ !! First thing is to tell that voice to shut up and fuck off becoz that’s your Ego not you.i had that awful intense feeling of regret once and i felt like shit and i couldn’t take it anymore and that voice inside my head never stopped and i said to it : Just shut up,I dare you to say anything mean about me again and guess what? it stopped becoz it’s not you,it’s the inner critic or Ego.Your Ego is Your sense of Self when you are at your worst . call it the inner critic or whatever ,but there is always that voice that tells you are awful ,that voice is so mean to you all the time ,it’s like you have never done anything right  .it always point out to you ,your mistakes and your flaws and it has never been kind to you .So it’s time to stop listening to that voice and treat yourself kindly . we are here to make mistakes and learn from them and we will never stop learning till we die .The most important thing to get over Regret is to feel the pain of regret ,then deal with it and heal it .you will get over it as long as you don’t resist it . Don’t regret Regret ,you have learned your lesson may be the hard way but anyways you gonna do better next time .Don’t be so hard on yourself ,give yourself a break ,it’s all well my friend .