Sweet November



Today is 1st of November and I luv November (the month of my birthdate) ,talk about change ,miracles and magic 🙂

November is when all the dreams come true ,when I reap what I sow all the year 

November is really my fav month ,i like its weather ,its calm and serenity November is when I reflect upon everything I did and get inspiration to move on with my life 

Every November my life shifts dramatically on every level ,it’s a transformation process I have to go through

I become a new me ,a different me and the insight i gain into myself and my life make me a better person for sure

This November is special one becoz I will turn out 26 ,I mean WOW ,I didn’t feel good about turning out 25 but now I feel so good about turning out 26 ,I love the even numbers and I feel like positive change is coming my way

I have been through a spiritual awakening that changed my perspective about everything in life 

I feel a constant stillness and sense of peace inside of me I’ve never felt before in my whole life ,I become obsessed with spirituality .It opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and everything becomes meaningful ,I mean life with its ups and downs has more meaning to me now 

Before I used to think that there is much suffering and misery in life and I felt like being cursed and now with my new perspective ,I feel like I’m the most blessed person on Earth for real 🙂

I used to see life as black or white without any shades in between ,now I can see the whole spectrum of colors that makes up life

The most important thing I’ve learned is that you create your own reality with your thoughts ,feelings,intentions ,actions and desires .if we understood the law of attraction and saw for ourselves how we attract every single thing into our lives by just our thoughts ,feelings and imagination ,your whole life will transform dramatically 

The other most important thing is to live a life of non-resistance ,no resistance to the good or the negative that happen to you 

Resistance is what creates our misery and pain and as they say” what you resist persists”

With this year coming to an end ,I can say It’s all about Love ,the answer is Love 🙂

Loving ourselves,Loving God ,Loving people,the creation ,the whole universe .It’s about God loving us ,giving us life so we can experience Love ,the most beautiful feeling you can ever feel and the highest vibration frequency you can reach ,love is what makes the world goes around and guess what? God is Love 🙂

It’s all about God ,surrendering to God ,loving God and worshiping God and one day you return back to God so Get to know God while you are here ,that is the most important thing you can do with your life 

Have a happy November ^_^ 

About Mai yolyz

hi,it's me,,.,My real name is Mai and My nickname is Mai yolyz. I luv writing and i dream to become a writer someday inshaAllah (God willing) .I remember when i was a kid i used to write be4 even i know how to write.i would just draw all kind of shapes as if it's letters .the pen and the paper fascinated me and when i grow up ,this passion grows inside of me . I began writing my thoughts and my feelings and then turned into writing English poetry and I find in writing whether poetry or prose an outlet for my emotions and thoughts.Writing becomes my friend that listens to me all the time . I started blogging and i find it interesting as ppl u don't know come to read what u write and get inspired by that that feedback from others encouraged me to keep writing and now i can't let that go ,writing becomes part of who i am and part of what i will become :) thanks 4 stopping by ,Hope u find my words inspiring :)

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  1. Sweet November.. sweet thoughts about self, God and being at peace.. contentment.. November is the month of Scorpio.. fierce in love and passion.. fierce in strategy and war.. intelligence personified.. What a treasure discovered to find your post.. I have been married to a Scorpio for many years.. he proves to me every day that there is hope for the world, no matter how troubled, divided, or confused we become.. everyone loses their way at one point or another in life, but a Scorpio will always return to the path.. loyal to a fault.. ThankYou Mai.. for those who will read your beautiful post and feel better about themselves.. You gave me sunshine, today…..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for your beautiful comment ,it made my day 🙂
      I’m a Scorpio too and every scorpio goes through some journey of transformation in his life ,mine was a spiritual one
      you are lucky you have a Scorpio husband becoz as you said we are loyal to a fault and also passionate about life and everything
      Glad you like my post ,thanks for stopping by ,wish you a very happy November with your scorpio husband 🙂


      • Keep up your writing, Mai…Its the good thoughts from good people with good intent that will save our world someday.. I’m new to wordpress and have only ventured to read and comment on two or three posts.. My thoughts are gathering though.. and it seems there can never be enough said to help someone or something be better.. I’ve seen that many on here want to fight and quarrel about anything and everything.. what a shame to use this forum for such frivolous chatter.. perhaps you and I can make a difference… I’ll post eventually.. and I will keep up with reading your posts.. I look forward to more warm and precious thoughts from Mai… Regards til later…

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for your motivating comment ,I really appreciate it .I write to inspire people everywhere and make a difference and WordPress is a good tool to do this by sharing my thoughts and feelings with everyone and if we all use to share our experiences and knowledge ,we will inspire each other and make a big difference and spread positivity and love
        Welcome to WordPress ,nice meeting you 🙂


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