Messages to God (The unknown)



Messages to God (The unknown) by Mai Yolyz

The future ,that mysterious box 
Oh God ,i wish if i knew 
many things would happen 
if i just knew what will happen 
what had already happened 
because I chose this or that 
carelessly ,impulsively 
out of ignorance
and sometimes Naivety 
God ,if i had only that button to undo 
all these mistakes 
but how can i learn? 
I have to fall to stand up again 
I’m only human 
Error is in my DNA 
I know better Now 
But how can i go on? 
The unknown 
It scares the hell out of me 
will i go insane? 
someday maybe i will know for sure 
Looking back at my life 
knowing where I went wrong 
will it be too late? 
Je ne sais pas 
I don’t know 
why too much uncertainty in Life? 
Peut etre ,Peut Etre 
Nothing for sure 
C’est la vie!!
only You God can assure our hearts
only You can give us peace of mind
Knowing that everything will be alright

About Mai yolyz

hi,it's me,,.,My real name is Mai and My nickname is Mai yolyz. I luv writing and i dream to become a writer someday inshaAllah (God willing) .I remember when i was a kid i used to write be4 even i know how to write.i would just draw all kind of shapes as if it's letters .the pen and the paper fascinated me and when i grow up ,this passion grows inside of me . I began writing my thoughts and my feelings and then turned into writing English poetry and I find in writing whether poetry or prose an outlet for my emotions and thoughts.Writing becomes my friend that listens to me all the time . I started blogging and i find it interesting as ppl u don't know come to read what u write and get inspired by that that feedback from others encouraged me to keep writing and now i can't let that go ,writing becomes part of who i am and part of what i will become :) thanks 4 stopping by ,Hope u find my words inspiring :)

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