The Beauty of French :)


I Luv French , I Adoreeeeeeeeeeeeee french ,it’s the only language i wish to be fluent at besides ENglish .there’s something about French that makes me Go oh lalalalala! it’s music to my ears and just make me happy 🙂
I studied it at High school or lycee  for 2 years then a brief course at college but after college i forgot most of it ,that’s why now i try to relearn it ,it’s Fun Loads of fun 😀
I luv the sound of it ,the way it needs certain delicacy to be pronounced ,everything about French is just Awesome .Mostly ,I wanna learn it to sing french songs 😀
I searched YouTube the other day for french songs for children and i find lots of super duper cute songs with lyrics and it was easy to sing along hehehe 
Je voudrais Parler francais parce que c’est tres belle langue ^_^

About Mai yolyz

hi,it's me,,.,My real name is Mai and My nickname is Mai yolyz. I luv writing and i dream to become a writer someday inshaAllah (God willing) .I remember when i was a kid i used to write be4 even i know how to write.i would just draw all kind of shapes as if it's letters .the pen and the paper fascinated me and when i grow up ,this passion grows inside of me . I began writing my thoughts and my feelings and then turned into writing English poetry and I find in writing whether poetry or prose an outlet for my emotions and thoughts.Writing becomes my friend that listens to me all the time . I started blogging and i find it interesting as ppl u don't know come to read what u write and get inspired by that that feedback from others encouraged me to keep writing and now i can't let that go ,writing becomes part of who i am and part of what i will become :) thanks 4 stopping by ,Hope u find my words inspiring :)

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