it’s my best friend engagement 2day but unfortunately i didn’t go!! Although i wanted to go but i’m so pissed of at how such friend who i call her sister n my best friend to be that careless ,she is alwayz careless n take me for granted!!
she called me and she was like hey i wanna u to come it will be grand night big time bla bla bla and i was so happy 4 her n still .2day i waited for her to call me or even to give me a ring to go to the hairdresser with her but she didn’t even call on my cell or at home then it’s already night n  i become worried i give her a ring n waited nothing ,then i decided to call her she switched her cell off or may be the battery is dead but whatever if she rly wanted me to go with her ,she would call me early !! WTF ? seriously? I mean if u wanna go alone or with ur sister or whoever,why did u call me n tell me u must come and all that bullshit!!
Emy is my best friend ,since high skool ,she was the one who was alwayz there when i didn’t have any friendz .i get attached to her n we become so close ,like sisters or even more but after high skool we went to different colleges and we started to get apart although we call each other every now n then and sometimes we hang out when she is free becoz she has a very busy schedule all the time ,being a teacher and stuff !
the high skool memories r the best that we had together .we go to school together n i remember how i used to skip my classes to attend at her class and i didn’t give a shit about my class becoz i just wanted to spend time with her n enjoy her company n she would tell me back then it’s totally wrong n u have to go to ur class but i didn’t care

Emy used to played all kind of tricks on me hehee she was so mean! we used to go to private lessons together as well ,I remember once in the Arabic lesson ,i was all like absent-minded n not paying attention n just looking at the book then the teacher was asking a question then she said “Mai ,hey he is asking u “? and me like a fool i started to answer at once but the teacher said :No not you ,the girl in the back 

I don’t remember what i did to her but i was so pissed off and another time i guessed i lost my wallet at that Arabic lesson as well then she was so sweet n tell me yeah let’s look for it ,we searched for it everywhere and then she told me  we must go back to the lesson n ask the teacher i told her okay 
then we did ,i asked the teacher he made the boys look for it but nothing then i lost all hope in finding it and i didn’t care about the money but just the pics .at last ,Emy gave me the wallet and she told me that she was keeping it all that time 
and i wanted to hit her so hard but she did all that jokingly ,thinking it fun and it’s good thing to laugh at .Damn she alwayz enjoys laughing at me ,well at all ppl but that sometimes drives me crazy and it gets on my nerves 

once we were so late n we should hurry to the Arabic lesson she told me don’t change the skool uniform ,we will be late i told her okay .when she came i found that she changed her clothes n even had lunch n did everything while i believed her .she alwayz laugh every time and take it as joke ,she is such a joker but so mean but i guess most of the time her intention is good 😛

she just had that careless attitude which annoys me like hell !! now i’m listening to the songs of her engagement becoz her home is just few blocks away from my home and i’m eating alot of cadbury choco hoping that it will make me feel better that i’m not attending her engagement party but anywayz i wish her all the best n she alwayz be a dear friend who i luv n cherish every memory i spent with her and i will pray 4 her husband 4 sure hehehe he has no idea what trouble he is getting into 😛


About Mai yolyz

hi,it's me,,.,My real name is Mai and My nickname is Mai yolyz. I luv writing and i dream to become a writer someday inshaAllah (God willing) .I remember when i was a kid i used to write be4 even i know how to write.i would just draw all kind of shapes as if it's letters .the pen and the paper fascinated me and when i grow up ,this passion grows inside of me . I began writing my thoughts and my feelings and then turned into writing English poetry and I find in writing whether poetry or prose an outlet for my emotions and thoughts.Writing becomes my friend that listens to me all the time . I started blogging and i find it interesting as ppl u don't know come to read what u write and get inspired by that that feedback from others encouraged me to keep writing and now i can't let that go ,writing becomes part of who i am and part of what i will become :) thanks 4 stopping by ,Hope u find my words inspiring :)

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